Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Poésie

Did I save the best for last? The one limited-edition eye shadow quad from Chanel's new collection of Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadows is Poésie (#234, $61).  I had seen many photos of it online - all deceptive in some way it turns out. I purchased it sight unseen, and when I finally got my eyes on the real thing, I almost drooled.

I know many of you have already purchased Poésie and sung its praised - for very good reason. It's a stunner.

The color in the lower right that I had assumed from press photos and other bloggers was a shade of burgundy? It's not. Yippee!

I took photos in very late-afternoon sunshine. I swatched from upper left in the quad, moving clockwise and ending on my arm with the pink at lower left. I used a sponge-tipped applicator and swatched relatively heavily.

Just look at these unbelievably gorgeous shades! The bronze at the top of my arm has a touch of rose in it, making it "rose bronze," one of my recent favorites. The flesh toned shade is a perfect base or even highlighter. It won't set the world on fire, but it coordinates perfectly with the other shades.

What color is the darkest shade? I think it's a hybrid representing shimmering brown and rose. I do not see burgundy, eggplant, or any of the other shades that have been used to describe it. It is totally gorgeous on my skin and does not make me look tired, as so many red shades do.

The shimming pink may not be unique, but it complements the rest of the shades so well, I'm in love with it too. How nice does it get?

In case you didn't see this note from a Chanel friend, the applicators that come in the quad are velour. They give a completely different look than a sponge applicator or a brush. If you do use a brush, try Chanel's #14. The quads are not frosted, but have a luminous sheen which will soften aging and camouflage lines and wrinkles on the lids. Good news for everyone over 50!

The new Chanel quads are widely available, but Poésie was distributed in very limited numbers. Call before you zoom over to your favorite Chanel counter.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

I have all 9 of the new quads, and I love them all. I have them stored in alphabetical order, and I have used them each twice now. Wow. These are the most beautiful shadows I have ever beheld. I love the formula. I love the velour wands. I find I use them more than my CHANEL brushes to apply these new quads. I have no favorites; each is exquisite. I love Poesie. And here's the best part, I think: anyone can wear any of them. Nothing is off limits for any woman. Thank you, CHANEL!

Grlnxdor said...

This palette looks perfect for evenings or the Holidays and especially Holiday evenings!. My heart belongs to Venetien and Vendome though. I'm just thrilled that they are part of the permanent collection!

Eileen said...

Oh, Charlestongirl! Poésie swatches so beautifully on your skin. Even though some of the shades in these new palettes might not seem terribly original, it's the way the four shades all work together that gives each palette its special appeal. For example, when I first saw the black in Riviera, I thought it was just another black and could easily be duped. Wrong! The way that black, with its deep silvery blue undertones, blends into the silver shade or the blue one reinforces and enhances the misty blue theme of the palette in a way that a simple black or navy could never do. Your swatches make it obvious that the four colors in Poésie function in the same way. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts :-) Beautiful!

Unknown said...

I love Poèsie! It's a good daytime office-friendly neutral on my skin tone (MAC NC43-35). I wore it everyday for a week when I first bought it. I bought in El Paso, TX, at Dillard's in early July, by the way. Do you have any idea why they are limited edition rather than part of the permanent collection?

Glad you got a second opinion on your knee. Have you scheduled your operation yet?

Anonymous said...

i have several friends overseas and they said poesie was included with the fall collection instead of the repromote of mystic eyes. i was wondering what blush and lip color you used with poesie? i did not care for any of the rouge coco's that were in the fall collection. thankyou.

Charlestongirl said...

I wear it with a brown lipstick or gloss. I have a favorite brown Guerlain gloss, very pigmented, that looks fabulous with it.

Christina said...

Sigh, this is the first posting of the quad that makes me actually want it. Too bad it's probably sold out already, but that bronzey rose shade is gorgeous.

Marina @ Cosmetics & Crumbs said...

Wow this looks so beautiful! I love a great neutral quad! And so glad that the applicators are velour- I can't stand when good brands throw in a sponge tipped applicator.

Unknown said...

This quad looks gorgeous and should be fitting for many looks from casual to formal dress! I adore the darker shade and the highlight shade. Of course I will notify my Chanel contact to let me know as soon as she has it in stock - this may be another collection must-have! These colors seem so versatile, who could resist?
Thanks for the more accurate description and great swatch pics!

Lisa said...

I was wondering why you had not commented on Poesie. Of the new quads it is the only one I bought and the one I favored out of all from the start. The fact that it was LE sealed the deal that I needed to purchase Poesie first. Love how it looks against your skin tone. I know it reallly brings out the blue in my eyes. I love it. I wear it with the Intime by chanel on the lips with the pretty iridescent gloss that came out last month (can't remeber the name and the LE blush. It all looks wonderful together. 2 thumbs way up!!! Thanks for the post!

Amomx5 said...

I am a long time reader and love your blog! I saw your post on Poesie last night after 9pm here in Florida. I really wanted it but not enough to pay way over cost on ebay! So I called Nordstrom in downtown Seattle since they were still open and talked to both Jessica and Jennifer at the Chanel counter. They said they had several boxes of Poesie because they did not know what it looked like because they never got sent a tester! I ordered with free shipping and she asked what samples I would like!! Thank you for all your great posts and I hope your knee will be pain free sometime in the near future. I am 57 and like to wear more matte and neutral shadows, what would be the most understated way to wear these quads?

Charlestongirl said...


Lucky you! That was resourceful.

My knees will hurt until I recover from two operations. I'm getting ready to schedule the first for early October. Thanks!

Lisa C said...

Oh this one is gorgeous! I may have to break my nobuy for this month. Sometimes you just have to make exceptions you know?

EllenB said...

Another lovely post with excellent pics from my favorite blogger! Now I must have this quad! It is absolutely amazing. And right up my neutral alley!

LSBD said...

Hello everyone.
I stumbled upon a small stash of these quads at the Nordstrom South Bay here in Los Angeles. Shana the counter manager has 7 left as of yesterday. She had 8, but I could not miss this quad.
I have one to admire and can't wait to have a chance to really play with this new formula.
CG- fabulous photos and review. Sending good energy from a slightly rainy SoCal.

LSBD said...

Here's Shana's phone number for anyone who would like to order the palette.