Sunday, July 19, 2009

Revlon Limited Edition ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder

I like to troll drugstores for Revlon's new products. I love this summer's ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder. It's advertised as soft all-over enhancing color, and it works perfectly when used that way or strategically placed on your best features. It's priced at $13.99 - probably because it's huge - so make sure to use the $2 Revlon discount coupon you can find in the new August Allure. If you can find a Buy One Get One Free Offer at one of the drugstores (Rite Aid has one now), you can get two of the colors for the price of one.

I am loving Brighten, a marbled soft pink, and Sunkiss (both shown here), a luminous marbled brown that is much lighter on the skin that it appears in its packaging. The two colors I have are very sheer and slightly luminous (no glitter or overt shine). Sunkiss gives a summer glow that is lighter than an actual bronzer - very nice. Brighten does just that. I haven't tried the third shade, Suntan Matte. If you have, please leave a comment. I'd love to know your impression before I spring for that one.

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DrugstoreBeautyPro said...

Love this brightener - a mineral alternative to BeneFit High Beam or any similar liquid luminizer. Excellent for those who use a high-coverage matte foundation, such as a long wearing (ColorStay) or corrective(Vichy's Dermablend) to add dimension and luminosity. Packaging nicer than most Revlon products, too! It is a lot of product for the money. Just sold my last one from the pre-pack yesterday - expect it on the wall in your local drugstore by the end of next week!

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