Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Coming Attraction: Guerlain Fall 2016 Collection

Guerlain has a spectacular collection for this fall, and I feel privileged to show it to you. After overcoming a frustrating computer problem, I'm ready to write.

The new eye shadows, Guerlain Palette 5 Couleurs ($69) offers six new, trend-setting and comprehensive eye palettes that allow us to be as daring as our moods. Each compact contains five perfectly graduated shades to enhance your eyes with just one swipe to create the desired look - from natural to bold. This easy-to-use range of shades contains a base to even and illuminate, two nude tones to subtly enhance, and two smoky sophisticated shades that intensify every look. Applied separately or layered, the shades deliver unfailingly chic results.

The technology of these palettes offers ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments for brighter, illuminating color that can create numerous effects. Depending on the shade, the finish may be matte, satin, or metallic with a luminous finish so that eyes appear more lively and vibrant.

For a nude look, apply the illuminating base shade #1 to the eyelid, arch of the eyebrow, and inner corner of the eye. Layer shade #2 over the eyelid. Blend in shade #3 as an accent in the outer corner, one of my favorite techniques.

For a bold look, sweep the illuminating shade #1 over the eyelid, arch of the eyebrow, and inner corner of the eye. Layer shade #4 over the eyelid. Then apply shade #5 at the lash line on the outer corner. Blend as an accent in the same corner to smudge - another of my favorite techniques.

Marcus Monson told me about these new palettes in the spring, and I've been waiting eagerly to see them. I'm smitten by the photos, and I'm sure I know that I want all of them! I must win that lottery. These $3 payouts are not going to cut it.

Guerlain L'Art du Trait Precision Felt Eyeliner ($43) is an absolute essential for creating captivating eyes. Unmistakably modern and classic, this ultra-black, high-precision felt eyeliner glides on perfectly to delivery faultless lines and impeccable coverage from the very first sweep of the pen. Smudge-proof and stay-true, it even resists tears and water for up to eight hours.

Two new KissKiss lipsticks will complete your look. To add the ultimate finishing touch, these autumnal shades perfectly match the eye shadows and overall tones of the fall look. An ultra-smooth texture, KissKiss' unique formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, giving KissKiss a lovely plumping effect. Commiphora myrra oil and mango butter ensure softness and incredible hydration. The two shades, Fall in Nude and Fall in Red, have a creamy texture and satiny vibrant finish with impeccable hold. I'll be in line for both - even the red. I live in KissKiss lipsticks.

If you want to see larger photos of these lovelies, just click on the photos. The collection will be available in September at Guerlain Boutiques, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Sephora, and online. See anything you want?

Photos courtesy of Guerlain


Tatiana said...

I'd wear Rose Barbare, Tonka Imperiale or Bois des Indes, if Guerlain kept the perfume out of these. Since Guerlain perfumes all their makeup, I doubt I will even bother. I've tossed every other item I've ever purchased from Guerlain because of the overwhelming (to my nose and sensitive skin) perfume content. Unless they change their perfumey ways, I doubt I will every buy another item from Guerlain.

Charlestongirl said...


I find some Guerlain makeup to be heavily fragranced, but not all. I evaluate each piece. I do find, however, that the fragrance dissipates quickly, so it never stops me from loving my products.

Eileen said...

To scent or not to scent, that is the question! LOL Some people love Guerlain's penchant for adding fragrance and some people don't. It's an easy enough problem to solve, though. If you like fragrance, buy. If you don't, don't. There are plenty of unscented products out in the world from which to choose. As for me, I have no issue with fragrance in products so long as I like the scent. Since I typically like Guerlain's, I will undoubtedly be picking up some of the new palettes. I'm particularly smitten with Tonka Impériale but, of course, that can change the moment I see the actual palettes. As for Après L'Ondée, that one reminds me of my beautiful Beaugrenelle. I never would have thought those blues and greys could bring out the warm green in my eyes, but they do; so a big thank you to Marcus Monson for introducing it to me.

Thank you, Charlestongirl, for including the color placement instructions. Although I'll go my own way once I have a palette in my hot little hands, the instructions give me an idea as to what sort of look Guerlain was invisioning for their French Lady collection. My only regret is that there are no new Rouge G's in this fall collection KissKiss is nice, but Rouge G is my favorite for its rich color and creamy hydration. Perhaps for Holiday? :-)

Ann said...

The Fall in Nude lipstick looks just beautiful. Just a little disappointed that there are no limited edition Météorites Pearls this fall.....or is that usually just in the Holiday collection?

Charlestongirl said...

Good way to put it, Eileen. I wouldn't ever buy makeup with a nasty scent.

Charlestongirl said...

I'll ask, Ann.

Ann said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It bugs me enormously that the majority of women seem to want scent in their cosmetics. I strongly advocate that one must return product if the perfume in it makes one ill. That is one way to get the message across. The other thing I do is sniff before I even swatch. The SA's think it's strange but it has saved me a lot of time and inconvenience particularly with eyeshadows.

Charlestongirl said...

Frances, I can't agree. I don't think a majority of women want scented makeup.

That said, I find it strange that this conversation is dominating a preview. No one, me included, knows yet how these eye shadows smell...or not. Let's wait a month to find out.

Evelyn said...

OO #2 and #6 especially are quite interesting to me and I'm definitely going to take a look at them. It's been quite some time that I've bought a Guerlain eye shadow palette so I'm looking forward to see how these will look. While I like red lipstick, I think this fall I'll opt for one of the Chanel ones over the KissKiss, I think the Chanel will be more vivid in color. We'll see.

Generally I don't like fragrance in cosmetics but I tolerate it in Guerlain because I love the Meteorites so much and the bronzers too. At least they don't smell like chocolate...I never understood why my bronzer or eye shadow needs to smell like chocolate or peanut butter.

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, I roared when I read your comment! Chocolate? Peanut butter? Eew!

Gigi48 said...

I'm looking forward to the red Kiss Kiss lipstick for change of season. My favorite lipstick is Rouge G but my favorite red is Kiss Kiss 325.

Anonymous said...

Ah! This explains why in the UK the eyeshadow palettes have been half price in various department store sales.

I like the old fashion scent in make up, love the smell of Burberry blush.