Friday, July 12, 2013

The Bare Bones Friday Forum

The Bad Actor

Yesterday, when I returned home from work, I awakened my computer and found a foreign-to-me "antivirus program" going nuts, scanning and "finding" all kinds of malware, trojan horses, and more. I did not recognize the program at all, and I tried to pull up my own anti-virus software and couldn't. So, I rebooted. The foreign software came right back up, reporting deplorable results.

I called my PC guys who instantly recognized the name of the software as a malicious virus. They told me to shut my computer down immediately and bring it in. I said, "I have a blog post to write!" The answer? Don't.

My computer is at the PC doctor, hopefully being decontaminated as I write from work. I have many questions, such as, "Why did my antivirus software let in this intruder? Since Firefox won't allow an executable to run without permission, how did it happen?

Anyhow, it's time for the Friday Forum - our open beauty chat time. I hope your week is going better than mine! Don't forget this week's giveaway contest.

Please wish me luck!


Rosemary said...

Argh! Typed this once and it disappeared.

CG, I would totally freak out if my computer did what you've described yours is doing. However, since your computer doc seemed to know exactly what was going on, maybe he knows how to fix it right away. Hopefully, your computer will be home with you and resting comfortably by tonight.

No beauty purchases for me this week. As I've mentioned before, I am waiting for the Chanel Fascination quad and also the Dior Constellation quint. I also have my eye on the upcoming Chanel nail polish release in Rose Moire. How can I resist a Chanel polish that's name sounds a bit like my own? lol

Have a good weekend. We have lots of rain down my way.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's awful to hear! Computers are such a big part of our lives, that when something goes wrong with them, it becomes very difficult indeed. Hope everything is fixed soon.

As for beauty, these past couple of weeks has been fun! I spent some time in some of the larger department stores in London, had lots of fun at the counters and bought quite a bit! First, I bought some RMK brushes and their new red mascara which should be interesting.

I also picked up a few Burberry pieces I've been meaning to buy for a while now: Lip Mist in Copper (just about the only nude I can pull off and great for summer), Misty blush and two of the eye palettes.

How could I resist the new Dior Summer Mix blushes? New formula, beautiful colours and packaging. Of course I bought the reddest one there, Bikini. It's certainly lovely these days.

The final item, I was very excited to find; D&G blush in Sole. It's a vibrant orangey-red that's so beautiful, I think I'll try it with the Copper Lip Mist. I am pale and usually go for pinky-reds, but this one is unique in my collection and the few ways I can wear orangey tones in a flattering way. It's perfect for summer and a good fan brush is all that's needed.

All in all, a very good week, no season, for beauty, but I'm going to hold off now until the autumn collections in August. For once, I'm quite satisfied with my present stash. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Closet and Pantry said...

I've had plenty of viruses in the past as well. Sometimes so bad, that it really broke my computer down. I hope yours can be saved and can't wait till your next post!

Citrine said...

That brings back the memory from 3 years back. I think after listening to the a show radio, hosted by a self-proclaimed "Digital Goddess" (yes, she calls her self goddess). After hearing her preaches about how important it was to have an anti-virus software, I hopped right onto her site and downloaded one of her recommendation (which is "free" and easy to use)....

I should have known that all that program did was come up with a scan every other day, "finding" a bunch of viruses and prompted into a window ("You need to pay for the full service to get them removed!"). Of course, I couldn't uninstall or delete that thing...

Anyway, the auto-scan went on for a few months (guess I am good at ignoring stuff) before stroking my last nerve. Then I just went on a Chinese site and downloaded a file-destroyer sort of thing (it wasn't even a program that need to be installed, I just downloaded and it worked)and that just shredded the anti-virus folder into pieces... Now I just have the Windows firewall only,

Anyway, those anti-virus is truly the most frustrating/annoying product in the e-world (the Google Plus promotion tactic comes in close second).

Charlestongirl said...

I did some research today. Here is the virus that took over my computer...

System Care Antivirus is malware, categorized as scareware (rogue software) from the WinWebSec rogue family of fake Antivirus software and is often referred to as the System Care Antivirus virus or System Care virus. System Care Antivirus attempts to appear like a legitimate Window’s Antivirus or Antispyware program, but instead performs fake malware and system threat scans, displays fake security alerts, blocks computer systems from performing normal functions, and blocks legitimate software from eradicating it. System Care Antivirus malware displays fake results in order to scare unsuspecting victims into purchasing the dangerous and fake System Care Antivirus program. DO NOT purchase the fake System Care Antivirus program, you do not want to hand over personal information including credit card numbers to cyber criminals. Though the primary objective of the System Care Antivirus virus is to extort money by performing a common cyber scam, System Care Antivirus may cause further complications for a computer and computer user.

The good news is that it's relatively easy to eradicate.

If you ever find this "thing" running on your computer, do not let it do anything, and definitely do not provide your credit card number.

Charlestongirl said...

Lots of rain there too, Rosemary. We had big thunderstorms overnight.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous, Bikini was my favorite, although it's not red-red. A pretty watermelon pink?

Why is RMK not rining a bell for me? Meaning, please?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Closet and Pantry,

I have only had one other occasion. It was a trojan horse, and I had to get phone help from Trend to finally eradicate it. Knock on wood.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Citrine!

Some digital goddess. How could a legitmate radio station give her air time?

Eileen said...

What a nuisance! I hope your PC doc will rid your computer of the virus and that you'll be up and running again before the weekend.

The wonderfully charming Marcus Monson made a return visit to our Nordstrom. Although it was his second visit in two months (He likes the warm, welcoming vibe at our Nordies), he was--as to be expected--booked solid. I didn't have my makeup done this time around, but I did stop by to get a hug and see what magic he was working. I also wanted to get his take on the new Guerlain items on the horizon. He was very enthusiastic about the holiday collection which he said was a lot of fun. He said this year's shimmer spray is a veil of pink sparkles and is infused with La Petite Robe Noir. He also said the eye quad was going to be a "must" for me and that the Rouge G was a stunner. He said the collection was called "Crazy". I'm not sure if that is an official name or if that's just what the MA's are calling it. He said it is the polar opposite of Liu and would not be everyone's cup of tea, but that those of us who love a bit of evening drama and fun would adore it. He also said he'd be back this fall to show us how to use it :-) I certainly hope so. Marcus has an unerring eye when it comes to color. He knows exactly how much and where to place it to suit a woman's style and image.

The Guerlain regional rep was also there and so I chatted with him a bit about the Voilette de Madame collection for fall. (Promo pics are already on-line) He said because we typically get things a bit later on the West Coast, we probably wouldn't receive the collection until the beginning of September but that in August we would be getting the new long wear foundation and the new powders.

With all the saturated eye, lip, and nail colors, it's going to be a very colorful fall/holiday chez Guerlain. That's fine with me because I'm ready for a change. I did not do color this summer, opting instead for the neutral palettes of Guerlain and Tom Ford. When the weather cools down, I'll be ready for some jewel tones.

And, you know what? I really, really like the idea of releasing fall collections closer to the actual season. I think Chanel made a huge mis-step releasing their fall collection so early. I couldn't get up any enthusiasm for their color story because it just didn't make sense with our 90-100+ temps. Even my delightful Chanel gal said the saving grace had been the new cream blushes. She said women would look at the smoky khaki and bronze eye products and say, "Ugh! It's too hot to be thinking about that!" Really Chanel! A fall collection released at the end of June? Not a good idea--IMHO.. It would have made more sense to reverse the release order of Superstition and Les Beiges like they did for Canada.

Anyway, I've babbled on long enough. Have a great weekend everyone.

Evelyn said...

Oh my, sounds just like what was on my coworker's computer. I don't know how it got downloaded to her machine but I couldn't get rid of it and I actually had to go to another computer to do a web search about what it was because it wouldn't let me go to any website where I was searching for information about it (and how to remove it) - talk about a sneaky program! Fortunately the IT guys were able to deal with it and the computer is back to normal. I'm sure you'll be up and running normally very soon! Just keep an eye out for popups and watch your clicking! :)

I did buy the Chanel quad and I really like it but I'm still in summer mode so I don't feel the call to wear it. I do plan to pick up the Dior Etoile palette.

Eileen - I think aside from those 2 pieces, it's going to be a Guerlain fall/holiday for me! From what you said the holiday collection will be especially interesting! I'm not exactly a fan of La Petite Robe Noir although I've been handed tons of samples by Guerlain reps. It tends to stay fruity smelling on me even after a few hours. Ah well, can't like everything which is good for the wallet! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

OMG CG, I have been in your shoes. My computer has been maliciously attacked 3 times in the last couple years. It leaves you feeling so violated. I wonder what good on earth do these viruses do for their wretched creators! I wish you luck and a better day...or week :) Thanks for being here despite the situation.

Still having to watch my cosmetic budget, but I think I decided on a Kevyn Aucoin purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, an eye/face palette. I'm kind of saving up for the opening of a new Macy's in my area that will include an Inglot counter. I love Inglot eyeshadows and liners, they are good quality and very affordable. Otherwise, like Leila, I'm looking forward to what the autumn collections have in store!

Denise at aeiokid at comcast dot net.

Mona said...

I was going to tell you that it's not a virus yet, usually the scam is to scare you into buying this program and nstalling it or installing it for free, but can be removed by doing a few easy actions hat I old have helped you with by email or message system, after that we would run your anti virus program and there is a free one that we would have run as a double check.
In the future try vipre antivirus and firewall by sunbelt
I have used them for years with no problems and I tried a lot of different ones and came back to them because its the best in my opinion, very fast and very light on the CPU and does not slow the computer down.
Next time if you can see my email just let me know I can help I work on computers.

Also love your blogs I'm dying for the new Tom ford you put up the other day.

Unknown said...

My computer said they found a virus a few weeks ago when I was reading your blog. I almost was afraid to read it. Glad they are fixing it because I love your blog..

Melanie said...

Oh, that's just awful! What the worst part is that someone, somewhere had to write the virus. Who would enjoy doing that? I got a couple from baby-name sites. Can you imagine? With my hormones at the time, the prospect of losing the un-backed-up photos nearly sent me over the edge! I hope that it all gets sorted for you.

Little beauty-wise for me this week, except I did finally use my Black Stream Stylo eye shadow. Even though it creased, I love it.

I saw videos that makeup artists Mary Greenwell and Lisa Eldridge did with Chanel fall. Gorgeous. I had a very kind on-line store offer to send me complimentary foundation samples, which is so wonderful because I am beginning to think that I would make Casper looked tanned. So many "fair" shades are just not enough for me. Looking forward to their arrival in the mail!

Am holding out for the Illusion d'ombres from the Holiday collection, but I will have a look at the Dior Fusion Monos once they arrive. I love those types of shadows.

Happy weekend!

grlnxdor said...

That's horrible, Charlestongirl! I hope the computer people(I almost said "guys")are able to get you back up and running. I can't say I'm surprised. I think the planets are out of whack or something. My work week has been filled with nothing but problems--some of which look like they cannot possibly be resolved--ever! Yeah for the weekend!

Charlestongirl said...

Judi, that's pretty bizarre because the Google Blogger platform is virus-free. Yesterday's virus installed yesterday, so it came from some site I clicked on in the morning. It would not have been possible to infect the blog. I could go into techie details to explain the alert you got, but I need a beer! It's Friday...yea!

Charlestongirl said...

Melanie, hackers are perverts!

JudithDM said...

Good luck clearing up the virus. They are pure misery. I know.

I been doing some damage at the Nordstrom Beauty Event. Not buy
anything that is not a special, as other items I can get anytime. Looking at Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy and Nars. All, except for Laura Mercier, not brands I have invested much in prior. I am an Edward Bess and Guerlain girl. Fun to look, and stocked up on some Alava lotions and hand creams. My friend highly recommends this. Now, my important question of the day.

I would like to know if our Charleston Girl, or anyone, has information about two skin care lines I have seen lately at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom (both online), there are Thalgo specials during Nordstrom beauty event. The Sulwhasoo is Korean, which always interests me. Both have some excellent reviews, as well as some not so. Hoping to find out more. Both have websites, if interested google.



Thanks in advance!!!

Sara said...

Hi CG! I am sorry to hear about your virus. I ordered the Dior blush in bikini and the Bonne Etoile quint as the mall near me no longer has a Dior counter. I also caved and picked up 2 of the Dior lip jelly pens that were suprisingly still in stock at my Sephora and I love them both. I was wondering if you (or anyone else here) had given any thought to the Le Metier VIP program they are advertising now- it sure is very tempting, but I wonder how many duplicates of products I would
end up with. I have not tried any of their skincare to this point. I wonder if it would be better to spend the $348 on products I pick out myself. Have a great weekend! -Sara

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:11 here, answering your question. The RMK I am talking about is a Japanese brand, I suppose that's why it didn't ring a bell. I don't think it's available in the US, but we don have it here in Britain. They have some lovely brushes and makeup, so I was quite excited to get them.

You're right, Bikini isn't red-red, more like a watermelon red, but it's the reddest of the four, which I like.

For antivirus programs, may I suggest Kapersky? I've always had more success buying antivirus programs (physical copies from stores). However, there is a bit of a learning curve to it, but we've had it on all the computers in our house for the past few years, giving us peace of mind.

I hope everything is fixed soon. Good luck.


Charlestongirl said...

Well, everyone, the viruses are gone, as verified by two programs, but I had to finish the job myself. I was annoyed beyond belief when I went to get my computer at 4:00 and was told it would be Monday before he could finish. All he was doing was running a free Malware program - the very program that I had in the instructions for removing this particular virus that I had downloaded and printed online. He had removed the virus, and he started a quick scan for others while I waited. One came up, and I asked him to delete it. I said I was taking my computer as soon as he could shut it down.

He charged me for 1.5 hours of labor, which was ludicrous. He had spent no more than 30 minutes on it - probably not even that since the malware removal software was doing all the work.

He didn't want the computer to leave "dirty." However, I told him I was just as capable of running the fix-it software as he was, and then my computer wouldn't have to sit there until Monday afternoon. I can only imagine how much he would have added on to my bill to keep running the program, which is automatic.

I have dealt with these people for at least 15 years, and I was very disappointed. I know a small business needs to make money, but I have always paid them more than market by buying my computers from them. I've done my part to keep them in business through that and sending them lots of other business. May have to re-think that. Growth has not been good for them - or me.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Anonymous, thanks! I would never have guessed that.

Charlestongirl said...

Sara, you bring up a sore point with that LMdB VIP program. Last weekend, I asked the LMdB president if he would ask someone to send me more information about it. I felt that the info on Facebook was sketchy, and I told him customers needed more information before they made that size of investment.

He said of course, he would have someone send me more info Monday. Did it come? No. So I wrote LMdB's new PR agency and asked for the info. They said they would send it. Did it come? No. Frankly, I wouldn't invest that kind of money on a vague promise.

Charlestongirl said...

Judith, I do know about Thalgo. I'll use their words...

Since it's creation in 1966, Thalgo has become a worldwide-recognized brand. Thalgo treatments draw their richness and efficiency from the marine universe. Their scientific team has developed a unique know-how in harnessing the powerful riches of the sea for aesthetic use. The sea is the cradle of life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be exploited scientifically. For instance, one alga contains a thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium and ten times more magnesium and copper than a plant on the ground.

I know nothing about the Korean product, and for some reason, it doesn't rev my interest.

I need to go to Nordies with someone who has a credit card. There are shoes I need!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi grlnxdor, my planets were certainly out of whack this week. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Melanie, I laughed out loud at your line, "...would make Casper looked tanned." That's a good one!

Charlestongirl said...

Mona, you are absolutely right about the purpose of that virus, however, it takes over your computer and won't let go. The sad part is that people who don't recognize it immediately as an intruder pay the money!

Where will the evil scammers stop?

Charlestongirl said...

Ooh, Denise, what fun! I love new stores. They often have deals at Macy's, so you should enjoy it.

Charlestongirl said...

That is what I had to do, Evelyn. Because my own computer was dead in the water, I used my work computer to print off the instructions for getting rid of that particular virus. It's a total PitA. For what? Someone's enrichment or amusement?

Guerlain fall and holiday are going to be the must-have collections. I can't wait!

Charlestongirl said...


My PR rep still hasn't sent me the photos for the US Guerlain Fall Collection. I'm getting frustrated.

What fun seeing him again! You are so lucky.

Charlestongirl said...

Well, Rosemary, the saga is above. I had to take the job into my own hands.

Unknown said...

Oh CG, my laptop is near dead from a similar virus! What program did you use to "clean" yours?

Rosemary said...

CG, I’m very glad that your computer is well again, but it’s appalling that you paid someone and ended up doing the work yourself. I don’t like the way your customer loyalty seems to have been ignored and even taken advantage of. I’m glad that my son is majoring in computer science (or whatever it’s called—that stuff confuses me to no end) and he’s been handling any issues that come up with my computers.

Paging Eileen, paging Eileen! Lol. Eileen if you’re still reading, I just saw swatches of Dior’s Constellation and it is off my buy list! It’s pretty, but it’s not what I wanted. I wanted more of a purples/lavenders palette. Don’t you have Chanel’s Vanities quad? I know it came out a couple of years ago, but I never picked it up as I have an ancient Chanel purple eyeshadow. That’s the one I’m looking to replace. What’s your opinion of Vanities? Has it worked well for you? I guess I’m open to other suggestions—Guerlain?—but I admit that my fingers have a difficult time opening an eyeshadow compact that isn’t black with double Cs on the front. I have to fight my brush to make it land on eyeshadow it knows is not Chanel. My eyes water a bit…okay, that’s enough. ;)


Mamavalveeta03 said...

UGH...I hate viruses and spyware, and scareware and all of that stuff that I really don't understand! I was really lucky when we lived in Rochester, MN (hub of IBM...Had a LOT of computer genius friends that could fix anything for me!). But now that I'm out in NY, I don't have a go-to person. I'm working on that! Glad you got it taken care of!

Charlestongirl said...

Ava, download Malwarebytes. It's free. Also, there are directions on the Web. Google for them. Later, I can add the link I used here.

Charlestongirl said...

All, I still have a problem, although not the original one. When I click on a trusted link, my computer is going elsewhere on occasion (four times in one week). I sought help on a Firefox board today, and I just finished running a third program. It found 29 cookies Trend had not found, but no programs. I am worried still.

The advice I got was to run a total of 10 of these detective programs, so I'm still at it.

Eileen said...

Hi Rosemary,

You are so funny! I love the Friday Forum and I check on it several times throughout the weekend so here I am to answer your page :-)

Vanities is a very interesting quad. It's definitely not your usual set of purples. Except for the highlighting base, the colors have a shimmery bronze undertone and the bronze shade has a shimmery lavender undertone. Pretty clever, huh? What it means is that you can achieve a sophisticated, refined, subtle "purple eye" without it looking washed out, juvenile, or like you've been hanging with the Easter Bunny :-). The gorgeous bronze shade seems to anchor the whole palette and is what makes Vanities special. I think of Vanities as being a fall and winter quad and that is when I get the most use out of it. For spring and summer, I prefer something brighter like Guerlain's Attrape Cœur. I hope that helps a bit.

Rosemary said...

Eileen, thank you for answering my page. :) I think I'll get Vanities. From your description, it sounds like a winner. Of course it is. How could I have not known? Chanel is always the answer!

CG, I'm sorry you still seem to be going through it with the computer. Not the best way to spend the weekend.


Little Red said...

I had to fix both my sister's and my parents computer recently. One thing people can do to make it a bit harder for the hackers is to make sure that you're not using an administrator account when surfing. As an administrator, you're basically God and can do anything and run any program. Hackers count on people's ignorance and laziness since the very first account you create when you buy a new computer is an administrator account and people never bother creating another one for regular use. I don't know what particular OS you have but there should be some way to create a user account that doesn't allow new programs to be installed.

Lisa C said...

What a pain!! Almost as bad as having car problems lol

Hopefully you'll get it back soon and running smooth again :)

Sara said...

Hi CG! Thank you for the reply regarding the Le Metier VIP. I will be interested to hear if they get back to you. Wishing you a great week! -Sara