Sunday, June 3, 2018

Who is Charlestongirl?

I learned the downside of not blogging yesterday. Saks Chevy Chase had a Tim Quinn appearance, and I wasn't invited. Beauty blogs have changed so much, I don't know whether I ought to attempt Round 2. So many of them have features I don't want to offer: YouTube videos, Instagram posts, photos of the blogger modeling colors. With the exception of the last, I'm bored by most of it. I'm not going to get all dolled up to model lipstick colors. That's just not me these days. Besides, I spend almost every weekday dealing with the tear-down and rebuilding of my house. Plus mourning all my lost makeup and following up on the restoration of my art and antiques.

I discovered on Google that my blog is attributed to my real name, Adrienne Whyte. I'm still Charlestongirl, but it's no secret that Charlestongirl is a pseudonym that expresses my love for my cat and the town in South Carolina. Charlie, for short, probably wonders why we are living in a fraction of the space of my house, but he has adjusted well to apartment life. He has even become used to nurses letting themselves in to ask if I'm coming to brunch! I am sure, given the nature of this facility, that they really want to make sure I'm alive. I came here for rehab after pneumonia, but many are here for assisted living. Sadly, some do die in their apartments. I'm staying here, though, until my house is rebuilt. I don't want to move again, and I'm five minutes from my house.

I've been restocking the makeup collection, but limiting my purchases to must-haves. I went overboard in the past and can't afford to do that anymore. Right now, I'm waiting for one box from Guerlain and another from Chanel. Before the fire, I had most of the Chanel spring collection. It's gone now. I actually think one of the many people in my house took the box. Losing the Chanel Collection was a blow, as was losing most of my jewelry, clothing, and "supplies," like four boxes of contact lenses.

The only good news about my house is that I can have it rebuilt to my specifications. It will be all new! I'm going to replace Charlie's screened porch with a sun room (he may be unhappy with that decision) and even finish part of the basement if I have enough money after the mortgage is paid off. I'm going to be very busy choosing everything for the house, but I will try to blog when I have beauty news I'd like to share. I need a new computer, which is ordered, and my camera. The camera appears to be in a box in storage at the renovation company. The new computer is required because the firemen threw mine out the window. Go figure!

I'll stay in touch as soon as I can recreate my blogging set-up.  My best to all of you!