Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Forum - July 26

To recap for those who haven't been following my malware struggles...I had multiple viruses and trojans on my PC. I am not sure how I got them, although I believe the System Care Antivirus infected my computer when I clicked on a DHL notice about a package delivery. I was careless, I'll admit. I had a gut feeling it was a malicious e-mail, but I overrode my instinct. Bad decision.

Today, I'm in a giddy mood - and it's 5:19 am! I have run dozens of malware "seek and destroy" programs pver the last two week. At first, they were all finding problems, but now, only Kaspersky's Virus Removal Tool is still finding threats.  Because Kaspersky takes at least six hours to run, I've been running it overnight. Unfortunately, it hangs up after it finishes and sits for hours ater I awaken. I was finally able today to print the log to give to my Malwaretips guru.

This ordeal - to find all malware and remove it - is getting old. Yesterday, I started getting redirected again, even after a cleanse with Kaspersky Tuesday overnight, so I ran the tool all night again last night. It found 192 threats.  Theoretically, it deleted them. We'll see. I believe I'm going to purchase the Kaspersky suite of products. Trend Micro Security, which used to have a #1 rating, failed me completely (I think).

This is one of those Fridays when I'm totally relieved the work week is over. I'll run more software over the weekend. If I can't clean my computer once and for all, I'm going to start the final process before re-imaging by uninstalling Firefox and re-installing it. It can't hurt!

This has been a slow beauty week for me. With all the time I've spent on my computer, I've had no time to go play at beauty counters. I understand Chanel's Les Beiges samples arrived at Neiman Marcus this week, so I must pop over and pick them up tomorrow. Also, I want to see if the new Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipsticks arrived.

It's time for the Friday Forum. I love this part of our week. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

Don't forget this week's fabulous giveaway contest. Bobbi Brown's Eyes & Cheeks to Go is a really  nice set. The deadline for entries is tomorrow, Saturday, July 27 at midnight. Good luck!

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Melanie said...

I have a question: does anyone have an opinion on bee venom masks? I ordered one and am anxious to try it.

RE: Buon Amici. It's true -- any search for this cream turned up restaurants, Barney's or your blog post! I, too, think that olive oil is a healer. My mother had to use it on second-degree burns to her face from sunbathing recklessly in her youth and one would never know. And I had to during a horrible case of psoriasis in my childhood. I'd love to get my hands on this cream -- no pun intended!

I do hope that you get to go out and play this weekend. Fingers are still crossed that the computer troubles come to an end very soon!

Eileen said...

I adore that whimsical picture of the elephant in the tub with a rubber ducky on his head, and the penguin looks like a valet ready to hand the big guy a towel :-) So cute!

During Nordstrom's early access I picked up some La Mer and received a lovely gift with purchase--one that was actually worthwhile. It was comprised of generous samples of the classic cream, reparative body lotion, eye balm, and serum--enough to last two weeks. And, shopping La Mer, it is very easy to hit the price threshold to be eligible for the gift. The lovely SA also included some generous travel friendly samples when she learned I'd be flying to Vancouver for a dear friend's vow renewal. What a sweety!

Aside from the color purchases I made as a result of the impromptu makeup application I had at the recent Chanel event, I haven't bought much color lately. I did pick up Dior's gloss in Merveille but gave all the rest of Nordstrom's offerings a miss as there just weren't any exclusives that excited me this time around. I think I'm just over summer :-(

I am really beginning to chomp at the bit over the autumn collections--so many gorgeous color stories. I'm particularly intrigued by Tom Ford's In The Pink eyeshadow trio and by his new two step eye primer. I had been hoping for another illuminating stick, but perhaps he felt it was too soon to release a new one. I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of Chantecaille's Wild Horses palette. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in its elegance and simplicity. And, although I've read some mixed reviews on the Asian blogs about Guerlain's Voilette de Madame, I'm looking forward to seeing that collection as well. The Rouge G's particularly interest me as that is my all time favorite lipstick formulation. Speaking of Guerlain, I received a bottle of Cruel Gardenia and am in love. Forget all the marketing blather Guerlain came up with. This is not a gardenia scent per se. Rather, it is a light mélange of flowers with delicate hints of musk, tonka, and vanilla. Rose, neroli, peach, ylang ylang, jasmine, gardenia. It's like walking in a garden on a warm summer day.

Hi Melanie,

Like a lot of "royal watchers", I've heard about bee venom and read an interesting post on Truth In Aging (9/13/11) about how the substance supposedly works. You'll have to report back to us on your experience.

That's about it for me. I hope you are all anticipating a pleasurable and restful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (mbam) has saved me more than a few times. It's magic I tell ya!

Jo said...

Hi CG,

I hope your computer troubles get resolved. How frustrating! We are so dependent on computers these days. I don't know what we did without them!

My recent purchases were Dior nail polish in Destin and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Instinct. I love them both. I'm really looking forward to the Fall collections, especially Tom Ford and Chantecaille. I found some pictures of the Tom Ford online this week and the same two items that Eileen is intrigued by (the pink eye shadow and the primer) have also piqued my interest. It's always nice to have something to look forward to.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

CGstrein said...

You are far more patient than I when it comes to computer problems. I would have chucked it out the window by now. Fingers crossed that this saga is finally over.

I promised an update on my Marc Jacob's goodies. Overall, I am pretty darn impressed and so glad I fell for the hype.

The black liner is like a fine pen and makes it super easy to get a very thin line, extremely close to my lashes, my preferred type of line. You can get a thicker line as well and I can imagine doing a flick would be easier with this too. It doesn't budge which is great if you don't mess up when you are applying it. I prefer it to my LMDB but will wait to see how long the product lasts and make sure it doesn't dry out over time before I give it holy grail status.

I got a lipgloss and was surprised at how minty and tingling it was. It felt like my lips were plumping. I didn't realize it did this but I don't mind it and like the way it looks. Wear time is typical, I get a few hours out of it. It doesn't feel overly sticky but I am not very sensitive to that. I am sure I will be getting more.

I also got a 3 color and a 7 color eye palette. They both come in a cloth bag that snaps closed. It is nice. The packaging is sleek and has a very high plastic quotient but that makes it lightweight. It has a black plastic cover for the shadows inside the case and a mirror. The packaging is nice and shiny but open it once and you see fingerprints every where. They come with a sponge tip applicator but it doesn't fit in the case so it is inside the cloth pouch. I never use these so I can't speak to the quality. Honestly, I would have rather they skipped it and taken a buck off the price.

The 3 shadow palette I got is The Glam and it looks like a neutral palette with what Sephora describes as a cream/metallic bronze with gold shimmer/peachy copper sheen. I adore this palette and have worn it every day since I got it, a rarity for me. The shadows are nicer than I thought they would be, they apply and blend easily. I use an eye primer and they don't budge (14hrs was the longest I have worn them). What I really love is the 2 shimmery looking shades aren't shimmery and truly just give a very nice sheen that I can easily wear on my "not 20 anymore." eyes. For me it provides more bang than other neutral palettes that I have and it really brings out the green in my eyes. Love, love, love...

Sadly my Starlet 7 shadow palette was DOA. The gold shadow completely exploded inside the case and I have to return it. I have no clue how it happened either because it is the third shade in and all other shades are fine. It is sold out online so I am out of luck until they get more in. I have a picture of it on my instagram, I don't think I am allowed to include a link but my user name is CGstrein. I will replace it when I can though because the colors are beautiful.

If my 1 palette hadn't exploded I would be super impressed with this line. In the world of LMDB, Tom Ford, Guerlain, and Chanel, I think this is good stuff at a good price. I will be trying out more of his line when it is released.

Melanie, I haven't tried a bee venom mask but it sounds painful. I, too, would be interested in hearing about it.

Eileen, I am right there with you on the TF In The Pink eyeshadow trio. It looks stunning. Actually his whole fall collection looks stunning. I am going to have to stay away from NM when it comes out or I will go home with it all.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I got the Chanel "Gri-Gri" eyeshadow that everyone and their sister has been raving about. It's a very pretty taupey-gray with shimmer. And it's one of those "one color eye" kind of shadows that does it all. I bought a cute peasant top from MiH...Does that count?

solanace said...

I really, really wish your computer gets well soon. I need my Best Things in Beauty daily fix!

Eileen said...

Hi CGstrein,

Ooooo . . . The Glam had me at "brings out the green in my eyes" :-) Although it's been almost five decades since I had "20 eyes", I still love a soft shimmer; a bit of sparkle, a glimmer and a gleam; so it's nice to hear that MJ's shimmer is of the refined variety. The Glam might be a good place for me to start. I've also read some good initial reviews on the eyeliner pen although I'm intrigued by the one that Tom Ford is introducing so I'll wait on that. I'm glad you mentioned the tingling/plumping aspect to the gloss. I find glosses of that ilk usually cause the corners of my mouth to redden and peel--not good--so I'll have to take a look at the ingredient list before trying one. Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion, CGs. Have a great weekend.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Melanie,

Today, I did Nordstrom, lunch with a friend, and a nap. That was play!

When I talked to Mark at Barneys today, he said they still have, could explain the online behavior, but was unsure how long they might continue to carry it. His phone is above.

I've never tried a bee venom mask.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I couldn't resist using that darling picture!

I cruised Nordies today and found the sale spectacularly boring.

I've seem the TF pictures and can't wait. I think usable photos are on their way to me. I'm also excited about Wild Horses. I want Chantecaille's new cream blushes too.

I think the break has been good for my wallet.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have it and have run full scans many times in the last week. It's good, but my malware lives on.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo,

I checked out the Dior newbies today. The cream shadows were unexciting. I think I already got the best if the new lot.

We all want the same things for fall! Very cool.

joltster said...

Hi CG:
Yesterday, I stopped by the local Sephora and bought the little travel manicure set by Tweezerman for Sephora(has a cuticle nipper, small file and a cuticle pusher) handy to have for travel and I also bought the new Hourglass Nº 28 Lip Treatment Oil- quite pricey, but I liked the way my lips felt after trying a sample.I also love their Femme Rouge®
Velvet Crème Lipstick. I have it in "Fresco" and "Nocturnal"- really creamy,moisturizing and long lasting. Regarding computers- have you ever considered Macintosh? They rarely get hit with bugs and malware.They also have very good tech support as well.If I had a Windows based computer, it would have been chucked out the windoe long ago.Thanks. Great blog.

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

I am happy to hear your viruses are dead or mostly dead. So annoying. Those hackers should be drawn and quartered.

I was looking for a cleansing oil this week and settled on the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. With all the sunscreen on my face this week, I need a good oil cleanser to get everything out of the pores.

Does anyone here have a cleansing oil to recommend?

I didn't even search my favorite blog. Just popped into Sephora "blind."

Eileen said...

Hi LoveSugar,

It's always a pleasure to recommend Tatcha. Tatcha makes an incredible cleansing oil that features a blend of rice bran and camillia oils (no mineral oil) as the primary ingredient. It does an excellent job of removing makeup and sunscreen, rinses off clean, and is actually good for your skin. You can order it from Tatcha's website. Shipping is free in the US, you get free samples, and they accept returns. You can also get a generous sample set of their products just by signing up for their email.

I used to use Shu Uemura's cleansing oil, but that started drying my skin out; even the one specifically for dry skin. I then tried Bobbi Brown's and Josie Moran's which were OK but didn't do a real thorough job of removing my sunscreen and eye makeup. I quickly moved on to SKII which is excellent but very, very expensive. I then discovered Tatcha just over a year ago and was blown away by this gentle but effective cleansing oil. In addition to effectively removing all my makeup and sunscreen, it has actually improved the overall texture of my skin. I lightly massage it on, let it set, rinse it off, and then lightly go over my face with a clean warm washcloth for a bit of gentle exfoliation. Using a washcloth is not necessary; it is just my personal preference because that is how I was originally taught to remove oil. No double cleaning is necessary with Tatcha.

Admirer said...

Hi CG,

Have you tried to reset your browsers. This link show how to reset both IE and Firefox.

I found this is working for my computer.

Good luck from a great Admirer of your blog.

Unknown said...


I use Lancome or Laura Mercier oil cleansers. The Laura Mercier oil has a little more slip than Lancome. Both thoroughly remove waterproof eye and face makeup. They both also contain mineral oil if that is an issue for you. Price point is about $30.