Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer

Ready for blockbuster number 2? Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer ($40) is a category changer.

According to WWD, "beauty companies are laser-focused on the eye area." Apparently, so are women. For the 12 months ending in May, prestige eye treatments rose 10% in sales. That's pretty impressive in a relatively flat market.

Using the same revolutionary technology he rolled out with Maestro Fusion Makeup, Armani developed Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Eraser. It's an illuminating concealer that instantly brightens the eye area, gradually fades dark circles, and moisturizes the eyelids - and does it weightlessly.

A new hybrid concealer category combining skin care and makeup, with an incomparably fine texture. A therapeutic and illuminating concealer that instantly brightens the eye area, gradually fades away the blue tone of dark circles, and moisturizes eyelids to enhance the eyes and radiance of the face. The eye area glows, and the complexion's natural radiance is revived. 

As with the new foundation, I've been privileged to wear Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer for the last 10 days or so. courtesy of Armani Beauty. The first time I squeezed some into my palm, a thin liquid came out of the tube. My thought was, "No way this is going to conceal." I was such a skeptic, and I was so wrong.

I did the one-eye-only test and started in the mirror in disbelief. That thin liquid brightened my eye area, evened the skin tone, blurred my imperfections, and did it all without leaving any weight or product feel on my under-eye area. I was blown away. I added a tiny bit more on the area where my nose meets my inner eye (which I wanted to brighten even more), and I was stunned again. That second coating of thin liquid disappeared, leaving a much better looking me.

An illuminating agent that Armani calls "moonlight" brightens the eye area and reflects light. An active ingredient, haloxyl, is said to visibly diminish dark circles after two months of use (certainly a realistic estimate). It works by reducing the level of pigmentation in the skin, boosting our natural ability to keep our skin pure and improving elasticity and firmness.

Armani Beauty recommends you you apply Maestro Eraser Dark Circle Concealer with your fingertips, and with this one, I agree. Gently - very gently - massage eye area for enhanced performance. My natural tendency is to pat.

The results of Armani's tests on 61 women were superb. The tests focus on short-term findings because they were only carried out for seven days.
  • 93.4% of women found Maestro Eraser's texture is fine and light.
  • 91.8% found it lightweight to wear and imperceptible on the skin.
  • 91.8% said that it is soft on application.
  • 95.1% experienced no skin stickiness.
Armani's patented Fusion Technology is responsible for this paradoxical sheer concealer that offers coverage and brightening. Its ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension perfects the complexion with a fluid so light, the only way to know you're wearing it is to look at the remarkable appearance of your face. There's no "makeup feel" or look at all. Because it offers treatment properties, I'll continue to wear it for the requisite two months to see if I can detect improvements in the skin tone around my eyes.

If you want to read some science about haloxyl, one of the active ingredients, check out this link from its maker. This concealer also includes caffeine - known to constrict and reduce puffiness - hydrators, peptides, and other state-of-the-art skin-care ingredients.

I will caution, this product isn't Dermablend. If you need serious concealer coverage (e.g., after an eye procedure or for disfiguration), this concealer won't provide an alternative. I want to set expectations properly. It's for a majority of us, but not for special cases.

It will be available in six shades this month at Giorgio Armani Beauty's Web site and at counters in fine department stores. I'd recommend you check it out. It's already in-store at some Neiman Marcus stores, just in time for Beauty Event.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


bisbee said...

It's available online at NM. Just ordered both this and the foundation!

DivaDebbi said...

This sounds irresistable CG! I love this trend of fusing treatment into product. I am so loving my Amazing Concealer, but this intrigues.
Thanks,as always!


michelle said...

I received a card from NM in the mail that gave a code to use for a free sample of each of the Maestro items with a purchase; but the code won't work, and their online "specialists" aren't able to assist. This is a bummer, as I live 60+ miles from the nearest NM

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

This concealer sounds absolutely spectacular! I usually don't get very excited by base products, but your description of the Maestro foundation and now concealer has me craving them both like never before!

I actually just tried the Luminous Silk foundation the other day for the first time. I always thought there was no way it would work out well for my oily skin, but surprisingly it held up great--much better than many foundations I've tried that are formulated specifically for oily skin! So I am waiting until the NM Beauty Event starts to purchase a bottle. I'm also getting a bottle of the Fluid Sheer #2 and was trying to think of one more item to purchase, so I think I will go with a tube of the concealer. I really hope my store has it--I'm so excited!

Charlestongirl said...

You must let us know, Bisbee, what you think!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Debbi,

Try it! I'm smitten.

Charlestongirl said...

Call a store, Michelle. I think those cards that come in the mail are meant for in-store samples.

Charlestongirl said...

Becca, Luminious Silk is the HG for so many women, and I adore Fluid Sheer! Now we have a new treasure in the Armani face line-up.

Anonymous said...

boaderi 19aeeposuaQuestion about shades in the concealer please.
One place mentioned that the concealer was darker in the corresponding number shade and to choose a different number than foundation. Of course this is for people that cannot try the shades in person.
What was your experience?

lovethescents said...

I'm in the 'special cases' category. I need maximum coverage for these little girly raccoons! Thanks, C-girl!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm wearing #2, which corresponds to my foundation shade. I would recommend you call a counter. Try the new Armani counter at Mazza. (202) 966-9700.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

Try the Chantecaille concealer in the pot: Total Concealer. It offers complete coverage.

lovethescents said...

Dear C-girl, no Chantecaille here and how can I choose the right colour for me online? Sigh....

kathleen said...

The colours seem to be geared towards people who have pink undertones. Do you know if Neiman's at Tysons has this? Seems like it would be difficult to get the proper colour online.

Charlestongirl said...

They do, Kathleen. I have to admit I haven't examined the colors. Armani sent me mine.

Lovethescents, you shouldn't buy online without seeing. Unless you have Armani foundation. I am a #2 in all their formulas, and I am a #2 in Maestro.