Monday, April 30, 2012

Natura Bissé Eye Recovery Balm

Natura Bissé's new Eye Recovery Balm ($95) has quickly established itself as an essential in my skin-care routine. I'm an eye treatment "enthusiast." I prefer that term to other terms that suggest a dependency requiring intervention, even though those other terms may be appropriate here. This ultra-restorative treatment is fabulous.

Our eyes give away our thoughts, mood, and yes, unfortunately, age. The first telltale signs of aging often appear with fine lines around the eyes. While those lines don't terrify me (no Botox for me, thank you), I do prefer to minimize them and keep the fragile skin around my eyes looking refreshed and young.

When I had my wonderful Natura Bissé oxygen facial in February, I was introduced to Eye Recovery Balm by Michael Ann Guthrie, the National Director of Sales. Subsequently, she sent me a much larger sample, so I've been using this wonderful eye balm for about two months. That's plenty of time to see (and feel) results. Michael Ann knows that my skin is ultra-sensitive, and she knew I'd "take to" the NB•CEUTICAL line, which is tailored to sensitive skin - a pro-tolerance and intensive recovery solution. The product line contains protective and recuperative ingredients to help the skin increase its tolerance to internal and external elements and enhance recovery when affected. NB•CEUTICAL products are allergen-free and paraben-free.

Eye Recovery Balm contains a rejuvenating peptide complex formulated with state-of-the-art ingredients that visibly soften expression lines and wrinkles while strengthening the skin around the eye contour area and increasing elasticity. It soothes the skin through Sensorphine, a neuropeptide that provides immediate relief to the eye contour area and strengthens the skin's own self-defense mechanisms.

The formula also contains decongestant agents, such as a biotechnology extract rich in Vitamin PP that contains anti-fatigue properties; sugar extract from biofermented Zea Mays, which helps the eye area look rested; soothing and anti-stress ingredients, such as Allantoin, a-Bisabolol, d-Panthenol, and organic aloe vera, all of which improve the resilience of the eye contour area and prevent itching, tightness, and irritation. There are also anti-free radical ingredients, such as Betaine and Vitamins E and F that keep the skin hydrated, soft, and protected throughout the day.

I love everything about Eye Recovery Balm, from the way it feels, to the way it keeps my eye area looking moist and hydrated, to the pump-top container that dispenses exactly the right amount for an application. It's definitely a keeper - one I'd highly recommend. The balm actually looks like a thick balm, not a cream, but it absorbs quickly, preparing the way for makeup.

You can purchase Natura Bissé's Eye Recovery Balm online or at Natura Bissé counters, such as Neiman Marcus or SPACE.NK.

Photo courtesy of Natura Bissé


Eileen said...

I'll have to give this one a try. I purchased a Natura Bissé eye product last year and was very impressed with it. The only negative was the pump. It dispensed entirely too much product which meant taking a great deal of care when dispensing the cream so as not to waste it. It sounds like they've improved the calibration on this one. The next time I'm at at Neiman's I'll take a look. Like you, I am an "eye treatment 'enthusiast'" :-)

Nemo said...

So, which do you prefer, the Natura Bisse or the Dr. Perricone Acyl-Gluthathione eye serum you featured recently? Which does the better job?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I love it. I'm so glad Michael Ann introduced me to it. I've had frustrating pumps on products before. This one works well. :)

Charlestongirl said...

I use them simultaneously, Nemo. Serum first followed by Eye Recovery Balm (or an eye cream).

Nemo said...

Also, Cg, it sounds like the Dr. P is more for the eyelid, and the NB for the eye contour. Nice combo. And, while not cheap, certainly not pricey, either.

Anonymous said...

Does this help with under eye bags? I'm forever searching for a product that will help with mine. I'm in my early 40's but my bags make me look much older. I know surgery is my best option, but I'm not ready for that! I would really like a product that helps improve this even just a little! Nothing ever seems to help Thanks!!

Charlestongirl said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous, you are correct. The only real cure for bags is surgery to remove the fat cells that have succumbed to gravity. If it's fluid, take an ice pack (plastic bag) of baby peas, cover your eyes with gauze for protection, and let those super-cold peas sink into your eye contour for 20 minutes. That helps with edema.

Sleep on your back if you can, with your head elevated.

Product-wise, look for creams with caffeine or other vasoconstrictors.