Monday, October 28, 2013

Edward's Best Rouges à Lèvres Classique

Edward's Best, a blockbuster lip palette, features eight lip colors in Edward's signature creamy formula, including six of his classics plus two limited-edition shades. The master of lip color has unveiled his bestselling lipsticks in a palette that pays homage to his famed Ultra Slick Lipstick. "Kiss and tell the difference with this super-creamy, hydrating formula that drenches your lips in a satin veil of rich, vibrant color. Achieve precise application every time with a full-size lip brush and a huge mirror (signed by Edward) for touch-ups on the go."

This set contains eight gorgeous lip colors.
  • Nude Lotus
  • Pure Impulse
  • Rose Demure
  • Tender Love
  • Candid Affair (limited edition)
  • Jasmine Blossom (limited edition)
  • Deep Lust
  • Midnight Bloom
It's worth every penny of the $75 I paid for it at Sephora. I love this palette. It's such a 180 from his Baby Pink Lip Palette, which was a bright, pastel pink teen queen in my opinion.

Edward's Best is much prettier than it looks at Sephora's Web site (shown at the top of this feature). My photo directly above shows the brilliant variety of vivid colors in the palette - from nude to red.

I took swatch photos in full sunshine, starting on the top row of the palette, moving from left to right as I swathed down my arm. Then I swatched the second (bottom) row in the same way. I used a sponge-tipped applicator to apply the colors. I didn't want to get the pretty lip brush that comes with the palette all goey.

The photo directly above shows the following shades, starting at the top and moving down: Nude Lotus, Pure Impulse, Rose Demure, and Tender Love. I wouldn't kick any of these shades off my vanity.

The photo directly above shows the bottom row of the palette: Candid Affair at the top, Jasmine Blossom, Deep Lust, and Midnight Bloom. Midnight Bloom is a stunningly wearable red. Like the top row, the bottom row is a super-hit.

Lip colors in palettes are not my favorite; I prefer lipsticks. However, I will be making an exception for Edward's Best. It spans a rainbow of lip colors - all of which I love. What a superb palette! I don't think I need to describe these shades. Their colors are evident in my photos.

You can find it at Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Neiman Marcus stores. Eight Edward Bess Ultra  Slick Lip Colors for $75 is a steal.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


morelikespace said...

I can see why you might want to make an exception. I hate lip palettes, but these shades are so lovely and it's a convenient way to get a whole bunch of them at once...

Eileen said...

Woo-hoo! Some of my all time favorite lip colors by one of my all time favorite brands! I've loved Edward Bess lipstick ever since my first swipe about seven years ago. It was love then and it is love now. His silky smooth, comfortably creamy, moisturizing lipsticks have been a constant in my lipstick wardrobe ever since my first purchase all those years ago. Since I never keep a lipstick longer than 18 mos., I love the idea of being able to get so many of my favorites in a cost effective palette like this one. And, since this contains a couple LE's, it makes the palette even more appealing.

When it comes to color, no one does it better than Edward. The master of refined and understated elegance, Edward's colors are rich, polished, poised, and chic. And, most important of all, he creates colors you'd actually expect to find on a woman's face! It's that idea of capitalizing on skin tones and by using them as the base for color that makes his lipstick--even the deepest and most saturated shades--eminently wearable. Thank you, Edward, for a wonderful palette.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go order this! :-)

Unknown said...

All the colours in the palette are lovely. And I also like the fact that none of them are shimmery.

Bellyhead said...

How gorgeous! One of my favorite lipstick formulas (and colors) in one palette.

JudithDM said...

I love Edward Bess color! I have a small handful of his glosses and lip colors! I also have a wonderful color palette that includes face and lips and eyes. I can paint, pop in purse, and go. My problem with a lip palette is to take it with me, I would be taking seven colors I wouldn't be using at any given time. Yes, would make getting my 'paint' on at home a cinch. Just not sure if it were be better for me to buy individual glosses, colors I do not have. There is one color here I would not use at all, and one iffy, depending on my computer screen. Eileen, you truly have summed up the beauty of Edward's colors!!

Unknown said...

Well now, some things are meant to be! I was just browsing Edward's new items on the Sephora website this afternoon and saw this lovely palette but was not sure of the colors until I saw your post. BESS at HIS BEST! Love this collection.
Thanks for the post at the right wallet is choking! LOL

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I saw a pic of Edward's sisters and lovely Mom in white button-down shirts on his website and asked him what perfect red shade they were wearing, and he responded, "Midnight Bloom for ALL of them!" They all had different hair colors and it worked beautifully for each one. I bought it!! (and love it)

JudithDM said...

Feeling a weakness coming on! Charleston Girl, your posts bring it to me all toooooooo often. However some of my best ever buys are because of you! I feel very comfortable in Edward Bess.