Monday, April 11, 2016

Last Saturday with Marcus Monson, Guerlain National/Celebrity Makeup Artist, at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria

Saturday morning, I had the privilege of having my makeup perfected by Marcus Monson, National/Celebrity Makeup Artist from Guerlain. He laughed after Karen took this photo of us. He said that with his Texas tan and my fair skin, we looked like 2/3 of an Oreo - or that he appeared to have a different ethnicity. He's hilarious - entertaining as he effortlessly applies anyone's makeup. I know why so many of you adore him and quickly take any opportunity to spend time in his chair.

What products did he use on me? Starting with Météorites Perfecting Pearls Base and Parure de Lumiere Sheer Foundation SPF 25 that one of his helpers applied, Marcus began his work with my eyes. He started with an eye primer, which was a creamy powder base shade with some green in it to take the redness out of my lids. Then he used single eye shadow shades (Ecrin 1 Couleurs) in Hey Nude (just as its name suggests); Brownie & Clyde, a spring 2015 shade that's a nice, light brown (on both lash lines - upper and lower); and Blue's Brothers, a true blue. He used the latter near the lash line to take the allergy-suffering redness out of my eyes.

He used The Eye Pencil in #02, Jackie Brown, to line my eyes at the base of the upper lashes, and he also used a liquid liner. My recorder did not write down the liquid shade, but I suspect it was black. He applied a very thin line that, despite my use of eye scrubs, is still with me, making my lashes look nice and full. To finish off my eyes, he applied Maxilash Volumizing and Curling Waterproof Mascara in Noir. He is the only makeup artist, bar none, who has managed to apply mascara the way I do: no clumps, no weird angles, nothing unnatural, just amplified lashes. He also used Precious Light Illuminator and Concealer in #00 to highlight the areas over and under my eyes, on my nose, and above my lip line.

He noticed that my nose has enlarged pores at its tip (it happens as we age), and he recommended a wonderful Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Long-Lasting Liquid Foundation product for my nose. He used color #01 Beige Pale. It was perfect! I tried to buy it, thought I had, and got home to find that it wasn't in my bag (and I was not charged for it). I'll buy it the next time I go to Neiman Marcus. It added a great finishing touch to my nose, which can lose my makeup over the day to persistent use of Kleenex.

Marcus showed me an amazing use of Guerlain Météorites Pearls in Carousel. He took one of the rich pink pearls and crushed it to make a blush. He applied it to my cheeks. Then he poured the leftover powder back into the tin. It looked fabulous. I've been working too hard to use Carousel as a blush, adding layer after layer of the blended pearls to achieve the right shade of blush. He did it in one crush of one pearl. Genius!

We talked about the new Terracotta shades. Double zero (#00) is definitely new. It is more pink than the original #00. The display is shown below. On the display, you can clearly see that #00 has more pink in it than the original. In fact, the display labels the shades cool and warm to help us select the perfect bronzing color for our complexions.

How can you be sure at the store that you are getting the new shade, not back stock of #00? Ask to see the box. It says right on it "New Shade, Light Blondes."

I took a swatch photo of the new #00 in full sun, and I applied it lightly with a sponge-tipped applicator. I've placed the swatch immediately below.

While it doesn't appear pink on my skin, it's a lot friendlier to my face than the original #00 was. Marcus used it on me, applying it with "3's" on each side of my face: across the temples, on the cheekbones, and down across my jawline. You know the technique by now. Marcus finished my look with a light dusting of Carousel over most of my face. I am sure Carousel was made for me.

For my lips, he chose KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour in #371, Darling Baby. It was a perfect pink for me. The last time he selected a lip color for me, I looked at the tube and thought the shade was too light for me. Nope; it was gorgeous. This time, I had no doubts. I told Marcus I don't wear lip liner, so he skipped it.

The photo immediately above is Darling Baby. I swatched it on my arm to show you. I applied it directly from the tube and took my swatch photo, which is shown immediately below, in full mid-day sun. I think the pink color is gorgeous - not too blue, not too warm - just perfect for me.

What he showed me, though, on his own face, was a miracle: Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift, which I purchased after his quick demo. Royale Honey Smile Lift is applied as directed over and under your lips first and then on the lips, immediately plumping them. He said the plumping effect lasts a few hours. It was a miracle how the product made his own lips look immediately more plump. Anyone whose lips have thinned with age should give it a try.

I might have missed something, but my I believe I've touched on the major products he used. I watched him work with the next customer, who told us that ever since he applied her makeup the first time, she has continued to use his colors and techniques and has received countless comments on how great her makeup looks. With permission I took their picture as he applied her beautiful makeup. I even bought the lip gloss he used on her and will tell you about it on another day. It's a fabulous sparkling rose.

While Marcus was applying my makeup, he told me about some fabulous new products. Already at the counter, you can purchase the new Super Tips 2016 Collection, travel or tryout sizes of Midnight Secret, SOS Crème, Super Lips, and Radiance in a Flash. What a fabulous idea! Allow us to try a product in a generous size for about $29.00. There's enough product for your trip abroad or a long island vacation. Or you can purchase one to try one of Guerlain's skin-care marvels without breaking the bank with a full-sized purchase.

This fall, there will be new eye shadow palettes. They are discontinuing the current palettes (if you are attached to one, buy a back-up now) with five-shade palettes. The shades within each palette are intended to be used together - no rogue colors thrown in for inspiration. I can't wait to see them.

I have so much more I could tell you, but this feature is long. I wanted to share enough of my session with Marcus so that you could experience it with me. I want you to see the videos he has made, showing makeup applications from natural to artsy. Just find him on Facebook or Instagram, where they are posted.

I can't wait for Marcus to return next fall. I know Karen Somers will keep me in mind for his Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus appointment list. She's a sweetie.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Evelyn said...

Guerlain makes the most beautiful products, I haven't see one person whose already lovely face hasn't been enhanced by using Guerlain. :) Can't wait for that summer bronzer of all things. lol I'll be excited to see the new eye palettes.

Unknown said...

I love this feature! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to have a makeover with him one day!

AnnieM said...

Looking sharp CharlestonGirl! I think the beautiful mint green sweater works just wonderfully with your coloring. I'm glad to hear you had such a lovely visit.


Eileen said...

2/3 of an Oreo! LOL. That is such a Marcus comment :-) I'm really glad that you've finally become acquainted with this amazing makeup artist and all around great guy. Spending time in his chair is always a treat. It's no wonder he has fans across the country and is always booked solid. His artistry and unerring eye for selecting and creating the perfect colors for any woman, young or old, is very special indeed. He has gotten me to try things I'd never have imagined myself being interested in. But you know what? He's always right! Consequently, I let him do whatever he wants and I have never been disappointed. As for you, dear Charlestongirl, that lipstick is perfection on you. It brings springtime color to your fair features. You look fabulous!

Lots of Guerlain goodness on the horizon and being a long time Guerlain enthusiast, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new products. I'm especially excited about the new eye shadow palettes. Whoever is responsible for creating Guerlain's colors always makes sure that each color in the palette reinforces the others and that the colors can be mixed and layered to customize a look. It's the proverbial case of "The whole being greater than the sum of its parts." Love Guerlain! Love Marcus!

Sandra said...

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and what a fun read! You look absolutely glowing and lovely, CG! I agree with AnnieM that the mint green sweater is perfect for you! So much wonderful information I will be reading your post over and over! Thank you!

Nemo said...

Hi, Cg! I haven't seen a close up of you in so long! You look beautiful! Perfect! It is a joy to see you! And, you must tell me about your earrings! They are lovely.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone! Isn't it interesting that my turquoise sweater looked green in the photo? My camera always surprises me with "green" shades.

Nemo, they are simply 18K gold hoops. They aren't expensive. My thicker pair got bent in my handbag, and because they were hollow, the jeweler said they couldn't be fixed. So, I purchased these. Not expensive, really.

I am also very interested in the new palettes. Alas, we won't see them before fall. However, fall collections usually start to appear in the summer, so perhaps we won't have to wait too long.

I had read all of you rave about Marcus for so long, I jumped at the first chance I had to meet him last year. Ever since, I've joined his club of admirers. I can thoroughly trust him to select a look that's right for me.

I don't love the photo of myself in the feature. My eyes look like slits - probably because I was smiling. Oh well, the photo was intended to show you Marcus, my Texas-tanned makeup artist. We had fun discussing makeup and people. He knows everyone - literally. What's amazing is that he remembered what products and colors he used on me months ago. He has probably applied makeup to a thousand people since then. I was impressed!

Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, Marcus can talk to me about specific makeup he used on me years ago! I'm always amazed especially since he remembers things by numbers rather than names. Because he remembers so much, he quickly forms ideas about what will and won't work on you. Keep going to him. You'll be continually delighted with the results.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, CG...I am loving KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour in #371, Darling Baby! Beautiful shade that I now must own. Thank you so much. :-) You are looking lovely in the photo with the handsome & talented Marcus.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was so hoping that Guerlain would be coming out with some new Rouge G colors in Fall. I wait and wait for those, someday. Does Marcus ever come to the Bellevue, WA Neiman Marcus? Does he only work at various NM's or does he also go to other stores such as Nordstrom? You look beautiful, as always, CG!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I will ask Marcus your questions and get back here. I can't ask until tonight from home. I am not able to get good cell reception at work, and I can't get into FB. :)