Monday, July 2, 2012

Route des Indes de Chanel from the Bombay Express de Chanel Collection for Summer 2012

Posting this feature was a challenge, but I think I'm making progress. I have no Internet connection at home. I cannot post from my iPad, and my WiFi is barely functional because of all the cellular outages. So, I went to a friend's house. Her operating system is so old, I couldn't use Blogger! Now I'm at a neighbor's, and so far, so good. This is going to have to be a short feature.

Chanel's Routes des Indes de Chanel ($80) from the Bombay Express de Chanel Collection for Summer 2012 is a stunner. It's much nicer than many of the other Chanel gold highlighters I've purchased in recent years.

This golden powder highlights cheekbones and eyelids with an iridescent touch. An embossed motif recreates the brocade pattern from an Indian-inspired collection created by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1960s. It comes with its own brush, but you will get a better application with your own. Of course, the brush has its own little velveteen pouch.

I took my swatch photos in full, morning sun. I applied the highlighter heavily at the top of my arm with a sponge-tipped applicator. I used a dense blush brush to apply the larger swatch below.

I love the color and shine of this gold! It applies evenly with no effort, and it has real color - unlike some other gold highlighting powders I have. I think it was a good purchase.

This has been a difficult feature to post, but I really wanted to show you Route des Indes. Now, I'd love to go over and help restore power  to Verizon. I'll write up my adventures as soon as I get my Internet connection back.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Rads said...

Thanks a lot for posting these swatches..the highlighter is beautiful!

I hope the power/internet issue gets sorted out soon.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Rads! This primitive living is getting old in a hurry. Today, for reasons I'll explain later in my adventure post, it took me 1.5 hours round trip to get Mom's breakfast.

Then, this feature took over two hours with all the miscues.

I really like this highlighter. Unlike some of the golds, it has pigment - real color! Very nice, although pricy.

Nemo said...


CGirl said...

Beautiful pictures! I'd love it as an eyeshadow, but not sure about a highlighter for me. Thank you for your committment to getting a post up! Your devotion is amazing.

time4beauty said...

It is so beautiful!

Charlestongirl said...

Sorry for the typos! I'll fix them when I can.

Tatiana said...

I thought about you and wondered if you had power after I heard about the storms that powered through the east coast. Here's hoping power and internet are restored quickly for all who have outages.
I really, really, really love this in the compact. But since I haven't seen it in person I'm reluctant to order something this expensive on-line. I just think it might be skewed too young for me to pull it off. It really is beautiful though.

Nancy Pierson said...

I purchased this last week with the Blush and Polish. After much deliberation I sent back the gold powder this morning. I did not care for it applied on me. I have Or from Byzance and I really like that one better then this one. I felt this one was too frosty. No doubt it is Beautiful but once applied it was not for me. Glad to see your post because I wanted to see what you thought I am usually on the same wave as you.

Walls said...

Glad to see that you're back in business, Charlestongirl. I hope your mom is doing well, too. Keep well and thanks for sharing!

Nemo said...

Check out Le Metier de beaute is no longer one of the beauty brands listed on the site. What gives?

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

rumor has it i will actually make it to the chanel counter tomorrow- maybe even twice!

keeping you and mama in our thoughts :) and prayers ;)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone, one group response fro me. I still have no Internet service, and I'm likely to lose this comment mid-stream.

I know nothing about the Bobmay Express Collection hitting Chanel counters, but stranger things have happened. :)

LMdB off Saks? Really? I'll look when I get to work.

I wouldn't call Routes young. I will wear it, and only a 90-year old would call me young.

Mom went to someone's big house yesterday. She is cool and clean. I'm glad. I'm hoping her power will return soon. Since she lives in an area with larger lots, she always seems to get power last. The way they prioritize restoration? Go for the most customers with each task.

I plan to put up a feature later todaty's from work. I will announce the contest winner and start the next contest if I can squeeze in the time. Life sure feels different! Fairly primitive. Foraging for food. Nothing left in frig. Cash-only transactions where merchants don't have enough power (or the networks are out). Cell phones either barely work...or not at all.

yesplease1816 said...

darn--so much for skipping your post on this highlighter. Now I want it more than ever! Do you find that it leaves a yellow-gold color on the skin if you're not careful? It seems quite pigmented, but so lovely!

Eileen said...

Hi Nemo,

I just checked Saks and LMdB is up. Perhaps you caught it at a time when it was undergoing "construction".

Inês Mariano said...

Hi there Charlestongirl!

Love loveeee your blog, always a good idea to give it a look before buying something.

How do you compare this Chanel Route des Indes and the Guerlain Summer in the City powder?

Because I have the Guerlain's one and I would like to know how you would compare them!

Thanks a lot!

Eileen said...

Hi La Vie,

I don't know how quickly Charlestongirl will be able to get back to you seeing as she still has Internet problems, so I'll give you my unsolicited opinion. The Guerlain and the Chanel are quite different. Whereas the Guerlain provides a sheer golden shimmer that plays particularly nice with this summer's bronzers and blushers, the Chanel has a definite light yellow color presence which surprised me when I actually saw the product. Charlestongirl's swatches clearly show the yellow tone of this beautiful JC and, although her swatches are heavy, it still registers as a yellow gold when sheered out. I gave it a miss because the yellow tone was unflattering with my coloring and it looked contrived on me. The Guerlain; however, looks like glints of sunlight and suits me to a T. Bottom line: Are they the same? No. Do you need them both? No. Would they both be nice to have? Yes, if the colors suit you.

Inês Mariano said...

Hi there Eileen! Thank u so much for you kind and honest opinion! It helped me a lot!
Since i usually tan, don't think this yellow base would be noção on me.. the guerlain, of course, it's gourgeous oh every skintone!
Hope to ser this collection in portugal!