Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss

Shiseido's new Lacquer Gloss was inspired by traditional Japanese transparent lacquer. This unique formula has a three-layer structure that refines lip texture, adheres to the lips with vivid color, and coats the lips with all-day moisture. This gloss also features an applicator that fits the lips perfectly, allowing you to draw an even lip line with no streaks.

Available in eight shades, Lacquer Gloss ($25) was in short supply at Sephora when I went to purchase it a few weeks ago. I ended up ordering two from Shiseido's Web site. Advertised as rich, with a deep sheen and vivid clear color reminiscent of the beloved Japanese art form, it called to me. I purchased OR303 (In the Flesh, shown at right below) and PK 304 (Baby Doll, shown at left).

I took my swatch photos in full sun, showing In the Flesh at the top of my arm, with Baby Doll below. The lip lacquers were much more transparent than I had expected - and that delighted me. I had expected more opaque color. I would not describe the color of these two shades as vivid.

As I took photos, In the Flesh started to move toward the equator - a common problem when photographing glosses. My top swatch in the photo below is uneven, but still portrays the color accurately.

As I looked at these two shades when I swatched them (blind purchase), I realized they were extremely similar. Both are warm pinks, with In the Flesh having slightly more coral in its color. It won't be a hard choice to keep one in my bathroom and throw one in my handbag. They are almost interchangeable.

On the lips, the glosses are sheer and shiny. The have a medium "feel," meaning I can feel them on my lips, but I wouldn't call them heavy. They have a very subtle taste/smell that dissipates almost instantly, making it barely worth mentioning. They offer slightly better than average wear time.

As usual, Shiseido has launched a color product worth a look-see. The price is right. I'm going to look at RS 306 Plum Wine in person. It may be my next purchase.

Photo at top courtesy of Shiseido; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

When you see Plum Wine, you won't be able to leave without it -- I couldn't! LOL It's a gorgeous jewel of a color. It's definitely wouldn't be my pick for summer, but it will look lovely throughout spring. It reminds me of the merlot impatiens tucked away in the shady spots of the garden.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking for awhile and finally worked up the courage to order some items based on your wonderful photos. I'll have to check out plum wine, Eileen. I must have similar taste as you. I followed your recs for the cle de peau la boheme collection - plum quad, delicate pink face luminizer, and I was beyond pleased! CG, your swatches are beautiful. I can't wait to check this one out! I loved the CDP fig & toffee lip luminizers, too. You all are costing me a lot of money this month!

Unknown said...

I prefer their original Rouge Lacquer too these glosses as they are intensely pigmented and actuallygive a lacquer-like effect. These look shiny enough to, but have more translucence. But i guess that would be perfect for spring / summer.

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm so pleased you're enjoying your Clé de Peau goodies. It's such a lovely collection for spring :-)

Gauri said...

Nice review!!

Kiss & Make-up said...

I like the look of this!