Thursday, July 19, 2012

NARS Fall 2012 Color Collection

Designed by NARS founder and Creative Director François Nars, the NARS Fall 2012 Color Collection features a blend of bold, modern shades and celestial shimmers. For the campaign, Nars chose to photograph iconic '90s supermodel Kristen McMenamy. Having worked with Kristen in the past and for his first book, X-Ray, he felt that her beautiful, often otherworldly look completely epitomized the fall collection.

The Fall 2012 Color Collection is at once bold and breathtaking: Icy shimmer enhances modern colors to create a stunning, ethereal effect. Eyes are piercing in smoky jewel tones accented with lavender and amethyst sparkle. Skin glows subtly in nearly nude pink with a whisper of silver. Lips are strong in striking metallics or soft in warm brandy and rose shades. Grey nails lend final sophistication to a look that’s exhilarating, evocative, and, as always, strictly NARS.

To achieve the makeup look featured in the campaign image, Kristen’s skin was perfected with Siberia Sheer Matte Foundation and set with Snow Loose Powder to create an immaculate complexion. Next, the Undress Me Multiple was applied to the hollows of her cheeks and blended toward the temples with fingertips.

Kristen’s top and bottom lashes were thickly lined in Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil. Next, the entire lid was colored in with the pencil in a half moon shape, from the lash line to the base of the brow bone and out towards the temple. The pencil color was then blended with a fingertip to create a smooth base. Next, the iridescent amethyst shade of High Society Trio Eyeshadow was applied to the lid and the color extended to the brow bone and towards the outer corner of the brow. The edge of this shade was blended into the lavender shade of High Society Trio Eyeshadow, then both sides of Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow were combined and applied to the lower lash line atop Black Moon. The eyes were lined with Via Veneto Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner and finished with two coats of Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara.

Kristen’s lips were lined and filled in with cinnamon Papua Lip Liner Pencil, blended for a softer effect, and topped with Belize Lip Gloss. Storm Bird Nail Polish on her nails completed the look.

Here are photos of the items that I ordered from the NARS Web site. They became available on July 14. I had hoped they would arrive today, but they didn't. Undress Me ($39), shown above, is nearly nude pink with silver shimmer. This Multiple can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips - anywhere a luminous glow is desired. "Dare to go bare," says NARS. I will, just as soon as I receive mine.

Vent Glacé ($34), French for “icy wind,” is the name of this intriguing Duo Eyeshadow, which features a stormy combination of platinum and silver smoke. Wear each shade solo, layered, or one as a base and the other as a highlighter for a seductive, shimmering effect.

There's another piece that caught my eye, Outlaw Blush ($28), but I haven't ordered it - yet. I'd love to see it first. Swatches will do. It's described as a soft rose-tone blush laced with golden shimmer for a dangerously alluring flush. It looks gorgeous. I'll be looking for it, although I'm completely bummed that the closest Neiman Marcus is deep-sixing the counter.

Here's a Q&A with François Nars - all about fall.

What is the mood of the Fall 2012 Color Collection?
Sophisticated, modern, edgy… It’s perhaps an unexpected mix of colors and textures that together signal a fresh new take on fall color.

What are the must-have products for fall?
The Trio Eyeshadow, definitely. High Society is the centerpiece of the collection and supplies countless looks. I also love the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil because it’s the perfect marriage of lipstick and gloss: great color and super-moisturizing, but not ever sticky. The new shade, More, is an extremely flattering auburn that will look good on everyone. And, of course, the Undress Me Multiple - it’s a beautiful color and really a multifunctional product.

Lavender shimmer seems, at first glance, more of a spring or summery shade. How do you make it appropriate for fall?
The pairing of lavender with forest green absolutely takes it from a warm weather color to one appropriate for cooler seasons. Also, since it’s a shimmer, there’s an icy quality to it that I equate with cooler temperatures. I’ve always felt strongly that there should be few rules when it comes to makeup, and this is a good example of that philosophy. Lavender shimmer can be worn beautifully any time of the year.

The new Undress Me Multiple is gorgeous. Can you suggest some ways to use it?
All our Multiples can be worn on eyes, cheeks, and lips, under and over foundation, and pretty much any other way you can imagine. Undress Me, in particular, is beautiful in the hollow of the cheeks. It also makes a wonderful highlighter for brow and cheekbones, as well as a glowing base for eyes and lip color.

Here is the High Society trio he mentioned. Three aristocratic shades - lavender, matte forest green, and iridescent amethyst - can be mixed and matched to create a near limitless range of options. Wear each alone or use one as base, another to highlight, and the third as a liner. NARS advertises this trio as a social season’s worth of posh looks in one compact. With the exception of the green, the High Society shades are not my colors. Are they yours?

Take a look at the full collection photo near the top of this feature. Is there a color or piece you must have?

Photos courtesy of NARS


bisbee said...

I've been looking at these items since the first pictures appeared. The shadow duo looks lovely...but for some reason, I'm not drawn to it. The trio, on the other hand, looks like it might find it's way to me - those are actually my colors, although I don't usually wear purple or lavendar on my eyes. I probably should, since my eyes are more green than hazel, and those shades make them look even more green.

The multiple doesn't do a thing for me - I have a few highlighters that I rarely use, so I don't think I want another. The lipstick and the Velvet Gloss pencil intrigue me as well...we'll see! And finally, love the polish, but I already have several dark grey polishes, so I'll pass.

Eileen said...

I realize Kristen's picture is an art shot, and as such, it is interesting. As a promo shot for a makeup collection, though, it strikes me as kind of creepy--especially the finger in her mouth. My husband said it looked like she was licking her fingers clean after devouring someone's brain. Oh, dear! I really don't mind edgy or artsy pictures. Illamasqua and MAC often feature over-the-top, face-as-canvas types of shots, but they work because they are so highly fictionalized. This one by Nars just looks weird to me and doesn't inspire me. I know, that just sounds so negative :-(

The concept of putting a pale silvery pink in the hollows of the cheeks is novel. Have you tried doing that? How does it look? I have strong cheekbones and like emphasizing them so I'm not sure I grasp how this concept works. I love Nars Multiples, though, and will have to go take a look--if I can get the brain-eating zombie image out of my mind! Thank you for that, dear husband of mine! LOL

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

A lot of these shades are kind of iffy to me...the eyeshadow duo is a bit too frosty for my liking. The Multiple too glittery...the trio might be nice. Overall, seems like a so-so collection

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bisbee!

I think that Multiple will have a limited audience. I just heard it's very sparkly. Mine still didn't come. Not today either. Disappointed at how long it has taken to arrive.

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Eileen, your husband is spot-on. It is creepy.

I wish my Multiple would come. Then I'll know how that hollows thing looks on a real person in real lighting. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Becca, I only ordered two things, which ought to tell you something. :) I may end up with the blush. We'll see. NARS makeup is often a bit too edgy for my conservative tastes.

abbygal said...

This is why I follow you! Our coloring and makeup choices are so similar! I ordered the multiple and the duo too. I was expecting to see it today also, hopefully we'll both be able to play tomorrow :)

Laci said...

I ordered High Society the 12th and I'm still waiting on it. And I live 90 minutes away from where it ships. The tracking info hasn't updated for a week and I called CS today and they were less than helpful.

I'm kind of annoyed right now and may send my stuff back.

Giovanni_Rocco said...

I can't wait to play with this colors. Everything looks so beautiful. I am going to buy the trio for sure!