Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday This and That

I thought I would be starting to show you swatches from spring collections today. I don't know when the weather forecasters lost their minds. We don't have sun; we have thick grey clouds. Actually, it looks like it's going to snow any second. I'm fairly frustrated because I have new Armani, Chantecaille, Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, and other treasures to show you.

Speaking of makeup, I passed by the Dior counter. I am sure I would have loved the spring lip colors - I always do - but how many more lipsticks do I need? I had just purchased six from other lines.

Yesterday, I was treated to an extra-long RéVive facial at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria. Kathy Shoreman, a trained aesthetician, did my facial in an upstairs, cozy, and quiet room. I went in with dry skin that looked lifeless. I left with hydrated, plump skin that looked alive - and I felt relaxed and pampered. It was wonderful. I use many RéVive products, but still purchased one I haven't used before: Intensité Moisture Serum Extreme. I need it with the winter we are having, plus there was a promotion available and I got a $50 discount. I will write a full review soon. RéVive has a new serum, made especially for night, and I brought home samples. I can't wait to try it tonight. This super-cold, dry air is killing my dry skin.

This week, Michael Reinhardt had a scheduled Le Métier de Beauté special event, and I had to miss it. I was in a two-day conference call for work that required that I adopt West Coast time. He had two sessions, and I wasn't able to make either one. Then it snowed - a lot. Federal government offices, schools, and many businesses were closed. Not me! I was home talking on the phone with Sacramento, where the weather was lovely. Anyhow, now Michael has to reschedule his event. Even though I am sorry for his bad fortune, I'm happy for me. Now I may get to attend the rescheduled event.

I didn't comment on the Golden Globes fashion and looks because I was still in my blog timeout, but I have to say that I was generally unimpressed. People raved over Amy Adams split-down-to-there oddball color-blocked gown. I thought it was hideous - even thought it was supposed to be reminiscent of her look on American Hustle. Another hideous look? Lena Dunham. Lena, bright yellow is not your color, and those tattoos are ugly. You seem to be a girl with your head on straight, so why let stylists lead you down a dismal path?

Two pregnant women looked glorious. Olivia Wilde (shown directly above) and Kerry Washington look even more glamorous than some of the best of the best. Their gowns were drop-dead gorgeous. Wilde wore her pregnancy like a badge of honor, while Washington made one concealing concession with a cut-away jacket that was absolutely perfect.

I was also smitten with Taylor Shilling's green gown and Robin Wright - until Wright had a wardrobe malfunction and exposed too much side boob. I could count five or six other women who looked every bit the screen star. Unfortunately, most of the women in attendance, including the adorable Jennifer Lawrence, modeled gowns that were off the mark. Did D&G have a bad day when they dressed Julia Roberts? Even Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé disappointed me (too busy). Maybe they were saving their best gowns for the Academy Awards. What did you think? Any favorites? Any big disappointments?

This will be a crazy week. I'll be waiting for sunshine, and even though I'll be at work, once it appears at a favorable time, I'll be out in front of a 12-story office building taking swatch photos in very cold weather. I predict goose bumps.

Update: It did snow - for all of two minutes.

Photos courtesy of appearancedayspa, the Washington Post, and the New York Times


Nemo said...

Yes, the super cold air makes the furnace come on more often, of course, and that is horrible for our skin--and other parts! It makes for dry, watery eyes, and even a dry mouth! There is an easy answer: Get yourself a small humidifier. Most are under $40. It works. I bought the LMDB Countess eye kit. It makes a sultry eye, if you use it without liner; not a smokey eye, but a sultry one. Big difference. However, I think the most exquisite spring makeup collection is CHANEL's. I have reupped on all of it. Nothing else out there interests me right now. I am once again firmly in the CHANEL corner.

Victoria said...

I personally have my eye on Lupita Nyong'o. Best Supporting Actress nomination for her film debut (12 Years a Slave), up-and-coming fashionista and It Girl, AND Yale-educated? She's my kind of woman. :)

So happy to see you slowly coming out of your blog "timeout"! By the way, I'm wondering if any of your readers have problems commenting from a mobile platform? I'd comment more on BTiB, but I'm typically on my phone, and I've discovered that iPhone and Blogger apparently loathe each other. Blogger is a Google product ...

ChristineV said...

Totally agree with you on the Gowns.

Olivia simply glowed in that beautiful gown.

onegreatsmile said...

CG, can you get some of those hand warmer packets and stick them up your sleeve before you run out to take swatch photos? After all, it IS the dead of winter!!! Sorry to hear about your mishap with the power and heat at Mom's, and glad it's being resolved. Like Roseann Roseannadanna used to say, "It's always something!" Never a dull moment, ay?

Jo said...

CG, What did you buy from Tom Ford? I got the summer fling and in the buff lipsticks and incandescent nail polish. I think Amy Adams is trying way to hard in that dress. It really does not become her. Lupita was best dressed. Loved Naomi's Tom Ford too.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a relaxing and well deserved facial, CG. Glad to hear it. I decided to purchase Fracas as I hear so many people rave about this classic perfume and also two of the new Tom Ford nail polishes.
I also purchased 4 of the new Hourglass blushes and look forward to them arriving as well.
I agree a thousand percent with you on the gowns and especially with Lena's dress. That dress does nothing for her bust and the whole thing is just too much and too loud. Lupita was a vision, just gorgeous.
One interesting tidbit I just read recently about Lena is that she was featured in Vogue in the late 90's as a fashion forward teenager and her babysitter was the designer, Zac Posen. I wonder if she was in charge of picking out this gown and not a stylist.

Eileen said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

The weather you've been getting has been cold beyond belief. Talk about a deep freeze! It makes you just want to hunker down and stay warm and cozy. It was nice, though, that you were able to get out for that restorative Révive facial. A bit of expert pampering goes a long way towards reviving the spirits as well as the skin :-)

I should be receiving my Tom Ford Lip Conditioning Colors tomorrow. Woo-hoo! I ordered Paradiso and Summer Fling. I love his classic lipstick and thought his Shines from last spring were a delightful entry into that category. I'm now eager to see how his pigmented lip balms measure up.

Speaking of spring collections, this year there hasn't been any one particular collection that has inspired me to "get the look" by purchasing the bulk of the collection. I've been selecting a bit here and there from Chanel, Guerlain, and Tom Ford. Although there's a wealth of beautiful options this year, nothing else has enticed me enough to make a purchase. I'm still looking forward to Clé de Peau, though. Every time I see a picture of the quads, I hear the siren's seductive song :-)

I've also been drooling over the pictures of Chanel's Asian Le Blanc collection, Jardin de Camélias. Of course, we never get these lovely Asian exclusives in the US until summer, but it is something pretty to which I can look forward. Guerlain also has an interesting Blanc de Perle collection. The cream foundation is intriguing. I wonder if we'll see it here in the US.

Hi May,

I'm firmly with you regarding Lupita Nyong'o. She has consistently been a bold, confident, and astonishingly gorgeous presence on the red carpets. I can hardly wait to see her Oscars choice.

It's too late to wish you all a great weekend so instead I'll wish everyone a wonderful week ahead--and stay warm :-)

Sam said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I have just subscribed to your lovely blog and am enjoying it thoroughly. I was wondering whether you were planning to do a 'best of' skin care for 2013 as you had done last year. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who would love to read about the outstanding products that have been in your skin care routine this year. Thanks.

Solanace said...

I was crazy about Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren.
Got that Urban Decay eyeliner in 'stash' that you suggested. It makes my green eyes pop like nothing that I ever used before, is so easy to apply and lasts forever. I'm loving it, thank's!

Anonymous said...

I never actually watch all these award shows but I do love looking at all the outfits and looks afterwards :-) I am having a blast checking out all the Grammy looks right now!

Anonymous said...

It has been such a cold winter here in New York as well. Between the frigid cold, the wind and the snow I am so tired of being cold. I agree with you about Lena's yellow dress. That color did her no favors and I read a comment about how clever she was so match her dress to her teeth. The tattoos also make anything she wears look cheap anyway. I thought Naomi Watts looked beautiful in her silver sheath. I also loved Taylor Swifts dress at the Grammys last night. I am looking forward to seeing the Hourglass blushes. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Have a great week. Beth

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say hi!

Denise at aeiokid at gmail dot com

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

HI CG! It's been a while--hope all is well with you and that the weather isn't too hard on you! I was amazed to hear from my uncle today that it was snowing in Pensacola, FL. where he lives. It's crazy! Meanwhile here in Southern California, we are still in the midst of a drought. I heard that it rained in LA this past weekend but sadly, none for us here :( Hopefully soon...we could really use it!

As for the Golden Globes, overall I was pretty unimpressed too--and I completely agree with you on Amy Adams' dress. Everyone was raving about it but I thought it was okay...pretty but otherwise not really memorable/special. I did love Lupita Lupita Nyong'o's classic dress (also love that she's not afraid to play with color). I know that everyone seemed to like Sandra Bullock's dress but I didn't. If the 2 shades in the color-blocked dress had been different, I might've liked it a bit more. Didn't like Jennifer Lawrance's at all, didn't like Emma Watson's pants/gown thing--everyone applauded her fashion risk but risk or no, it was downright ugly! :P I LOVED Elisabeth Moss' gown though. It was SO intricate and the beading was gorgeous--it was very Art Deco-ish and understatedly glam! I was sad it didn't get more recognition!

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you got to unwind and pamper yourself with that amazing facial--very jealous! Ahh my skin is NOT happy with me right now! :P

Take care, CG!