Tuesday, March 22, 2016

April Aromatics Face Serum and Natural Fragrances

Last year, Tanja Bochnig, natural perfumer and artisan - founder of April Aromatics - sent me a sample of her Face Serum, a little treasure. With ingredients of infused organic calendula oil, organic rosa mosqueta seed oil, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, castor oil, rose otto essential oil, organic lavender oil, sandalwood oil and other natural essences, the Face Serum has a botanical fragrance that made me sure I was doing good things for my face. I took the photo above shortly after it arrived. Now, it's an empty spray bottle, a reminder of beautiful things past.

The serum reminds me of pricey brands that are loaded with natural botanical extracts, like Sisley. It is a medium-weight serum (you know you've applied it) that absorbs rapidly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy. I love it and want more.

Last week, I asked Tanja if it is available. Her response was that the Face Serum was one of the first products in her collection, created years ago. She continues to make it for herself and friends, but has devoted almost all her time to perfumery. She also moved to Europe, where every cosmetic product has to be meticulously registered and lab-proven. So she put her cosmetic line on hold. Nevertheless, the Face Serum is available, but you won't find it on her April Aromatics Web site. She said that if anyone wants to purchase it, just send her a message, either through her Web site or on Facebook. In the near future, she plans to bring out an organic cosmetics collection. It's already in the works, and I'm excited to see it. You could be one of the first to experience it! If you love botanical products, you will love Tanja's Face Serum. Just contact her to acquire it.

Want to give one of her fragrances a try? I can recommend many of them. In 2012, I selected Unter den Linden as one of the best fragrance introductions of the year. It left me in a trance then, and it still does. Lindenblossom CO2 extract from Bulgaria and linden blossom absolute extract from France mixed with magnolia blossoms and a citrus note create this delicate fragrance with a beautiful, light, powdery, sweetly floral scent of honey. It smells like linden trees in full bloom.

I stopped writing "fragrances of the year" features because I just can't afford to purchase enough of them to select the definitive "best." If I had continued, I am confident April Aromatics' fragrances would have been among them.

Jasmina Eau de Parfum ($225) is another favorite of mine. It's absolutely seductive (no exaggeration), an aphrodisiac par excellence. The jasmine flowers for this scent are obtained from the southern part of India and are distilled through a variety of processes. The flower‘s calming, soothing qualities help to relax the body, lift the spirit, and quiet the nerves. Jasmina brings a heightened spiritual awareness and encourages sleep and dreaming. It is a very sensual scent and a truly pitch-perfect soliflore. The notes are jasmine, ylang-ylang, and grapefruit. If you like your jasmine with a touch of citrus, you'll love it.

We used to have to order April Aromatics fragrances from Europe. Now, though, Luckyscent offers them, making them readily available to us in the United States. April Aromatics has a large number of April Aromatics fragrances available. I'll bet there's at least one for each of you.

Photo at top by Best Things in Beauty; other photo courtesy of April Aromatics

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