Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NEOVA Copper Peptide Complex Intensive Lip Repair

I have appointed myself the lip treatment queen. If I find one that looks interesting, I'll do anything to get my hands (well, my lips) on it. Is there a lip treatment ever that I haven't tried? It turns out the answer is yes.

I found out when the nice folks at the Neova company offered me a press sample of NEOVA Cu3 (Copper Peptide Complex) Intenstive Lip Repair ($22), they didn't realize it was like offering candy to a six-year-old. I opened the package and started using the tube immediately - in the dead of winter. I was already parched, despite my frequent application of lip balms.

NEOVA Copper Peptide Complex Intensive Lip Repair is a lip treatment designed to restore and visibly repair the lips from irritations, including wind, extreme temperatures, and dehydration caused by low humidity. The serum formula replenishes moisture loss in delicate skin and reduces lines around the lips for a younger looking appearance. Copper Peptide Complex, a registered ingredient, helps build an essential barrier around the lips, protecting them from future irritations.

What's Copper Peptide Complex? It's a protective delivery system that allows the body to recognize and accept copper into the cells to optimize skin health. Making the association between DNA damage and premature skin aging, Neova developed products to repair DNA (using a liposome-encapsulated DNA repair vehicle for enzymes that help prevent visible damage from surfacing) and its Copper Peptide Complex to provide complete, continuous, optimized care.

Their award-winning Combination Therapy Skin Care products target photodamaged skin and help to visibly improve it. Their products are special - so special that Neova products are available through dispensing physicians, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas. Fortunately, they are also available online at Neova's Web site, SkinCare.com, and Drugstore.com - to name a few sources I found online.

They made a "Smart Sunscreen" that looks really interesting. I'd love to try it. It's said to offer complete photoprotection with a spectacular cosmetic finish on contact. It's the latter part of that description that caught my eye.

Anyhow, back to the Intensive Lip Repair. It feels like a more fluid version of another product I use often, Aquaphor Lip Repair - a serum, as advertised. You can use it alone or under lipstick or gloss. It absorbs nicely, but leaves behind a protective coating that makes my lips feel hydrated.

It seems to last longer than many lip treatments I've tried. My test for hydration is to rub my lips together. If they are hydrated, they will slide easily. They feel smooth. If they are not hydrated, they start to feel uncomfortable, They don't slide, and if too much time passes, the dry skin will feel rough, not yet chapped, but not comfortable - and certainly not a good surface for lip color.

I used the NEOVA tube they sent me. It's almost empty (sob). I feel that same panic that I experience when gasoline level light comes on in my car. My tube lasted for a little more than two months. I'll admit, though, that I used the Lip Treatment far more often than expected. My lips are that dry. When I'm home, I'll apply it multiple times a day as I pass by and see it. It's almost reflexive.

Here are the ingredients.
  • Copper Peptide Complex [CpC]. Also known as Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate, a delivery system that uses the body’s natural protective carrier to deliver proprietary copper peptides, an essential micronutrient for skin health, for maximum restorative benefit.
  • Petrolatum. Forms an occlusive film on the skin’s surface, preventing moisture loss due to evaporation and protects against irritation. [NEOVA is much nicer than the time-tested Vasoline at bedtime routine.]
  • Mineral Oil. A non-comedogenic, occlusive substance that helps improve the epidermal barrier function.
  • Glycerin. A humectant that attracts essential moisture to the skin.
There you have it. NEOVA Copper Peptide Complex Intensive Lip Repair offers anti-aging, hydrating, and healing benefits that you can wear under your favorite lip color. Can't beat that! This is a press sample I will definitely purchase after I've squeezed the last life out of my tube.

Photo courtesy of Neova


Gauri said...

Ohhh. Definitely want it, I must admit.. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same lip issues, and finding the perfect treatment is a neverending battle. There are some really great lip products out there, but no matter how many times I think I've found my 'holy grail' eventually it stops being perfect. So the search continues. I must try this one. Thanks CG! Still reading and enjoying...take care. Denise at aeiokid at comcast dot net.

Anonymous said...

Your self imposed title made me giggle. I suspect we all have favourite products which make us go weak at the knees. I get completely nutso for foundation and blush.

So, I've read your review with interest and I NEED to try this product. I've had fairly good success with Sisley Eye and Lip Treatment--I actually use an entirely different product for my eyes--but I do use this exclusively on my lips. It does a fairly good job of keeping my train wreck of lips in decent condition, but still, I must apply the Sisley morning and night and then direly need additional moisture treatment during the day. Recently I actually backtracked to a drugstore during a trip out of town to pick up lip balm when I noticed I had forgotten to throw my fav Korres Lip Butter into my purse. I cannot go more than 3 or 4 hours without lip product. That's how incredibly dry my lips have become. I wish either of these products have better longevity, but I seem to be constantly chasing chapped/peeling lips. Thank goodness my skin is not the same.. *cough* yet..ugh!

Anyhow, yes, count me interested. I will have to check out your link and see if they provide shipping here.

Grace said...

Summer is coming people. Everyone remember to protect your lips.

Ghost Pepper said...

My lips are so sensitive to the weather it is ridiculous. I am going to try this and see if it works like you said for me. Thanks for the post.

beano54 said...

would love to try this mask but too expensive