Sunday, February 2, 2014

Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer Enhancing Fluid #13 from the Spring 2014 Effetto Nudo Collection

I love Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheers - I have from the first introductions years ago. I always have to have every single color - even the ones that don't look like naturals for me. They are magical! As you might imagine, then, the newest innovation, Fluid Sheer Enhancing Fluid (#13, $62), enticed me.

Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment, enriched with kaleidoscopic pearls, is used to enhance the complexion on the cheekbones or to blend with foundation for a warmed and radiant complexion or as an eye shadow primer - even an eye shadow, blusher, and bronzer, depending on the shade. It's an amazing multitasker. The #13 color effect travels from pink to gold depending on the angle of the light, for a sculpting, luminous effect. The new shade is translucent and universal, bringing to the complexion a soft, delicate radiance and a healthy glow.

The first thing I noticed when it arrived from Armani Beauty (I purchased it on the Web site), was that it was a pearly white - rather than a very light golden beige, as shown in the press photo above. That didn't matter to me. As I said, I purchase every Fluid Sheer shade.

On my skin, #13 applies as an almost white shade - like milk - but when blended, it takes on the tones of my skin, which I find totally amazing. I could see a teeny tiny bit of pink-peach and a bit of gold in #13 once I blended it. Still, it retained its pearly finish, yielding a grand, radiant color on my skin.

My swatch photos were terrible. You know me: I'm always trying to capture subtleties with my camera. I took my photos in full, mid-day sunshine, and many were washed out. I applied a droplet straight from the pump dispenser at the top of my arm and another on my finger, which I then used to blend the color into my skin in a larger swatch below. I snapped one photo that I was willing to publish.

Isn't it miraculous how a white droplet can blend to a pearly gold? I think Mr. Armani is the only designer who can expertly make transparent fabrics and makeup that move and morph with the light.

I rejected the rest of my swatch photos, and I won't be able to pull of a re-do. The sky looks like snow, which is predicted for the overnight and morning hours. I have had it with clouds and snow, and it's only the first of February. Today, I had hoped to get the spring Chantecaille photos taken. It's not going to happen. At least I have swatch photos of the new Rouge d'Armani Sheers that I'll be able to show you tomorrow. I hope you won't be bored by the time I can get swatch photos of all my new treasures.

Last weekend, the collection was not available at my local Neiman Marcus. By now, I'd be surprised it you can't find it at all Armani Beauty counters. If you are hunkered down at home, you can always purchase from the collection at the Armani Beauty Web site - like I did.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty: other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Suzannem80 said...

I saw the collection at my Saks counter this weekend. I played with this fluid sheer, the belladonna highlighter and two of the lip sheers. I walked away with nothing. Everything was too nude for me to justify the expense. The SA did tell me that the next collection fro GA will be good though, and that it will include a new Maestro Blush formula with the dropper applicator! That sounds like a winner to me!

A Delicate Rosie Beauty said...

This is beautiful! Which do you prefer, the Belladonna highlighting palette or this fluid sheer?

bisbee said...

Waiting to see your swatches of the lipsticks - holding off ordering until then!

Makeupremastered said...

This is a stunner!-I wanted to purchase it but a Selfridges did not seem to get the fluid sheer from this collection.-I also love them dearly and even have the yellow as I think u do!

Gauri said...

This looks beautiful :)

saw said...

This one is really truly gorgeous in person and I can see why it is very hard to take a picture of it. It has very pretty multi colored sheen to it which offers a subtle effect. Have you tried mixing it with foundation too? It should also look lovely that way.

Evelyn said...

It's like a bit of shimmering sunshine on the water on a summer's day (can you tell I'm tired of the snow in NYC already?). I have yet to buy a fluid sheer but I'll have to take a better look at them.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a Face of the day with this new flash lacquer ? I don't know if I really want it for that !

Thank you Sara