Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday This and That - Plus Sephora Cinderella Collection

I don't purchase mirrors - except that I did. Who could resist this compact mirror from Sephora's Disney Cinderella Collection ($20)? Its ornate clock design is as elegant as I've seen in a long time.

The Disney Cinderella Collection is proof - once again - that Sephora can develop amazing collections. Right now, it's only available to Beauty Insiders, but the collection will be offered to everyone in early October, which is very soon.

We all have a story to tell—the tale of our inner princess enlightened by magical beauty. Disney's Cinderella Collection by Sephora promises your own fairy tale-worthy transformation. Its time to experience Cinderella in a whole new light…with her grand entrance at Sephora as a famous icon. She has inspired this collection with words of wisdom about life, love, and making your dreams come true. Her voice is your voice. Her confidence is your confidence. And her moment is your moment.

The items in the collection are beautiful - from the compact mirror, though eye shadow, lipstick, and nail color collections. The prices are amazingly low. You will want to see what appeals to you, now or when the collection is available to everyone.

For now, I keep admiring my mirror. It's heavy. You would think it's a $50 item, not a $20 item. I ordered four in addition to mine. It's a gorgeous stocking stuffer or small gift. I hope my work colleagues aren't reading this feature!

I spent a boatload on beauty products this week. I ran into a bonanza of Armani's new eye shadows when I went to Saks Fifth Avenue for their beauty/gift card event. I'll start showing you all my new treasures this evening. The totes that are complimentary with a $100 purchase in beauty at Saks are really nice. I came home with dark green and navy. The mustard color is definitely not "me." If you are interested in the new Armani, call Giannina Davis. The counter just moved, and I don't know if they kept their extension. So, call (301) 657-9000, when you get the recording dial zero, then ask for Armani Cosmetics.

The new holiday sets from Giorgio Armani are better than ever. I am still hedging on the travel brush set. I haven't used the one from last year yet, so I'm wondering why I need another. That said, I suspect I'll cave and purchase it. Armani's brushes are among the best in my collection. Each of the holiday sets comes with an amazing Armani clutch that most of us will use. It's stunning - and basic black for the swankiest of evenings.

The Giorgio Armani GWP is fabulous. With a $150 Giorgio Armani beauty or fragrance purchase, you'll receive a bag filled with a full-size waterproof Eye Pencil #1, Regular Lift SPF Cream (0.5 oz.), Regular Serum (0.1 oz.), Eye Balm (0.1 oz.), Luminous Silk Foundation (0.17 oz.), Fluid Sheer #2 Concealer Sachet, and Gio Essenza and Gioia Essenza fragrance vials. The full-sized eyeliner makes the whole gift worthwhile. Check out all the GWPs at this link.

If you need a shopping suggestion for Saks Fifth Avenue, the new fragrances by Oscar de la Renta are gorgeous.I blind-bought three of the six, and I am thrilled with all three. Read the notes, and you'll know what to purchase. I must tell you about these soon.

My Barneys order finally arrived - on Friday, only 10 days after my SA walked it to shipping. They claim to have been swamped with orders for beauty week, but other retailers managed to ship in a timely manner. I'm not sure what gives with Barneys. anyhow, I have several new beauties from Claudio Riaz to show you. I'm stuck on that line.

Did you know, and I know some of you do, that Sunday Riley is now available at Sephora? I had discovered it during one of my daily browsing sessions, and I ordered immediately. What a thrill. Not quite as thrilling as the Edward Bess arrival, but exciting nonetheless. I think Sephora may eventually take over the world.

For Rouge Bunny Rouge fans, Zuneta is having a birthday party! You can receive a 20% discount on anything at Zuneta from now until Monday at midnight. Use the code BIRTHDAY at checkout. Hurry. At times like this, Zuneta sells out of many favorites.

That's enough enabling for one day. I'll be back later with Armani.

Photo at top by Best Things in Beauty; second photo courtesy of Sephora; other photos courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


s said...

Barney online customer service is the worst. It's a shame because they sell such great products, but I've had problems with nearly every order I've placed with them. It's really a last resort for me.
Really looking forward to your reviews about the new Armani products though. I am dying to try those new eyeshadows!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi S,

What surprised me is that I ordered from the store directly, not online. My online purchase came in a heartbeat. Go figure!

Kate said...

can't wait to see your review on Armani's new eye shadows!!! :) I just ordered the Chanel notorious from your counter. I hope I like it!


Claudia said...

The mirror is beautiful, I could see that in my handbag :). I ended up ordering 2 of the Oscar fragrances Mi Corazon and Oriental Lace, I had the opportunity to test Mi Corazon and fell in love. Thank you to the wonderful fairy that shared some with me ;). Oriental Lace is a blind buy for me but if its as good as the others I tried I will be a happy girl.

EllenB said...

I love that mirror! It is so sophisticated. Now I just have to get one. What a steal for $20. Can't wait to see all of your new goodies. I love reading your blog because it gives me such wonderful ideas on what to purchase, and believe me, this blog alone has done some damage to my pocket-book. Keep it up, C-Girl. You're doing a superb job! And the Sky-line polish is not a dud, thankfully!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kate, hope you have fun with it!

I just posted the first Armani feature.

Charlestongirl said...

Claudia, I have samples coming of the other three, although I'm not sure when. I love those fragrances.

As for the mirrors? They are amazing. And a bit heavy. I may keep one at my desk at work.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Ellen. That mirror is a steal for $20. Even the packaging is gorgeous!

Nina said...

Hi CG! Next time the Barneys event rolls around (February), please try calling Maya at the Koh Gen Do counter at Barneys Madison Ave. She is just fantastic and my order came in a few days. I am a VIP/Beauty Insider for forever at Sephora and have heard nothing about this Cinderella collection!?! I think they have a F/F coming up but the SAs at my local Sephoras always say they are only given a few cards for the event and never have any left for customers - I have to wait for the later VIP discount in November...just annoying!

Veronica said...

Really excited to read your reviews on the new Oscar de la Renta fragrances! They all sound divine. However, Oriental Lace and Santo Domingo are calling my name!

With the recent Barney's event, I took advantage of the GWP and began using Sunday Riley skincare - very impressed! Have you tried any of the skincare? Would love to hear your take?

Hope you are well!

Charlestongirl said...

Nina, I have a contact at that counter. She is the manager. A real sweetie!

Sephora has not publicized Cinderella. It's there onsite, though. I saw it somewhere - maybe WWD? - and went looking for it.

We're doing the card thing again? Darn!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Veronica! Those OdlR fragrances are absolutely gorgeous. I had read all the descriptions at WWD and hopped on Saks to order them. I couldn't stop. Ended up with three - and that's only so far! said...

I can't believe you bought 4 and others like myself can't get any.

Charlestongirl said...


I believe Sephora will be restocking. Make sure to look again soon or fill out the notify me option. If they are never restocked, write me on December 10, and I will sell you one of the mirrors I ordered for a gift. said...

Hi CharlestonGirl,
I'm in Charleston, SC, and cannot find this Cinderella mirror anywhere. The Sephora store inside the JCPenney at Northwoods Mall doesn't carry it. The mirror is sold out online. I'd like to buy one of your mirrors from you.

Jen said...

I would by one as well! They are selling them for $50+ on ebay :(

Charlestongirl said...

Wish I could help you, Jen. Mine, with the exception of the one I sent Alicia, have all gone out as Christmas presents. I would not pay $50 for one on eBay. They are nice, but that's CRAZY.

Jen said...

Thanks, it's okay. I moped about it on facebook enough and someone just happened to have a JCPSephora with them still in stock so I have been saved <3