Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Tickled Pinks Collection by Ken Downing for Spring 2012

Ken Downing has a gift for forecasting what women will want before we know it. Then he creates demand! In 2011, Downing chose "Koral," also known as tangerine, Pantone's selection for the 2012 Color of the Year, for Le Métier de Beauté's spring/summer collection. For Spring 2012, Ken Downing is thinking pink - "haute pink," for his Tickled Pinks Collection for Le Métier de Beauté.

"My pink inspiration was a melding of the beautiful shades and chiffon floral prints that made a strong showing on the spring runways of [fashion designers] Christoper Kane, Erdem (stunning sun dress shown above), and Jonathan Saunders. London really was a spectacular fashion moment with the most gorgeous prints of the season curated in the eclectic and often eccentric way that only an English garden is curated."

These gorgeous fashions were paired with fresh, feminine makeup in - what else - pink! "I love the combination of lightly bronzed skin and sheer, but saturated pink makeup. That became the foundation for my spring collection with Le Métier de Beauté."

Downing's Tickled Pink Collection takes the English rose downtown. Lips and nails revel in richly saturated, subversive pinks. To achieve the look, begin with Snappy Dragon Nail Lacquer ($18), a knockout hot pink for nails shown at the top of this feature. Paired with the tribal prints that came pounding down Burberry's runways, the look is "floral fierce." Next, layer on the gloss in sheer, saturated hues. A petal pink Lip Crème ($36) packs a punch in the not-so-subtle Two Lips. Complete the look with Mum's the Word, a hot pink Sheer Brilliance ($32) gloss. While the shades look very similar in the photos above, Two Lips is the lighter one (if you can see the difference).

The collection will be available at Neiman Marcus,, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Photos courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté


Jo said...

I've already ordered mine! Can't wait to get them. I'm a little concerned that the nail polich isn't really "me" (it might be too bright) but I'm going to give it a go anyway. Thanks!

mkdallas said...

I just ordered these lippies...I'm a little worried about the color intensity, as the Lip Cremes can be a tad frosty. I'm hoping I don't look like a middle-aged porn star wannabe, lol. I do love LMDB, though, and there products are usually lovely, so I have faith!

Dovey said...

Oh my goodness, the colors are beautiful and the names are even better (Snappy Dragon especially). It looks like Two-lips is leaning a little coral? I'm currently looking for an orange-toned gloss, and may have to seek this out in store :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo!

It will be a bright polish, but you'll be very fashionable!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Mkdallas! I sincerely doubt you'll look like a middle-aged porn star.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dovey,

They sure look like they lean coral to me. I haven't had the privilege of seeing them in person yet.