Monday, April 9, 2012

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes

I am a total pushover for cream eye shadows, so imagine my delight when I saw Tom Ford's limited-edition Cream Color for Eyes ($40). I did hesitate before I hit the purchase button.  The price is high. Now that I've had a chance to wear my new cream shadows, I've forgotten the price.

These eye shadows will warm your eyes with glistening metals that create a molten look on the eyelids. This highly reflective, ultra-pigmented formula combines advanced color technology with antioxidant ingredients to deliver pure, luminous color and an ultra-smooth finish that is non-creasing and long-wearing.

There are four shades. Without seeing these beauties in person, I had to guess. At the time I ordered, I didn't have the privilege of seeing The Beauty Look Book's swatches of Platinum and Spice (Spice is not the right shade for me). So, I selected Platinum and Gilt. I love silver and gold shadows. I figured I couldn't go wrong. Interestingly, Platinum is unlike any platinum I've ever seen. When you think of platinum, don't you think of jewelry? Do you have a hard time distinguishing between white gold and platinum? That's normal. Tom Ford's Platinum doesn't look like either one. For an eye shadow, it's better!

Here's a photo of my two shades, side by side. Platinum on the left is molten taupe. Does it get much better? Gilt is gold, as I expected. Both are stunning on my eyes (she says with delirious happiness).

I took my photos in full sun. I applied both shadows to my arm with a cream shadow brush. I did not blend out the swatches, but instead left them with full-on color to show you the shades. Again, sorry about my skinny arms and prominent veins. Despite them, the photo showed the shades well.

I feel like shouting, "Taupe loves unite!" I do not have a metallic shadow the color of Platinum at the top of my arm. Could it be more beautiful? That's not to say that Gilt is shabby. It's gorgeous. Gilt has a slight antique cast to it, just enough to tame it down and make it work for all skin tones.

The texture of these shadows is divine. They appear whipped in the pot, and they behaves that way too. The blend out to a sheer veil of metallic color - unique and flattering. Oddly the pots have a clear sticker over the TF logo.  What's that about? I haven't tried to peel it off yet, but I intend to. It makes my $40 eye shadows look less appealing than they are.

Here's my bottom line. If you are a cream eye shadow fan, like me, and if you can spare the $40, you must try one of Tom Ford's Cream Color for Eyes. I think they are amazing. I'm curious why they are limited editions, but that means you should buy now if you are interested. You can find them at select Neiman Marcus stores (Saks too, I think), and at Neiman Marcus online, where shipping is free.

Photo at top courtesy of Neiman Marcus; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Evelyn said...

I saw Sabrina's swatches and ordered Platinum straight away! It's a bit like platinum melted into some milk chocolate. lol It looks like a glowy nude on my skin and perfectly lovely as you move your head the tone changes with the light almost as if I shaded one part of my eye but left a glow over my iris. Ok, back to reality!

Yes that sticker is odd, I don't see why his initials were not engraved on the top. Stickers are cheap and don't belong on $40 eyeshadow.

Eileen said...

TF's eye shadows (creams and quads) are costly, but he always gives you much more product than his competitors. So, if you like the colors and know you'll be using them often, they are quite a bargain. Or, at least I keep telling myself that as my collection continues to grow ;-)

I bought Spice and the daring Illicit. With my dark, warm green eyes, Spice can work for day or night depending on my application technique. Illicit, though, is definitely for night time drama. As part of an espresso smoky eye, it makes my eyes look intensely green. So, using my "amount of use criteria", I'd say Spice is a bargain and Illicit is a splurge--but one I just couldn't resist.

By the way, I understand Platinum makes a beauitful base for other shadows. I've seen a couple tutorials now that use it that way. Karla Sugar's most recent TF makeup application (3/21/12) uses Platinum as a base for Cognac Sable. It looks both sultry and sophisticated.

Apropos the sticker, I think it's pretty obvious that there was a production snafu with the packaging and that a slap-dash sticker was added as a quick fix so that the product could launch on schedule. All the other TF packaging is so lovely; that seems the only logical explanation. I'm sure the perfectionist, Mr. Ford, was not happy about it. It probably would have been better to simply forego his logo this time around, but the egoist, Mr. Ford, was probably even less happy with that idea! LOL Hopefully, there will be more of these beautiful creams released and the problem will have been resolved.

TheDiversePhD said...

I am so tempted, so very tempted to get one of these although $40 is quite steep for one little jar. Well having said that I really want one, but I'll have to pick the one that best suits me :) Love your swatches.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, these look beautiful, especially Platinum. May I ask how it compares, color and performance wise, to Bobbi Brown's Smoky Topaz? Thanks for yet another wonderful review - and creating expensive lemmings, lol!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone!

No time tonight for personal replies. Mom wasn't doing well yesterday and today, none of her docs could see her today, so I took her to the ER. You can imagine how long that took. I got her there around 3:30 and out at 9:00. Then I had to get her home, back inside, and put to bed without help. Help finally arrived to spend the night, and I got home about 9:30ish. Had to finish the Guerlain feature I had started.

I will respond to all tomorrow. Thanks for being the best readers in the world.

Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, I do hope your mom is doing much better now. The ER can be so traumatic for all concerned. As much as we love your replies, we certainly understand that you have a full and rich life aside from your excellent blog; so hopefully you're taking a bit of time to de-stress.

Evelyn said...

Oh dear! ERs are my worst nightmare, the endless waiting.
I hope your mom will be ok and both of you resting easily.

canosf said...

Sorry about your mom, I hope she is doing better by now. I know what is a night waiting for a doctor.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, all. She got a shot yesterday that should help her with the anemia. I am taking her to her doctor Friday. She is not doing well. Doesn't want to eat. This happened once years ago, and all her metabolites got out of whack. Don't want to go through that again. She had to be hospitalized that time.

The ER doc called her last night to follow up. Very sweet. Almost unheard of!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to be responding so late to this, but I just read about your mother - my thoughts are with you and her both.