Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tom Ford Shimmer Shot in Spin Spin Sugar

Tom Ford's anticipated Shimmer Shot ($45) launched last week. Available in two shades, Spin Spin Sugar and Lust for Life, it's a gorgeous liquid illuminator. Ordinarily, I would have purchased both shades, but in my new frugalality, I bought only Spin Spin Sugar.

From Tom Ford, slightly edited...
Polished radiance is essential to the Tom Ford face. The lightweight, liquid texture can be used on any skin tone to create ultimate luminosity. Pearlescent glow highlights and defines bone structure, creating perfectly balanced symmetry. Blends flawlessly onto the skin for instant glow. Blends perfectly into your foundation for a contoured look. Light is softened and diffused for a smooth finish. Packaged in an easy-to-use piston pump [which I like]. Apply on the bridge of the nose, highpoints of cheeks, on the chin, and under the eyebrow arch - really anywhere you want to draw light.

The other shade, Lust for Life, looked very tan, and I would need to see it before purchasing. It is expected to arrive at Neiman Marcus in days. I ordered from the Tom Ford Web site.

I took a few swatch photos in full, late-afternoon sunshine, selecting the best. I tried to apply a dot at the top of my arm, with a slightly blended swatch below, but it ran before I could get outside. So my swatch was finger blended, but heavier at the top than below.

The color of Spin Spin Sugar is going to be slightly different on different skin tones. On me, it's a pearly ivory with an ever-so-slight touch of pink. Is it revolutionary? No, but it sure is nice. It applies easily and dries quickly.

I'd be glad to answer any questions. There's not much more I can tell you. I would purchase it again. I'm already fond of it, especially its pearly glow. If you'd like to order from Neiman Marcus, give Debbie O'Malley a call at The Tom Ford counter at (202) 966-9700. She's a great helper.

Photo at top courtesy of Tom Ford; swatch photo by Best Things in Beauty


hytrud said...

Where did you put it? On the areas of your face that you mentioned? Did you wear it over your foundation and did you wear it during the day time? Or, at night time? I can see wearing a light coat on my shoulders, neck & arms when I wear a off the shoulder top or dress any time of the year, especially a beautiful fluffy sweater with leggings. I look forward to trying it too now since I love off the shoulder clothes.

Charlestongirl said...

Trud, I wore it the first time down the bridge of my nose, over my lips Cupid's bow, and under my brows.