Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chantecaille Wild Horses Palette for Fall 2013 - Swatched

Fall 2013 will embody a minimal and serene elegance through timeless iconic pieces with a sober luxury. The tone is set through materials of fur (faux, I hope), leather, cozy knits, and textural tweeds in more forgiving styles with volume, menswear influences, longer hemlines, and oversized coats. The trending colors will be warm earthy browns, rich neutrals, black, white, camel, and pops of red.

Inspired by the grounding and moody shades of nature in winter, paired with the simple sophistication of purity and strength, makeup will be a light wash of eye shadow in shades from the earth: warm browns, copper, and ash, emphasized by black eye liner. The lips create the perfect counterpoint in soft nudes or rich reds.

Inspired by the magnificent beauty and free spirit of wild horses, Chantecaille has created a striking, palette that effortlessly compliments the Fall 2013 runway trends. Four shades fill the refillable Wild Horses Palette ($83).
  • Black Stallion, a midnight black liner with a whisper of shimmer, inspired by the elusive Black Stallion
  • Palomino, a soft, creamy beige eye shade, inspired by the golden coats and glistening blonde manes of Palomino horses
  • Mustang, a warm chestnut brown eye shade illuminated by flecks of gold, inspired by the iconic, wild Mustangs of the West
  • Freedom, a flattering sunset pink that creates a soft, windswept-flush
The Wild Horses Palette benefits the Humane Society of the United States. Embodying the spirit of freedom, wild horses have graced the American landscape for centuries, reminding us of our deepest connection to the Earth. Sadly, in just the past 40 years, over 22 million acres of wild horse habitat has been lost in the U.S. to make room for cattle, fracking, and mining industries. By conserving land for wild horses, we not only help save countless herds, we help save our environment from the polluting extractive industries that are destroying it. Ensuring that wild horses are able to roam freely means keeping a part of our Earth untouched and unexploited. I would have purchased any new Chantecaille palette, but this "cause" warms my heart.

I was lucky to be home today, dialed into an all-day conference call in Missouri when my palette arrived from Chantecaille. I had ordered it Saturday. It's pictured above. The second my call ended, I zoomed outside to get swatch photos to show you the gorgeous colors.

I remember that some had commented that it looked in the advance photos like Tiger in the Wild. Now that I have it, I can say that it's totally unlike Tiger. I applied all shades heavily, breaking through the overspray with my sponge-tipped applicators, to try to get true shade depictions. My photos were taken in full, late-afternoon sunshine.

The color at the top of my arm is shown top left in my palette: Palomino, a soft, creamy golden beige shade. I think it's as pretty as golden beige gets. The second color down is the top right color in the palette:  Freedom, described as a flattering sunset pink. I would not describe it that way. To my eye, it's a pastel brick shade, a hybrid between red and copper - and unlike anything in Tiger. I would never describe it as pink. Anyhow, as a cheek color, it's fabulous for fall.

Black Stallion, a midnight black liner with a whisper of shimmer, is the third shade down on my arm, lower right in the palette. True to description, it's a perfect liner for any look.

The copper shade at the bottom of my arm is, amazingly, Mustang, described as a warm chestnut brown illuminated by flecks of gold. I might call it a golden chestnut with an emphasis on golden. It's stunning.

I have had not time to play with the palette, but Chantecaille has never disappointed me. I'm sure the Eye Shades will offer me the top-notch quality I have learned to expect from Chantecaille. Their shadows never irritate my eyes, wear well all day, and look fabulous. The cheek color can be worn on your cheeks or eyes. The palette is gorgeous, with its beautiful horses on each shade. The compact has horses on the top (as you can see in the top photo). Even the box has a beautiful horses motif - worth a photo.

I can't wait to hear what you think! The palette has not arrived at most Chantecaille counters. It wasn't scheduled to be available until September. However, it did arrive at Chantecaille's Web site, so I pounced. Perhaps I galloped right to Chantecaille's site to order it.

If you would like to watch Chantecaille's videos that accompany the season and explain the Wild Horses campaign, just pop over to the Web site.

Please note: the palette delivered to me had the colors "rearranged" from the original press photo at the top of this feature.
Photos at top and bottom courtesy of Chantecaille; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


FO said...

Thank you so much for the swatches! I've been eyeing this palette for a couple of weeks now and I was hoping it would be great quality.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Aida,

You're welcome. Still want it?

Rosemary said...

Stunning. I love everything about this palette.


Eileen said...

This is a feast for the eyes! I hope the actual quality will be the typical Chantecaille excellence because I don't think there is any way I'll be able to resist this gorgeous neutral palette--although with such beautiful packaging and a worthy cause to boot, who would want to even try? Not me! I'm counting the days for this to arrive. It's a stunning and sophisticated display of quintessential autumn colors.

morelikespace said...

It will certainly take me some work to track this down in Canada, as their distribution is basically non-existent, but your swatches do inspire me to try! Thanks, as always.

BooBooNinja said...

CG, I know I can count on you to tell me all about the latest Chantecaille release. :) I would have rushed to swatch the eyeshadows also.

Which is your favourite Chantecaille palette?

SeoulStine said...

Omg... their limited edition palettes are always so gorgeous! I think I actually may give this one a try... it's too pretty to pass up on and the colors are ones that I would use on a daily basis.

Thanks for the lovely review!

Sarita said...

It's beautiful and I want it. I love this company - cruelty free, no animal derivatives and cares about animals. And gorgeous women as well...everything a cosmetic company should be.

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl, thank you for this review!
Stunning palette as usual...Chantecaille's are always gorgeous and different from one another..and their top quality make them very precious indeed.Those are beautiful colors for coming Fall too....

uzzy76 said...

Thank you so much for the swatches! I've been waiting for them and.... now just a question: do you think the blush is suitable for pale skin (fair hair and blue eyes)??? It seems a strange colour to me!!
Anyway this palete is stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Wow these colors are gorgeous! The blush is surprisingly red in the swatch compared to how it looks in the promo pictures. -Sara

Dlori said...

I love the top and bottom colors. They're fabulous. The black is nothing special to me. I also love the red shadow. But with very fair skin, red hair and green eyes, how would you suggest wearing that color without making my eyes look bloodshot? I didn't think I'd be impressed with this palette. It initially looked like more of the same to me. But when I saw a better picture at Saks I believe, it looked more appealing than I had originally thought. After seeing your swatches, I'm sold. My favorite color is the bottom color as well. I like a much darker black for a liner. Again, I love the red color but just can't figure out how to wear it. What say you?

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Dlori.

The red shade is supposed to be a blush. You could wear it on your eyes - just like any brick shade.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

This is so beautiful! I'm still crazy about the Chanetecaille Save the Sharks palette, though. Where there's a will, there's a way (or no food for a week!).

Unknown said...

Hello CG! As an avid horse rider and with such a love for this magnificent animal; I could not resist purchasing! It was an instant response to seeing your post! (lol)
Thanks for the beautiful display of shades in your post. I cannot wait to see them in person.


Dlori said...

I know the red color is supposed to be a blush but it seems too dark and heavy for my fair skin. We have almost the same skin coloring. Have you tried it as a blush and if so, how does it look on your skin? That bottom color is my favorite by far. I wish they sold that color individually. Haven't spoken in a long time. Hope you and your mom are doing well.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Louisa said...

I have several Chantecaille palettes and this one is my new favorite! Absolutely gorgeous for fall. I haven't been able to stop wearing it! The "Mustang" shade is really flattering.