Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Crystal Fantasy and Opal Fantasy from the White Magic Collection for Holiday 2013

Laura Mercier has placed a beautiful trio of Illuminating Eye Colours ($24) on her holiday display: Crystal Fantasy, Pearl Fantasy, and Opal Fantasy. I could easily have purchased all three. The one I left behind at the store is Pearl Fantasy, and it looks nothing like the lavender in the photo above (top right). What I saw was a pearly silver.

This season, Laura Mercier is celebrating inner goodness and bright spirits with illuminating shades to give you true holiday sparkle. Illuminating Eye Colour offers a multidimensional, luminous pearl finish with a soft, bouncy texture for excellent color pay-off and a smooth, easy application. "Be enchanted by a look that’s fresh and luminous, with light-diffused pastels for eyes and brilliant high-shine colors for lips." The two I purchased are beautiful on the lids.

When I first saw Crystal Fantasy, shown at left directly above, I thought it would be too green - too showy. It's not at all. It is beautiful worn alone and smashing when blended or layered with other shades. I had a similar reaction to Opal Fantasy. My first thought was, "Too pink." It's not at all. It leaves a natural-toned blush on the lids - very pretty. You can see in the photo below that the model is wearing Crystal Fantasy, and it's not at all gaudy.

I took swatch photos of both in full, morning sunlight. I used a sponge-tipped applicator and applied them heavily.

Crystal Fantasy is almost silver, except for that slightly green tint that gives it depth and brilliance. Opal Fantasy isn't too pink at all. It's an icy color that makes it work like an accent to any look. Both colors gleam. They shimmer, but in the most subtle way.

I'm very pleased with both shades. I find them full of possibilities I have not had time to discover. I spent a lot of time over this long weekend resting. The work schedule beings again tomorrow. Charlie will miss me when I'm at work.

I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus. You can find the White Magic Collection at all Laura Mercier counters and online. The collection is worth a look-see.

Photo at top courtesy of Chic Profile; model photo courtesy of Laura Mercier; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

A beautiful gleaming set of eyeshadows, perfect for the snow queens and ice princesses amongst you. I was instantly drawn to them when I saw them at the counter, but alas, their delicate hues got lost on me. I'm sure they'll be a gorgeous holiday option, though, for those of you who love pastels and are tired of all the golds that are so pervasive this time of year. I love that the theme White Magic is the polar opposite of her fall collection, Dark Spell. Clever!

Tania said...

They are all beautiful. I couldn't resist and purchased all 3 and the lilac one is also beautiful on the lids.

Inga said...

Love pastels, so this one surely go on my holiday wish list!