Monday, April 22, 2013

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color - Part 2

Bobbi Brown's new Sheer Lip Colors ($25) excited me, so after purchasing a three at Saks, when presented with a Friends & Family event, I bought two more. I selected Cherry Pink (#6) and Tutu (#14).

Bobbi Brown calls Sheer Lip Color "mistake-proof, no-mirror lipstick." Check. That's one reason I adore sheer lipsticks and glosses. They are forgiving.

Bobbi believes that lipstick should be quick and easy - and Sheer Lip Color is exactly that. This super-lightweight formula glides on smoothly and evenly, delivering a sheer and slightly glossy finish that’s highly wearable. Formulated with luxurious shea butter, murumuru butter, and apricot kernel oils, Sheer Lip Color rejuvenates and nourishes, improving the overall condition of lips instantly and over time. Plus, the unique translucent base allows its true color to last for hours without feathering. It's available in neutral, bright, and deep shades (the hardest part is having to choose).

Here are my newest colors. Cherry Pink, shown on the left, appears in the tube to be a beautiful wine shade. The online swatch looks very dark, but I knew it wouldn't be. Tutu appeared to be a warm peachy pink - a shade I've grown to adore. Both lived up to my expectations. I'm thilled to have them.

I took swatch photos in full afternoon sunshine, swatching straight from the tubes. Cherry Pink is shown at the top of my arm, with Tutu below.

Cherry Pink is darker on my lips than it appears on my arm. It's a dark cherry or a cherry kissed with grape. Need color on your lips, color that will make your eyes pop? Cherry Pink is your color (as long as you can wear blue tones).

Tutu is even prettier than I had expected. It's described as a shimmery neutral pink coral. I think the color description is accurate, although it's not more shimmery than other shades I've purchased.

As I mentioned in my earlier feature, I think these colors are scrumptious. An extra-added benefit is that the color lasts much longer than with many other sheers. Perhaps that's because of their pigmentation. They aren't see-through; they offer a semi-sheer finish. There is no discernible flavor or fragrance.

Even though these Sheer Lip Colors are scheduled to arrive at Bobbi Brown counters in May, both Saks Fifth Avenue, where I purchased mine, and Neiman Marcus have them available - as does Bobbi Brown's Web site. If you like sheer lip color, you must go see them. I'm smitten. You know I love them when I keep buying.

Photo at top courtesy of Bobbi Brown; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Swathi Narumanchi said...

Hi CG,

Lovely colors for summer ! It's always summer in my country ! But I just can't seem to find the right bright colors for my skintone for office wear !

I envy all the fair skinned gals out there !

Off the topic it is, but I just wanted to ask about liquid highlighters, I've been trying out the RBR seas of illumination in Tranquility and Showers, they are amazing and made me feel confident about wearing highlighters again.

But I wonder, if it's just me, that these liquids shimmer more than the Becca highlighter, I have the Becca one in Moonstone, all three have visible shimmer, but blendable.

I just want to know if you have a foolproof way to use them for a glow rather than a shimmery look ?

Mara said...

Wow, Tutu is really calling my name! I absolutely love pink corals and the sheerness is an added bonus for the unforgiving little lines on my upper lip.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Swathi,

Do you find warm colors the best for you? I think Tutu would be beautiful on you.

The Armani Fluid Sheers are less sparkly than the RBR liquids. Have you tried one?

To reduce shimmer/glam and get a glow, mix the liquid with your foundation (if you wear one) or moisturizer (if you don't). Use a little at first and add until you glow. Will take some trial and error. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Mara, I was thrilled with Tutu, especially since I selected it without really "seeing" it at the store. I don't always get that right. :)

Unknown said...

Hello CG!
These shades are lovely and the textures look scrumptious. Can't wait to try one but not sure which shade to choose.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I bought Tutu and I absolutely love it. I think it will be a "go to" color for me this summer, when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup, but just need some color. (although, for darker skins, it could be that perfect nude lip for spring, with a smokier eye!). I also bought Rosy and it's bright and sheer, but it fits in well with the aesthetic for Spring. I can see it with tinted moisturizer, some concealer and several coats of mascara. My cheeks get pink enough in the summer that I won't need color there.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Purple Peacock. Such a painful decision. :) You really can't go terribly wrong.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal,

Isn't it funny? Tutu has the perfect color saturation for me. I do understand, though, that I am an extreme pale face.

Oyama said...

The color of those lipstick just look sexy. That pretty sure love by many teenager.

Swathi Narumanchi said...

Hi CG,

I love Tutu, but unfortunately Bobbi Brown isn't available in my country yet !

I make do with the YSL shines and the Dior Addict/Extremes !

I did try mixing with moisturizer, since I don't use foundation. But it still turned out too shimmery. Maybe I'm mixing too much ! But the pump dispenser in the RBR fluids pumps too much out !!

bisbee said...

Hi CG - I bought 2 of the original colors you did (Pink Rose and Carolina) in addition to Cherry Pink, which turns out to be my favorite. Caroline is my least favorite - it seems to have a bit of muddy brown in it - at least on me. I'm pale with dark hair and pigmented lips...maybe that has something to do with it.

This formulation isn't quite as sheer as some of the other sheer lipsticks, and although not matte, it certainly isn't shiny. That's fine with me, since I'm not a gloss girl at all!