Monday, September 9, 2013

Estée Lauder Beach Metals Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio from The Metallics New Pure Color Collection for Fall 2013

This fall, imagine an incredible combination of the highest reflective shine and intensely desirable color to make eyes, lips, and nails smolder. The The Metallics, a new Pure Color Collection from Estée Lauder, fill that bill. This surprisingly versatile collection of metallic finishes breaks boundaries and transforms like never before, with liquid-like shadows that saturate eyes, vinyl finishes that lacquer lips, and hyper-chromatics that accessorize nails. Whether soft and pretty or bold and sexy, The Metallics uses a variety of unique reflective finishes to bring a new level of sophistication to multi-dimensional color.

The new Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trios ($36) are said to be like molten metal. Play in a new dimension of amplified color with the liquid-like texture melting onto the eyelids for a high-definition chromatic color impact. A creamy, silk-like formula glides on effortlessly releasing pure, brilliant color that stays true for 10 hours without creasing or fading.

I thought Beach Metals (#07) was one of the prettiest trios in the collection. Oddly, I can't find it on Estée Lauder's Web site. There are eight available. I found mine at Saks, but even they didn't have all the colors on their display. The available shades follow.
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Smoked Chrome
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Arctic Zinc
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Steel Lilacs
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Gilded Chocolates
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Amber Alloy
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Beach Metals
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Sterling Plums
  • Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Camo Chrome
I took swatch photos of Beach Metals in full, late-morning sunshine. I swatched with a dry sponge-tipped applicator. This time, I did swatch one color with a wet applicator to show you the difference, and I was surprised how subtle it was.

Here are the three shades in the palette (left to right) on my arm from top to bottom. Like Amber Alloy, the ivory highlighter shade is a gorgeous ivory, but it has more pink in it than Amber Alloy. The center color is a vibrant peach. The dark copper-brown hybrid shade is intended to be a liner, although you can use it lightly for contouring or accenting the outer corners of the lid.

I swatched the gorgeous peach wet to see how much it would amp up the intensity. As you can see below, not all that much. The shade did become more electric - more metallic - but the color wasn't more intense. It just took on a different character. See the photo directly below.

I'll be wearing my Beach Metals eye shadows applied with a dry brush. I think the shades are beautiful as they are, without any extra help. Certainly for daytime wear, they should be applied dry for office-friendly use. I suppose the exception would be for those in fashion or the arts, where you've got leeway on snazzy looks.

The trio compacts are gold in color, emblazoned with the Estée Lauder logo, and come with a double-ended sponge-tipped applicator, the kind you'll never use. Each trio compact has a nice mirror inside, as well as the overlay with paint-by-numbers shade suggestions.

These eye shadows are available at the Estée Lauder Web site and some stores. If you don't see them at the counter now, you will soon. The display has all the lip and nail colors, so prepare to be dazzled. I was when I saw the whole collection at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


wendy said...

hi charleston girl! i really like this and, if i had to choose, i think i like this a little better than amber alloy. although, both are very nice. a makeup artist at my local nordies encouraged me to look at this collection. have you tried their new lip lacquers in this collection? i want to try these when i have time this weekend. thankyou for posting!! wendy xo.

Liliana said...

Hi CG,

I was trying to guess, when I first saw these online, which ones you'd be picking-I was quite sure about Arctic Zinc (looked to me like really you) and the other possible one was, in my opinion, Beach Metals or Gilded chocolates- thought more the latter from the colors on the website :) They look beautiful, but I am not sure to get any until I get to see them-probably I have too many eyeshadows...

Liliana said...

grrrr meant Amber Alloy not Arctic Zinc, sorry for the confusion-something sounded wrong but I had hit "send" so too late to correct it.

Nina said...

I am absolutely adoring Arctic Zinc as I love blues, and especially silvery or iridescent blues. They sparkle around my eyes. I am intrigued by the Lilacs as they look wearable, and the Greens? What do you think? Thanks, CG! I looove your site and choice of products.

Claire said...

Hi CG, somehow this reminds me of TF In The Pink -- perhaps totally different in finish & color, but the overall mood is quite alike. I may check this out next time I go to EL counter; lately I've been going there mostly for Aerin, rather than EL line itself.

Unknown said...

Beach Metals are fantastic, they would definitely suit to my green eyes. Have to check it at Lancome counter.

Gauri said...

♥ them all!! Beach Metals is right up my alley. Just tried my first Estee Lauder eyeshadows & I can see how easily one can become a junkie, they're so freakin cool!!

angusmum1 said...

This is off topic buy time sensitive. Kevein Acouyan is on Hautelook right now and I haven't used any of his products,they aren't available to me. Any suggestions of what to get would be appreciate. Site is Thanks so much

Charlestongirl said...

Pretty much can't go wrong. Nice products.

Moonchime said...

How gorgeous! I LOVE how the peachy shade took on such a different hue when you applied it wet. I'll be checking out the Beach Metals set tomorrow. :)

Eileen said...

Hi Angusmum,

Kevyn Aucoin makes a lovely highlighter called The Celestial Powder in Candlelight. It's a classic and receives a lot of love from MA's. I didn't bother going to Hautelook to see if they were offering it, but if they are, it's a good staple to have in your stash.