Monday, June 29, 2009

Armani Everything - Concealers

Master Corrector

Today, I'll tell you about the two concealers I can't live without: Master Corrector and High Precision Retouch. These outstanding products were recommended to me by Loyd Cassler, the Armani specialist at "my Saks" in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I was skeptical that any concealer could be "that good," but Loyd convinced me with his handiwork. Since then, I have lived in these concealers.

Master Corrector is a correcting concealer, meaning that it corrects for all of our possible imperfections. It comes in four shades: 1) pink, which you use to brighten yellow-toned skin; 2) peach (they call it orange, but it's really peach), which covers undereye circles and any dark patches perfectly on my skin; 3) yellow, which is perfect to correct for "excess pinkness" (think Bobbi Brown's lessons); and 4) green, which also corrects for redness and is perfect for those with red eyelids, rosacea, or just plain irritated skin. I use the peach one under my eyes (a bit counterintuitive for me), and if I am feeling a bit too red in the cheeks, the green one is perfect.

Although these concealers come with a built-in brush, I find that the best application is very light and achieved by brushing the concealer on my palm and then using the Armani concealer brush to move the product to my face. Loyd taught me to use light strokes to apply the concealer and blend it down toward and into my foundation. He cautioned not to swipe back and forth horizontally under the eye because this causes product build-up in my little wrinkles (yes, I do have them, and they certainly don't look great with any kind of "filler" in them!).

What's amazing about these color correctors is that they "lose" their color once you apply them. Instead of peach under eyes or green cheeks, you will end up with bright skin and be ready to go. You can apply - again very lightly - the High Precision Retouch right over them.

High Precision Retouch

High Precision Retouch is a light-reflecting concealer that adds that same radiance that Armani foundations provide. It comes in four shades. My skin demands #2, the lightest one. The concealer contains "light reflecting pearls," Vitamin E (the ultimate skin vitamin in my book), and moisturizers. This concealer is perfect for anyone with normal to dry skin. When used around the eyes, it brightens them and adds a subtle pop. It's also great to apply around the mouth to brighten the area and enhance the lip color (either your own or the lipstick you are wearing). Just add a bit over the cupid's bow and right under the middle of your lower lip.

Again, apply this product with a concealer brush and a very light touch. A little goes a long way. Use short brush strokes and blend as you go. You will love the results!

These products aren't new. I like to write about makeup that works, regardless of its release date. Sure, I'll be tempted by the latest and greatest of other lines, and no doubt I'll buy some of them. But I'll always come back to my long-term favorites, and these concealers have earned a place of honor on that list. You can purchase them at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations, the Giorgio Armani Web site, the Nordstrom Web site, and a few new store locations - making them more accessible than ever.

Next up for Armani Everything: I'll tell you about the miraculous Fluid Sheer.

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom.

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Miss Brahms said...

WOW! Both concealers sound incredible, and it is so hard to find a concealer that isn't cake-y or chalky. I used to use BeneFit HighBeam but it was too luridly pink for my skin tone - this bevy of Armani concealers and skin tone correctors sound like what I have been looking for! I also need to go to the Armani website and see what this concealer brush looks like - I need a new one. Thank you, Charlestongirl, for "illuminating" me! :)