Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Make Sure You Get My E-mail Notices of New Posts

Some of you are actually getting the e-mails, but they are being put in your spam folder by your own e-mail provider. This happens when the sender sends the same e-mail to many people at the same time. You can fix this.

Just add

to your contacts. I had to do it to get my own e-mails placed into my inbox.

I have written about this before. See my post on June 8, 2014 titled  A Word about FeedBlitz, AOL, and Yahoo.

I'm sorry that many of you did not get last week's e-mail. It's a symptom of the new age of e-mail "cheaters."


Anonymous said...

I do get all your emails. :)

Petunia AKA LSBD said...

I'm getting your emails! YAY!