Saturday, February 4, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor in Sultry Caramel for Spring 2012

There are three Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColors ($28) on Estée Lauder's Spring 2012 display. I love the formula, and I decided after swatching them at Bloomingdale's that I "needed" #02, Sultry Caramel ($28). I think you'll see below why Sultry Caramel jumped into my arms (and shopping bag).

The three shades of Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor for spring are Sultry Caramel, Sensuous Nude, and Sublime Nectar (limited edition). They offer addictive, natural shades of golden bronze, seductive natural, and soft coral that deliver a "new sensation in lip color." Even though the spring press release claims all three shades are new, and the sales woman swore that to be the case, I purchased Sensuous Nude last summer.

The patent-pending, world-first Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor formula fuses a creamy, luscious outer shell with a liquefied core in a lip-loving elixir with True-Vision color technology to create an unprecedented, luxurious sensation for the lips. My lips love this succulent, voluptuous formula that drenches them in shine and moisture. I can wear this lipstick alone or top it with Pure Color Gloss - or any gloss - for added shine.

In an interview, Tom Pecheux said that wearing Sensuous Rouge "is almost like wearing a matte lipstick on the contours of the lips and a very creamy lipstick in the center so it creates a very sensual look to the lips. The center of your lips will appear moist, yet the color won't run, and the strong shell of the lip color is going to help contour and provide the best shape to the lips." He said that if you want to achieve a more subtle look with just a touch of color, you should apply it with your finger and tap the color around your lips to make the color more transparent. When you want to create more of a statement lip, you should use a lip pencil in addition to the lip color to reach perfection. I find using it directly from the tube without a liner (low maintenance) makes my lips look and feel fabulous.

The patented process of "core within core technology" delivers two high-performing formulas with one swipe.
  • Shell - firm, pigment-rich shell provides an easy application to highlight the curves of the lips
  • Core - jellied, glossy core boosts shine and moisture
Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor contains an exotic blend of fruit extracts, including red raspberry seed oil, passionfruit, and murumuru and shea butters, to ensure your lips feel nice and moist. It has a subtle warm vanilla scent. For those who didn't appreciate the fig scent carried by Estée Lauder lip colors, there's a new option. I think I prefer the fig, but I can ignore the vanilla because the lipstick looks great and feels good, and the scent dissipates quickly.

There's brown lipstick, and then there's brown. Some browns are enormously flattering on me; some aren't. Sultry Caramel falls on the flattering end of the brown spectrum. It has a lot going on in its color.

One late afternoon about a week ago, I was able to get swatch photos in late-afternoon sun. They accurately portray Sultry Caramel on my skin. It's brown, with a touch of bronze and peach, and a fabulous, light-reflecting gleam. Add the light rose pigment in my lips, and the shade is a flattering, brilliant brown on me.

I find Sensuous Rouge Lipstick colors to be lively. That's probably because of the light-catching pearls in the formula, said to create a luminous finish. The coverage is medium, and the wear is excellent. I think you'll like the finish and feel.

Pure Color Sensuous Rouge LipColor is available at the Estée Lauder Web site and all Estée Lauder counters. Look for the spring display.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

What a pretty copper brown color! Back in the day, when my hair was still a deep seal brown, I loved colors like this. Now that my hair is predominantly silver around the face, I can only admire such beauties on other women such as you. (sigh) It's a really gorgeous sunset color, Charelstongirl, and looks lovely with your skin tone. Lucky you :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I'm surprised you can't wear this shade. My hair is so light, it might as well be silver.

BTW, I spent some money yesterday on TT. Would never had looked if you hadn't been so excited. I'll show the colors in a week or so.

Eileen said...

Hi Charlestongirl,,

I'm looking forward to seeing what you got from TT. The quality of the products I purchased was a very pleasant surprise. I'll be following her line from now on--so long as she doesn't start covering everything with pink crystals again! LOL

Charlestongirl said...

Agreed, Eileen. Any veering back to tacky-land, I'm outta there.

Leigh said...

That really is a lovely shade. You're making me take a second look at Estee Lauder under Tom Pecheux.

Charlestongirl said...

Leigh, I think Tom Pecheux has revolutionized the brand. He has been a shot in the arm to the once-aging EL, making a lot of the items must-haves. Try these lipsticks. Even if you don't like Sultry Caramel, there are other stunning shades.

Leigh said...

Charlestongirl, I will have to! This would be the first shell-core lipstick I've tried.

Calicoaster said...

The shade looks lovely...I love Estee lauder pure color lipcolors and this one sounds pretty good...thanks for such a wonderful review!! :)

Kelly said...

Have you tried this lipstick with the Armani copper eye pencil? I'll bet it's beautiful.
Of course our EL counter doesn't have the Spring collection (maybe a few months!) And it's 75 degrees down here in Hilton Head!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, calicoaster!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kelly, no I haven't. I would imagine the combo is gorgeous. :)

It's cold and damp here - but no snow, so I'm happy. :)