Monday, July 8, 2013

New Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Tawny Brown and Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Santa Barbara

Bobbi Brown has added two bronzing powders to her already fabulous bronzer line-up: Bronzing Powder ($38) in Tawny Brown (#1) and Illuminating Bronzing Powder ($38) in Santa Barbara (#13). I tried both of them at Bloomindale's, couldn't decide to love one over another, and purchased both. Tawny Brown, called Tawny online, is shown at left above, and Santa Barbara is shown at right.

Bobbi Brown's soft matte, silky-smooth Bronzing Powder gives skin an instant look of a natural tan, and it's perfect for contouring too. Bobbi suggests using Bronzing Powder year round to get a sun-kissed look. I've always liked Bronzing Powder because there are light shades that are appropriate for my pale skin.

Illuminating Bronzing Powder is an ultra-soft and smooth pressed powder that's formulated with a unique blend of sheer powder and micro-pearls. The powder glides on evenly and gives the skin a seamless and sheer natural-looking glow. Also available in light shades, Illuminating Bronzing Powder doubles as a blush. Although Bobbi recommends applying it with her new Bronzer Brush, I prefer her Face Blender Brush.

I took swatch photos of both new bronzers. I swatched at the top of my arm with a sponge-tipped applicator and used a brush below. My photos were taken in full, bright sunlight.

I have two very different photos of Santa Barbara - one is much lighter than the other (more direct sun). The color is a beautiful warm pink that's a blush on me, not a bronzer. There is a nice sheen in Santa Barbara. It earns its title as illuminating.

Here is what you need to know about Santa Barbara: A little goes a very long way. It is extremely pigmented. I applied some from a cotton pad in the store and ended up looking like Raggedy Ann. The Bobbi Brown rep had to demonstrate how to apply it lightly with the Blender Brush. While the color is gorgeous, those with pale skin must take special care not to over-do it.

Tawny Brown Bronzing Powder, on the other hand, is brown, like a more typical bronzer, and matte (shown below). It is a rosy brown that's perfect for my skin.

I love this shade. It's easier to apply than Santa Barbara - hard to over-do. You can see the subtle color that resulted from application with a brush. If you find many bronzers too muddy, this one's for you. There isn't a trace of mud in this shade, which leans rose. While Bobbi Brown's Web site calls it a warm beige, I'd call it a rosy brown. I think the shade appears more cool than warm on my skin.

You can see that Tawny Brown reflects sunlight nicely, even though it's matte. It's not flat matte. It will give you some life in direct light, but it's very natural in appearance.

I'm very happy with both of my new bronzers. They are very different. I'll use them in different ways, so my investment in both will serve me well - for years.

You can find both of the new bronzer shades at Bobbi Brown counters, where they are displayed with the existing shades, and at Bobbi Brown's Web site. What do you think?

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


grlnxdor said...

I think that Tawny Brown would be perfect for my daughter's porcelain skintone. Every bronzer she tries is too warm and/or too dark. Thanks for featuring this!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Aw, you wrote this post and review just for ME, didn't you, CG?!? ;-)
I didn't think it would be possible for Bobbi Brown to come out with a bronzer that I love more than my precious "Light" (now called "Golden Light"). But I think she may have done it with "Tawny" - even the NAME grabs me! I'm going to have to see this one in person. It is SO different on the skin than it appears in the pan (so dark in the pan). Your description of "rosy brown" seems right on to me! (Oh, and as an aside: If you ever watch Bobbi in action, she always uses her brushes for different purposes than they were named...So, go for it with the Face Blending Brush!)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi grlnxdor,

I love Tawny Brown. Get her a nice brush too. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Ni MamaVal,

I know you are the BB expert, and yes, Bobbi isn't tied to the names of her brushes. Let us know what you think after you see Tawny Brown. I'm smitten.

Virginie said...

OMG!!!! I saw those 2 days ago at Macy's, I was blown away by the pigmentation, but as well, the softness, etc...That day I quickly bought the LE veil powder, which sparkles sparkles, (on top of a make up on the eye lid, I think will be so nice for a night out, or a wedding), but I'll come back for those bad boys!!!!!

Amy said...

I love how she keeps coming out with non-orange bronzers--this Tawny does have a rose tone. Love your swatches!

Unknown said...

Hi Charleston Girl!
This is a great review of the new BB bronzing powders. I really do like the Tawny Brown for me. While the Santa Barbara is quite nice, it seems a little harsh for "mature" skin. It is very pretty though!
I will have to make my way to the BB counter soon.
Thanks and hope all is well!

Cristen said...

After reading your review I ordered the bronzer in Tawny Brown and I am already absolutely in love with it. I should mention it only just came today! As someone with fair skin this shade is perfection, I wish I cold have had it sooner! I haven't been this excited about a makeup product in a while so thank you for your post! Do have a favorite bronzer or contour brush you like to use?

LVMAKEUP said...

Do you know if Tawny is similar to Benefits blush in Dallas??