Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Guerlain Spring Glow Collection 2016

I haven't seen the sun in well over a week. In the DC area, we are living in a warm cloud. Other parts of the country have had tragic weather. I think it's time to think spring, and one of my favorite brands, Guerlain, came through for me with photos of their spring collection. They lifted my spirits with dreams of beautiful new treats - and immediately my wishlist grew.

In 1987, Guerlain launched their Météorites: the first loose illuminating and color-correcting powder that came in the form of multicolored pearls. One stroke of the brush, and these pearls released a perfecting halo to bathe skin with light and glow with ideal radiance.

There is no mistaking the enviable radiance of a women’s skin when she looks well rested, healthy, and vibrant. She has that certain "je ne sais quoi." For spring, Guerlain will reveal the secret to her ethereal glow with a joyful, luminous, and colorful 2016 Spring Collection.

I haven't seen any of these products yet. They are due to launch in January. I'll be stalking the Guerlain counter! If I don't get a new job soon, I'll be shedding tears at the counter.

The Météorites Primer ($74.00) is an essential skin-perfecting primer and ultimate radiance booster. Météorites Primer reveals correcting and perfecting pearls of light in a fresh gel formula. Mattified and unified, the complexion will be beautifully enhanced before makeup application. Here is what Guerlain has to say about this primer.
  • Highly concentrated pearls containing multicolored micro-shimmer particles amplify light reflection to create a luminous, color-corrective halo of light for the face.
  • Absorbent powders neutralize excess sebum, while a special polymer helps to fade imperfections and smooth fine lines for a long-lasting matte and even complexion.
  • Enriched with the Météorites signature Stardust technology that transforms invisible UV light into visible and soft-focus perfecting light to blur imperfections and provide exceptional radiance.
Météorites Voyage Powder Compact ($179.00), Guerlain’s most precious powder, features a universal shade comprised of five different micro-pearl colors to correct and illuminate all skin tones. These light, sheer powders bathe the skin in a veil of light, increasing radiance and luminosity. Hand-selected and weighed, the pearls are compressed to create a powder that perfectly fuses with the skin. Its ultimate color-corrective shimmer, enriched with pink and white pearls, directs light to enhance facial features. The Météorites signature Stardust technology transforms the invisible UV light into visible and soft-focus perfecting light to fade imperfections and illuminate the face. Who can resist this stunning new jewel-like silver case adorned with such detail and artistry? To apply, sweep the Météorites powder with a brush by tracing a letter “G” formation to highlight the contours of the face. Or use your fingers or a sponge for a heavier application where you want to glow.

Écrin 1 Colour Enjoy Long-Lasting Eye Shadow ($34) is a limited edition, and from the looks of it, it will also sell out quickly. Guerlain’s newest collector eye shadow is a stunning neutral buttercup yellow nestled in a metallic champagne case. It will be hard to resist. Worn solo or with a playful mix of color, your eyes will instantly be illuminated with a soft swipe of this irresistible shade. I think it will be one of your standby colors. Use it when you are in a hurry to open up your eyes, or use it as a base with other shades to create a customized look.

With Le Crayon Yeux Water Resistant Long-Lasting Khol Liner ($31), Guerlain redefines the typical eye pencil and introduces its first-ever all-in-one liner and khol pencil with a water-resistant and long-lasting formula. With minimal effort, this gentle, creamy-smooth eye pencil will glide on with a seamless application. Whether going for a dramatic look or something a bit more natural, this new pencil and blending tip create beautifully defined and contoured eyes in an instant. There are five new shades: #01 Black, #02 Brown, #03 Purple, #04 Navy Blue (steady my heart), and #05 Khaki.

Rose Aux Joules Smile Blush Duo ($62) will be a limited edition. You can accessorize your makeup bag or vanity with this perfect pairing of blush shades housed in a chic metallic red compact and beautifully engraved with “SMILE.” To apply, mix the two shades to color the cheeks, or create contrast by using the satiny red shade on the cheekbones, while enhancing the cheek bones with the delicate pink shade for a glowing effect. I predict this piece will also sell out quickly. Guerlain's entire holiday collection was gone in an instant. You will have to be on your toes when these pieces arrive at the counter.

KissKiss Lipstick ($37) is one of my favorites. Since its relaunch in 2014 (thank you, Guerlain!), KissKiss lipstick has quickly become a beauty essential for me and the little black dress in any woman's wardrobe. KissKiss will welcome spring in two alluring shades: Darling Baby (#371), a light and luminous pink; and All About Pink (#372), a light and lustrous fuchsia that will create a very desirable pout. I love it because it's so hydrating. Additionally, I am seeing a very pink trend for spring.

You will be able to find this collection beginning January 2016 at the Guerlain boutiques, as well as select in-store locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, Sephora, Nordstrom, and online. Keep your eyes open!

Photos courtesy of Guerlain


Behindthepillar said...

It is so nice to see your posts back in my 'feed'! Susan, London

bisbee said...

I also love the Kiss Kiss lipstick - but that's really the only thing that intrigues me. $179 for that compact? Sorry - it would have to get up and do a dance for me to spend that much on a powder!

Happy New Year - I hope you find the perfect job very soon!

Eileen said...

I have an appointment with Marcus Monson at the beginning of February and so it will be interesting to see how he works with that buttercup yellow eyeshadow. It intrigues me since it will be quite a departure from the icy and smokey shades I've been favoring since our weather finally cooled down. As for the Météorite primer and the gel eye pencils, I'm wondering if they are new formulations of existing products. I love Guerlain's primer and have used it for years and the eye pencils have been amongst my favorites since their launch a few years ago. Inquiring minds want to know! LOL I'm not particularly interested in the newest compact because I already have the original Voyage compact and the beautiful Wulong compact, but when it comes to Guerlain, I never say never ;-)

Meredith said...

I'm looking forward to this blush and the lipsticks. Spring is my favorite time for new makeup.

LilyBiscuit said...

Météorites Voyage Powder Compact is out of my price range, but, it looks beautiful. I may get the lipstick though.

Annie M said...

Happy New Year Charleston Girl! I hope the year provides you peace to you, your mom and Charlie! I'm sure things will brighten up on the job front. On a side note, greetings Eileen - I so enjoy your comments and wish you happy holidays!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Believe it or not, I've never made a Guerlain purchase! Not even during the "Terracotta" heyday. But I might bite for the lipsticks. happy New Year!

wendy said...

what a wonderful year this has already started as a lovely guerlain sales associate called me yesterday to tell me the collection arrived! i bought the entire collection, loving the blush, eyeshadow and lipsticks the best. the colors and formulations are just exquisite! i wore the eyeshadow to dinner, new year's eve and, i received so many compliments not on the shadow but on my eyes themselves which, is always the best compliment to me. i collect all the powder compacts and this one is just the most fabulous of all in my opinion! thankyou to my wonderful students who presented me with a fabulous gift card so, i can go back later and save for those amazing nailpolishes that are coming out in a different collection. happiest new year wishes to you!! xo.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I published your comment, but it hasn't appeared yet. My Chanel folks told me that the quad did not ship with the rest of the collection. They have left its space in the display empty. They weren't pleased either, but sometimes around the holidays, contractors don't come through as promised. The quad is scheduled to arrive in January.

I hate it when sales associates put some random substitute in a display. I'm sorry to hear you had that experience.

Nemo said...

Happy New Year to you too, CG! Just ordered the new Guerlain you featured. I have been having serious issues with CHANEL, so your recent Guerlain post was timely. Many of you may have noticed that some of the products CHANEL says are part of a new collection never appear. This happened most recently with the new LA Sunrise spring collection. The star of the show was the Tisse Beverly Hills eye quad, but it did not appear with the launch of that collection. Instead, CHANEL substituted an old quad from its initial Tisse release of some years back. There was a similar issue with the recent holiday collection. A Rouge Noir nail polish did not appear and CHANEL subbed in Vamp. With the earlier Blue Rhythm collection, both new quads arrived defective. What's going on with CHANEL I do not know, but I can tell you that they have no respect for their American customer. When I contacted CHANEL Wednesday to ask when the Tisse Beverly Hills would be released, the response evaded my query.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo,, one more thing...Vamp was re-released.

Eileen said...

Hi Annie M,

Thank you for the greetings. I love sharing with all of Charlestongirl's readers and hope that she'll re-institute the Friday Forum so that we can all share our experiences. I've learned so much from all you wonderful ladies and have become acquainted with some fabulous products. Sisters-in-beauty forever! LOL

H Wendy,

You're killing me over that new compact! I have Voyage and Wulong (my fave) and didn't think I'd be particularly interest in the new one, but between your rave and then hearing that it is very contemporary with a soft-glow matte powder that creates that proverbial lit-from-within look, I think a cave-in is eminent ;-).

Hi Nemo,

Yes, I also noticed the Tissé Beverly Hills was missing from the display and that Tissé Rhapsodie (last year's Asian exclusive) had been put in its place. When I asked the Chanel SA about it, she was very frustrated that Tissé BH had not arrived yet. She said she had emailed clients to let them know the collection had arrived, but when they came in and discovered the quad was missing, they were very disappointed. She said if she could get a dollar for every time a customer asked about the quad, she could retire! LOL