Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shiseido Spring 2012 Looks by Dick Page

There are three Shiseido looks for Spring 2012 - all by the master artist Dick Page, and all gorgeous. Deep Metallic, Cool Pinks, and Electric Blue all offer something special. At least one element (or more) of each look appeals to me.

Dick Page calls the Deep Metallic look, shown above, a fun, rich, monochrome look with warm, deep metallic detail on both lips and eyes. To create the look, start with Luminizing Satin Face Color in your own shade across the cheeks. Page used Orchid (RD401) on the model, along with High Beam White (WT905) just under the cheekbone. Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Techno Gold (GD803) the new Sunshower (OR313) were blended seamlessly on the eyelid and inner corner. The upper lash line was defined with Sable (BR709) using a fine brush.

The model's warm, rich lips were created with the new Butterscotch (BR317) Shimmering Rouge. The lashes were the finishing touch in the new Perfect Mascara Full Definition in Black. I would love to recreate this look on my own face.

The Cool Pinks look is one I'd have to duplicate selectively. While it looks gorgeous on the model, those pink eyes would make me look like an albino bunny. Page described the look as "A fun, fresh, luminous makeup. Cool pinks on the eyes and lips, lit up by white highlights."

The base for the look was Luminizing Satin Face Color in Carnation (PK304). As with the Deep Metallic look, High Beam White (WT905) was used just under the cheekbone. Shimmering Cream Eye Colors were layered, starting with the new Pale Shell (PK314) on the upper eyelid and crease, with Magnolia (PK302) applied deep in the crease, and the Shimmery Mist (WT901) applied up to the brow bones and in the inner corners.

The new Sorbet (PK315) Shimmering Rouge adorns the lips. Of course, the new Perfect Mascara Full Definition in Black was used to finish the look.

The Electric Blues look is a "fun, elegant take on a classic combination of pink and blue." The "blue is light and clear, the pink is deepened to lustrous violet," according to Page.

For this look, Page used Luminizing Satin Face Color in Tea Rose (RS302) in an oval shape across the cheeks. The cheekbones were highlighted with Soft Beam Gold (BE206). The model's eyes were decorated with Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Ice (BL215) on the upper lid up to the crease and on the lower lash line. Angel (BL711) was used on the upper and lower lash lines, as well as on the corner of the eyes in a crescent shape. Her eyes were completed with Perfect Mascara Full Definition in Black.

The divine lip color is Shimmering Rouge in a new shade, Venus (RS619). A lip liner was used for additional definition.

What do you think? You can find all of the new products at Shiseido's Web site, where shipping is free with a purchase of $50 or more. You can also find the colors - new and "old" at Sephora. I've put my wish list together.

Photos courtesy of Shiseido


Leigh said...

All three rouges look marvelous.

Charlestongirl said...

I just ordered from the collection. Couldn't resist! Wish the VIB NARS gift has not sold out.

Leigh said...

Which shades did you get? I really want Butterscotch, but it doesn't seem to be up on Sephora.

Dustyn said...

Not a fan. That said I am using the mascara right now and it's pretty awesome.

Clarisse said...

Lovely looks as usual with Shiseido, I think they spell Spring perfectly! Difficult to choose only one shade, I'll have to buy several....I've already bought the new mascara and it's great (yessss, we had the products last week here, unusal..isn't it?)
I'm biased as you know, I'm a faithful fan of Shiseido (both skincare and make-up: they are gorgeous!)
Have a lovely day:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh! They do. Had to seriously limit my order. Maybe I should say my first order. I didn't order Butterscotch. Oddly, if you search on it at Sephora, the page will come up, but it's not listed. I'll bet Nordstrom has it.

Charlestongirl said...


What do you like about the mascara?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

Finally! A collection you got at the same time we did. :)

BB said...

I'm quite taken by these; never tried Shiseido...but it looks like I'm tempted to now. thank you :)

Dustyn said...

@Charlestongirl - It's got a great deal of volume and wakes up the eye - it holds the curl really well too and doesn't weigh the lashes down. I've received two samples from my local Shiseido counter as well as receiving a makeover from them and so far so good :-) photo of lashes - here

Lily said...

Dustyn- I agree! I work for Shiseido and I'm so happy I can finally tell the truth about what mascara I'm wearing, haha. It doesn't have the strong smell like the perfect mascara and doesn't clump!