Monday, July 11, 2016

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo

I was perusing Sephora one night and came across Hourglass's Femme Nude Lip Stylo ($28) lip pencils. They looked interesting, and I love Hourglass. So, I ordered two. I selected Nude N°4, described as pink-beige nude with a hint of deep rose and a satin finish, and Nude N°5, golden peach nude with a shimmering finish.

The photo directly above shows them in full sun at my house. Nude
N°4 is on the left, and Nude N°5 is on the right.

I swatched them in the same order, with N°4 at the top of my arm and N°5 below. My photos were taken in full, mid-day sunshine, and I applied the lip pencils directly to my arm. Although they look similar in the swatches, the peach in N°4 should be obvious, and the rose in N°5 does shine.

These nude lip crayons deliver a creamy, full-coverage formula, all but one with a satin finish. With six shades from which to choose, there’s a nude for every preference. The wardrobe of shades allows you to customize many looks if you want to layer them. I can't imagine why.

The formula contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates - all good. They contain vitamin E, which is great for our lips. Femme Nude Lip Stylo comes in a sleek, custom-designed, metal case that feels substantial to the touch and looks good when you pull it out for a quick touch-up.

The only drawback to these lovely lip pencils is that they carry a taste. It's not obnoxious, but it's obvious, and I can taste it for a significant amount of time. For that reason alone, I'm glad I didn't purchase more of them. I read the ingredients and did not see fragrance, so the taste must be coming from one of the ingredients, unmasked.

You can purchase these at Sephora. I find them handy to keep in my purse because the top of the case is well designed and stays on to prevent accidents.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


HRH Paula said...

I love everything Hourglass too. In fact I have the No. 4 already in my Sephora basket. Thanks to your blog, I think I'll wait on it! Good to know.

hytrud said...

I have to ask..Just have to? How do you decide what to wear for the day? You… yourself? You obviously have so many choices? From Shadows, Blushes, primers/foundations, lipsticks, pencils, liners, brushes, etc...How do you decide what your makeup is going to be THAT day? And where do YOU put your make up on? Near sunlight, and sit down to relax like I do? I have a beautiful wood English style legged vanity with 2 small side drawers that hold very little that I purchased with my bedroom set 25 years ago with one of my dining room chairs. It’s still beautiful with a glass top, but there is only so much room on it along with my very expensive perfectly suited Kimball & Young 3X magnified lighted mirror on top in the front. I have another Kimball & Young swing arm in front of my bath vanity for washing, etc. Those were the best investments I ever made, nothing gets past these mirrors and clearly a ‘must have’ for every female as I see it. I have 12 clear square soft plastic cases in different sizes stacked that I picked up at Nordstrom years ago and I can see everything very clearly in each case. I separate shadows, blushes, powders, highlighters, lipsticks, glosses, mascara, eyelashes, glue, and primers/foundations in these. I have pretty cups with Brushes & tools. Not everything fits in the plastics cases, like shadow pallets. With so many issues on our minds, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE what to wear with 50 or more choices YOU, YOURSELF have??? Am I the only one that has to think about it all for a few minutes before I chose colors, etc? I chose by feelings; eyes puffy or not, redness or not, & what I am going to wear, etc. so to speak. Then pull out what I am thinking & feeling of using. Do you line up what you’re going to wear the night before, or chose in the morning? Do you try it on before you use it, like a dry run? Do you forget you have something because you have so many choices, and new products to choose from? I love trying the NEW stuff the very next day and put that right in front of my mirror. I get so excited to use a brand new Tom Ford Blush, or a new highlighter…it makes me happy, happy, happy! What do other women have for a SET-UP for these OH-SO important decisions? Can you post a photo of your special SPOT here for us? I’d love to see other ladies make-up spots too. I don’t know any other females that have vanities like I have. When I was very young just starting out, I stripped a beautiful old wooden desk, refinished it and it became my best friend with lots of side drawers. I’d also like to have a discussion here like HOW-DO they chose their makeup for that day? Coloring, feeling, moods, hair, clothes, etc. type discussion.

Anahita said...

Those Hourglass lippies look really nice. Its funny but Hourglass is one line have never really been able to get into. Their products look nice but I always pass by it whenever Im in Sephora. Lately, however, Ive really been into skincare. I still love makeup but Ive been experimenting more with skin and haircare. Im going to be 44 in a few months and nobody can believe it. That makes me feel good as I have alot of health issues and take heavy duty medication. I just wish the skincare brands I love weren't soo expensive!

Charlestongirl said...

Trud, I usually wear what's clean and unwrinkled. I don't put a lot of thought into my wardrobe anymore. I used to be such a planner. No longer! I do coordinate colors, but that's about it for work days. Weekends? Jeans and a T-shirt like the one I wore for my Chanel sitting. It was from Chicos.

I have my daily makeup and skin care in my bathroom. I wear the same neutral colors almost every day - unless I'm testing something. For example, I almost always wear Chantecaille eye shadows, Hourglass Ambient Blush, and Guerlain lip gloss. I love LMdB skin care. Why? They are really nice and right there close at hand.

Yes, I have a beauty warehouse in my home, but I don't have time to plan out what I'd like to wear and go find it. That's the burden of having too much "stuff."

Charlestongirl said...

Anahita, you should start with Hourglass by trying their Ambient Lighting powders. The blushes are dynamite.

Like you, I love great skin care, and it's almost always very expensive.