Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Rest of the Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection for Spring 2014

There are pieces in the Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection for Spring 2014 that I chose not to purchase sight unseen. Most of them didn't appear to have been made for me. I wanted to show them to you because they may be perfect for you - of fill an empty space in your beauty wardrobe.

The Ecrin 4 Eyeshadows ($63.00) in the limited-edition Les Tendres offers a harmony of Ecrin 4 Couleurs eye shadow, composed of four different and specially selected textures to allow you to mix and match for endless combinations. Les Tendres, draws inspiration from the season: iridescent ivory, satiny nude and matte violet-plum shades express an ode to nature and renewal, while a metallic aquatic green adds vibrancy. It's beautiful, but won't be on me. I think it was made for women with dark skin. We fair-skinned blonds look terrible in plum shades , and I see two plums that are off limits for me (think albino bunny). The pink is a maybe. The only color that revs me is the beautiful washed green. As much as I love Guerlain's eye shadows, this one was an immediate no.

Equally unappealing to me, is Ecrin 2 Duo Eyeshadow ($44.00) in the limited-edition shade Two V.I.P. (#09). Guerlain’s new duo eye shadow is the perfect accessory for creating statement looks. Inside the slender gold case are 2 stunning colors - one a pure color and one a luminous veil. Guerlain combined a dazzling violet with an elegant taupe. It's possible I could spring for this duo, but I will have to see it first. Like the quad, I think it will be beautiful on darker skin tones.

I was intrigued by the new Météorites Brush ($42.00), but given the size of my brush wardrobe, I had to pass. The stunning natural pink bristles of the Météorites Brush are longer and softer, perfectly complimenting the new Météorites Pearls. This luxurious brush sweeps lightly over the pearls, taking only the exact quantity of powder required. The pure white handle reflects the promise of luminosity.

Additionally, there is a fascinating new Eyebrow Kit ($52.00) in a permanent shade, Universel (#00). The indispensable finishing touch for radiant eyes, Guerlain’s new Eyebrow Kit structures and styles all eyebrows for a tailored yet natural look. Light, medium, and dark powder shades can be mixed and blended to create a matching shade for every brow line, while the pearly-pink beige highlighter is swept under the brows to emphasis the eyes’ natural beauty. The kit also contains a double-sided applicator, making it a complete eyebrow kit for any look or occasion. If I didn't have full brows, I think this kit could be useful for me. I suspect it will be very popular.

Finally, there is a new, permanent Maxi Lash Mascara ($30.00) in Moka (#03). Guerlain’s Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara guarantees gorgeous eyes every time. Simple to use, easy, and flattering, a combination of three polymers volumizes, lengthens, and strengthens for captivating eyes. Never clumpy, Maxi Lash can be layered to create just the right volume for each moment. Scented with an ultra-feminine violet fragrance and housed in a beautiful gold case, Maxi Lash is a must-have for enviable lashes. I may purchase one when the collection arrives at Neiman Marcus. I love brown mascaras.

Guerlain’s Météorites Blossom collection will be available beginning January 2014 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and Bergdorf Goodman - and, of course, at the Guerlain Boutiques and online sources.

Photos courtesy of Guerlain


Julie L said...

OMG!!! This collection is so pretty. Love the palettes and their colors. They are so tempting!!! I guess I have to start saving to have them =)

wendy said...

hi charleston girl!! i definitely agree with you as i share the same coloring. so this collection will be a pass. i thought chanel's would prove to work but, i decided to go to a counter that wasn't busy and started applying the colors. i don't know why i never learn from my mistakes! the colors look very different under "those" lights. getting makeup at a discount doesn't mean a thing if you're not comfortable wearing it and enjoying it! i have a big return this weekend. i'm glad nothing was touched or used. so, what collections are next? any that entice you? i will check out dior but, the store was just putting up their display unit with a few pieces. this does not seem workable either. it seems that i'm "pulling" older collections and trying to find pieces or, i will magically stretch fall colors until summer appears. that seems to be a very long time! happy new year!! xo.

Eileen said...

I gave the quad a miss as I have an irrational aversion to mint green! LOL. It's pretty on so many people, but I always feel uncomfortable in it. The quad will look beautiful on many women, though.

I also gave the brush a miss as I use a Tom Ford bronzer brush for finishing powders. Nothing beats that brush for applying a fine and even veil of powder. Nothing!

I wasn't interested in the brow product or the deep brown mascara since I have thick black lashes and brows :-). The black version of Cils D'Enfer, though, is my current favorite mascara.

The eyeshadow duo in VIP, though, was a must have. The violet tinged slate is very flattering to my eye color and the sparkly violet is stunning. Daytime need not apply. This baby was made for the night. I smoke the slate around my lashes and use it for a bit of well blended contouring; then I apply a veil of violet shimmer over all and the effect is multi-dimensional. I go to quite a few evening events so I have plenty of opportunity to wear VIP. Although, truth be told, the way it works with my eye shape and color, I'd purchase it if I only had one event to attend :-)

lovethescents said...

That quad is gorgeous. I think I'll wait til it's available and have them test it on me. Thanks for the usual temptation, dear Charlestongirl!

Chateepatee said...

Hi CG- WOW! I am loving that eyeshadow duo with the taupe and violet. Looks like a must have for my green peepers! The quad- meh- less interesting at first glance- although the pale mint might be a pretty highlighter.
Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I feel exactly the same about the Chanel spring Quad. It doesn't look good on me, the colors seem muddled and bruised. I don't really want to experiment a whole lot with something to like it - I think the joy of using a product should be apparent and immediate. An odd collection IMO.

Unknown said...

Thankfully I can easily pass it all. Thank you for posting for us.

Jenni said...

I've high expectations on how the Guerlain quad turns out - as with their past quads, Guerlain has always done it right - even down to eccentric color combos like Coup de Foudre! Let's keep our eyes peeled!