Saturday, August 17, 2013

Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick

I tried before Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick ($34) was introduced to get some information about it. I failed - again. I'm getting a complex. I can't figure out why PR wouldn't want to spread the word in the United States. It usually helps with sales. If you search the Web, you will find a European review with swatches.

What follows is the marketing information. Rouge Ecstasy is now available online.

With Rouge Ecstasy, the Giorgio Armani laboratories push the boundaries of the exceptional even further with the first "CC" lipstick. CC stands for Color & Care, a new innovative hybrid product that marks the start of a new era in lipstick.

Care: Rouge Ecstasy offers the comfort and softness of a lip balm, leaving lips repaired and beautifully enhanced day after day.

Color: This velvety soft, everyday lipstick coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades with impeccable hold. Application is simple, precise, and effective.

Rouge Ecstasy is available in 36 luminous shades, a broad palette of intense and vibrant colors to satisfy every desire. All of the Rouge Ecstasy shades are inspired by a particular memory or association for Mr. Armani - from Italy and Milan to the Red Carpet and Hollywood stars.

The red lacquer cases with Armani's magnetic closure look pretty snazzy. There is a film you can watch at this link. It's a little silly.

Since I couldn't get my hands on advance publicity, I don't feel rushed in showing you the colors. I'm going to wait to purchase until I can shop locally and select the colors I like in person.

Update 8/18: I purchased three today at Neiman Marcus. I'll show them to you when the sun returns.

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I love the look of the red lacquer cases... can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Rouge Ecstasy line when you have the chance to swatch them!

wendy said...

hi charleston girl! happy weekend to you!! when i was at my local nordstroms, i heard there would be an armani counter coming this september. now, when i asked when in september i was told no one heard anything about this! i really hope we get a counter here. anyway, "the chanel girls" there told me they had a large new tester unit of a new collection, in the back. i'm eagerly awaiting to see it! is it my imagination or does olivia chantecaille look very different in the fall ad campaign? maybe that is not even her? i sure hope they offer additional lip colors. the one she's wearing is gorgeous but just not wearable for work. i read that you were getting the new clinique shadows. i'm anxious to read your review. there has to be something wearable for me. i've heard alot of "buzz" in nordstrom about estee lauder's new trios of eye colors especially the shade "amber alloy" (not sure if that is the exact name). xoxo to you!!

bisbee said...

Ok...I got the email about the new lipsticks, searched online for swatches...and ordered 2 colors. It's a weakness of mine... ��

Unknown said...

The red packaging is great. Makes the lipstick stand out in a sea of largely black lipatick cases. Waiting for your review to see the colours you select :)

beano54 said...

love the packaging & the shade

Liliana said...

Hi everyone-happy Sunday!

Wendi, I want to check out these new trios from EL also, if you look online, they have them all listed with pictures and amber alloy does really looks most interesting to me.

melisand61 said...

I love the red cases and many of those shades tempt me. But I'm waiting for your swatches and impressions before I buy.

Lisa C said...

Can't wait for the swatches! Always look forward to your reviews :)