Monday, October 10, 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Caliche

Last month, I was able to give you a preview of Rouge Bunny Rouge's magnificent Autumn Beauty Look, Rose Garden Melody. Now, after days of rain, wind, and generally miserable weather, I have photos of Caliche (#092, 49 euros) that I am happy to share with you.

Caliche is a nuanced harmony of muted silky purples (rosy ecru, dusky and earthy aubergine, rosewood, and mauve). This fall, you can step up your eye shadow game with this new Eye Shadow color quartet. With encapsulated hyaluronic acid and argan oil added to the formula, the texture is even more silky and luxurious, while deeply hydrating to the skin. Argan oil nourishes and regenerates, too.

The signature multi-dimensional quality of Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadows is at its best here, with a 3D color effect, an extraordinary satin-matte finish, and the richest pigmentation with stunning color pay-off.

The Raw Garden high-tech formula delivers a sense of transparency despite the intense pigmentation and the pleasant silky, melting sensation during the effortless application. Having read that the Caliche combines wearable, muted shades of purple, I was a little afraid it might be too "red" for my eyes. Not!

The cream with slight pink undertones is a great base or highlighting color. Moving clockwise, the medium cool, dusky aubergine actually works on me, when blended over the cream. I love the soft rosewood laced with greige (so trendy!), and the soft, grey will work with any color scheme. The formula is free from parabens, D5, mineral oil, and nano-particles. You can always expect purity from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

There is a PDF brochure at this link if you'd like to take a look. It's on the European site. The U.S. site will follow shortly this month.

Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me the Autumn Collection over a week ago. I tried to take photos on a "mostly sunny" day, but I was unhappy with them. Finally, I have snapped photos that I believe accurately portray this beautiful palette. My photos were taken in full, early afternoon sun. I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator. The sun added a bit of extra sheen to the shades.

The cream or ivory at the top of my arm is a radiant shade perfect for use with its sister shades or any other palette you have. The aubergine below it could be too red for some, but if you cleverly blend it with the other shades in the palette, it will give you the perfect fall look.

The taupe, which Rouge Bunny Rouge describes a a rosewood laced with greige, is absolutely gorgeous on the eyelids. I like to wear it alone, just swept over my lid below the crease. The grey is perfect for any look. You may want to try blending it in the outer corners with the taupe.

As always, the palette is presented in a black presentation box, safely nestled into a plastic insert. Although it takes up space, it's too elegant to discard.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has generously offered readers of Best Things in Beauty a discount code: RBR-BESTTHINGSINBEAUTY20. I believe you can use it on either their European or U.S. site. I haven't tried it, but if you have any trouble with it, please let me know.

As soon as I can, I will show you the other two beauties they sent me gratis: one of which is the new Skin Perfector. I think you're going to love it. For now, I must run off. I read The Girl on the Train all afternoon yesterday and finished it this morning. I'm a little behind on life management.

You can purchase Caliche right now at Rouge Bunny Rouge - or wait for the U.S. Web site to publish it. Either way, I think you'll be delighted with this unique palette.

Photo at top courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and a very informative review! I love the color story of this palette and all shades look very elegant, complex and wearable. Unfortunately I usually have some trouble with the these kind of muted rosy-purplish tones: I find them so classy and beautiful but very unflattering on my coloring... :(
On another topic, did you enjoy the book? I have mixed feelings about it... I spotted the killer early on yet the ending made me feel quite sad and was surprised by certain turns of events...I was expecting a page turner ( I chose it for a light summer read !), but felt anguished each time I picked it up!!!I'm curious to know what do you think about it...
I wish you a lovely week!
~ Zazie

Nan P said...

As usual, your swatch photos are stellar! Thanks for arranging the discount with Rouge Bunny Rouge. I've never tried any of their products before but I may use this as an opportunity to discover a line that's new to me. Looking forward to seeing the Skin Perfector.

I haven't read The Girl on the Train yet, but I think I will before seeing the movie. It sounds like something Chris Bohjalian would write - disturbing with plot twists. Do you recommend it?

Charlestongirl said...

Nan, I definitely recommend it. It is a gripping mystery filled with "absurdities" that twist your understanding of everything as the plot progresses. Excellent book! I doubt I'll see the movie. I heard it was not as good as the book. I'm lying here tonight "reliving" parts of it.

I read the Kindle version on my iPad.

Thanks re: swatches. I was so glad to see sunshine return.

Charlestongirl said...


I found the book gripping! It's anything but a light, summer read.

I really didn't figure it out until the end, when I was left with sorrow at lives ruined.

Evelyn said...

oo this is really pretty! It's been awhile since I've bought something from Rouge Bunny Rouge. Maybe it's time.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Thank you for the great post and pics which made me immediately order the 2 palettes actually, plus a highlighter!

Chris said...

Ooh, this is pretty! My skintone always changes mauve tones to more of a neutral colour, so I doubt it'll look quite the same on me.

Jane B said...

Lovely swatches and review. Is the finish RBR's semi-matte? Or is there some shimmer?

Charlestongirl said...

Jane, semi-matte. No shimmer, but some life.