Monday, February 6, 2012

VENeffect Skin Care - The Powerful Secret of the Venus Effect

A little-known scientific phenomenon, virtually unexplored by the beauty industry, is now being shared with a breakthrough skin-care line developed by women, for women. Rebecca Booth, MD, a nationally recognized gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert, and Cecil Booth, her sister and a 20-year beauty industry veteran, share a mission to enlighten women about the relationship between beauty and hormones. They have spent the past seven years developing a line of skin-care products that reverse the physical signs of hormonal aging and restore a healthy, desirable female glow.

"We developed VENeffect with one simple goal: to preserve and restore the feminine aesthetic," said Dr. Booth."There is an undeniable and well-documented link between estrogen and collagen. The influence of estrogen wanes from its peak in our twenties, collagen declines, resulting in a loss of elasticity and increase in fine lines and wrinkles in our skin." VENeffect Skin Care is designed to infuse the skin with the healthy glow of peak feminine hormonal vitality - a phenomenon the sisters call the "Venus Effect."

The sisters discovered their solution in the plant world. VENeffect gets its potency from 100% natural phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant-based “mimics” of human estrogen that safely and effectively bind to the receptors in the skin, preserving and restoring collagen, dramatically increasing elasticity and reversing the signs of hormonal aging. Dr. Booth explained, "The small molecular size of phytoestrogens allows them to easily penetrate facial skin and bind with estrogen receptors in the dermis and epidermis." Unlike anti-aging products that are designed to exfoliate dead skin (for example, retinol), VENeffect restores the vital effect of collagen to dramatically improve the glow of healthy skin.

VENeffect products are formulated with additional ingredients that offer anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to provide the best in modern skin care. Five new VENeffect products are available: two moisturizers, one for day with SPF xx and one for night, along with eye and lip treatments. The prices range from $85 to $185. The new products are available at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie and Tysons Galleria.

I haven't had an opportunity to try the new skin care, and, unfortunately, I'll miss a "media breakfast" this week because I must work on weekdays. Once I get my hands on some VENeffect samples, I'll let you know what I think. I'm definitely intrigued by the premise underlying the actions of VENeffect. Skin-care lines come and go. This one offers a message that could resonate with women over 30. I think that's exciting.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Rosie Reeves said...

I think VENeffect will be really helpful in keeping skin healthy and young. Many studies have shown that estrogen increases skin thickness, capillary blood flow, collagen content, certain proteins and water content.

Charlestongirl said...

I hope so, Rosie! I am looking forward to trying it.

Kathryn Winston said...

I just got it at Neiman Marcus and I completely love it! I'm 49 perimenapausal with crows feet and forehead lines and today I can hardly see either. It's a little thick for daytime so I may need to get the lighter moisterizer. Thank heaven this may be my solution sans botox.

Anonymous said...

I need to write a review for this product because this product is quite new and doesn't have many reviews yet. I have used VENEffect moisturizer for about 2 months now and LOVE it. I am probably going to get their eye cream next. I don't have to use a lot for each application so this product will last a while (maybe 6 months). I have used it morning and evening and I think i see that my skin has improved. The pores are less visible and just the skin just looks more youthful. For those who are on the fence, I will say go for it.