Sunday, October 23, 2016

Victor dE Souza Believe In dE Impossible - Spring/Summer 2017 Beauty

The Show
For Spring/Summer 2017 "Believe In dE Impossible Collection," Victor dE Souza ups the ante by merging traditional couture techniques with themes popular with the millennial generation. Gender and identity are deconstructed and fluid, as the Victor dE Souza client celebrates uniqueness and individuality. This collection focuses on how the "new" generation will modify classic couture, embracing folklore and floral themes in a sequin-covered Renaissance.

Since the label's launch in 2009, Victor has been championed by Vogue Italia, Patty Wilson, Patricia Field, Michelle Harper, and Numéro Magazine for his couturier's approach to luxurious materials and timely silhouettes. Notable moments for the designer included Katy Perry appearing in her very own fragrance campaign, Lupita Nyong’o on the cover of Elle, Rihanna in Voque Italia, and Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper for Mac Viva Glam Campaign, as well as the appearance of Amanda Lepore and Iris Chan (Japanese Pop Star) and Hunter Taylor (Nikki Taylor's Son) in this year's runway event. To expand upon his success, Victor recently announced a menswear and full beauty collection, which can be found online and at Osswald NYC, House of Larue NY, Provincetown, and now the Surrey Hotel.

The Makeup
As you know, Dustin Lujan creates the makeup and looks for Victor dE Souza Beauty. For this season's show there were seven different looks for women and two looks for men, rather than one uniform look for each. Each lip color was paired with a unique color selection for the eye. The skin was a true finish skin with powder strategically placed just on the nose and creases of the skin. The look was created to add modern/editorial details to classic makeup details.

Descriptions of the Women Shown Below
Look 1: Brown Liner, brown/gold Shadow, Liquid Sky Lip
Look 2: Black Eye Liner, Pewter Shadow, Mysterious skin Lip
Look 3: Purple Liner, Pastel Pink Shadow, Raspberry Reich Lip
Look 4: Navy Liner, Aqua Shadow, Stage Freight Lip
Look 5: Aqua Liner, Taupe Shadow, Female Trouble Lip
Look 6: Grey Liner, Fuchsia Shadow, The Hunger Lip
Look 7: Clay Liner, Lime Shadow, Doom Generation Lip
Look 1: Black Liner, Liquid Sky Lip
Look 2: Aqua Liner, Liquid Sky Lip

These photos are "teasers" Dustin sent me. In the near future, when Dustin and Victor are ready to launch Spring/Summer eye shadows and other products (in addition to his already available, superb lipsticks), I will show you finished photos of each look. Dustin has promised a promo code for Best Things in Beauty readers too! It is NYFW.

Victor dE Souza, "I am exploring the future of fashion through the eyes of the millennials, in their strength to overcome the impossible and in having the courage to stand for what they believe in."

Photos courtesy of Victor dE Souza


LadyJicky said...

I do not know of them but .... interesting!

Eileen said...

Although Victor's fashion esthetic does not interest me, he is a brave and modern designer and I hope that his romantic and business collaboration with the imaginative Dustin will stand the test of time. Success and happiness to them both :-)

Charlestongirl said...

You're not going to believe this. I just deleted a comment advertising call girls! Supposedly to help you de-stress.

Eileen said...

LOL! Often, when I read an interesting post, I'll read the comments and come across some bizarre ones about "wives" from other countries, earning money from home, losing weight, etc. I hope nobody ever clicks on those links. I had a friend who rather naively did just that and had her computer hacked. Yikes!

Eileen said...

Oh! I forgot to say that the VIB Rouge 20% off sale has been announced and you should be getting your discount card and info. I got mine yesterday. Dates for "First Access" for Rouges will be 11/4 - 11/7 with code 20ROUGE. Sorry, I don't know the dates for the regular VIBs. Perhaps by this week's Friday Forum there will be more info available. I'm mentioning this just in case you're a VIB Rouge and don't get your catalogue and card for one reason or another or you might have thought the catalogue was nothing more and tossed it.

Charlestongirl said...

Not here, Eileen! I mark all those nasty comments spam. You wouldn't believe some of them.