Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chanel Aqualumière Gloss in Alizé from the Fleur de Lotus Collection

Chanel introduced two limited-edition shades of Aqualumière Lip Gloss ($27) with the Fleur de Lotus Collection. I purchased Roselin (#81) first, which I featured here. The other shade, Alizé (#80), finally captured my interest.

Brush on the exquisite, water-light look of this ingenious lip gloss and discover perfect comfort in a sheer wash of color. Making this a must-have for every lip gloss lover: a mirror-like shine that gives lips a fuller, more sensual look with the precision and ease of the built-in brush applicator.

Just like Roselin, Alizé offers traditional Aqualumière elegance. How could Chanel have planned to keep these gorgeous glosses in the Asian market, depriving us of their magnificence? Fortunately, you can purchase them from

Alizé is an iridescent, golden beauty. It offers much less color than its sister shade, but it has all the fine characteristics of Roselin. The sparkling shine and mirror-like, complex color color offer the perfect balance between saturated and sheer. It feels good, hydrating my lips with a non-sticky finish that lasts a very reasonable amount of time for a lip gloss.

This shade is more of a topper than Roselin, which I can wear alone. I prefer to wear lipstick under Alizé, allowing it to add a prism of shining gold. It's a spectacular shade for enlivening a boring lipstick (should you own one - I do). Naturally, it will prefer to wear it over a lipstick I love, making it even prettier.

I did order a second Roselin Aqualumière Gloss - as predicted - but I made my third new Chanel gloss the golden Alizé. It's a limited edition, and now that Chanel's Web site is offering the Fleur de Lotus Collection on its Web site, you can buy it too with free shipping.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


bisbee said...

Off topic...but have you heard anything about the Tom Ford collection that is supposed to be available in September? There are some things I want...and I was wondering if they could be pre-ordered...

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, Bisbee, I have heard about it, but have no details. I will inquire for you.

Unknown said...

I know they are different gloss formulas but I was wondering if you knew this looks compared to Sparkle d’Or from the 2011 Holiday Collection?

Charlestongirl said...

You be the judge Anda.

I think this one is more pigmented.