Friday, August 16, 2013

The Friday Forum - August 16

Late summer provides a landscape of riotous, clashing colors - for example, hot pink crepe myrtles underplanted with colorful, yellow Black-Eyed Susans. While that combination is jarring to my eyes, any color is appreciated. I love to plant watch on my way through Arlington, Virginia, part of my commute.

Speaking of color, last night I visited the Chantecaille Web site, hoping to see new Cheek Crèmes. Immediately, the Wild Horses Palette displayed and raised my hopes. Could it be available early? No! Instead, I was given an opportunity to sign up to be notified. Were the Cheek Crèmes I'm expecting available. No to that too. What a disappointment!

What is new in beauty? Clinique has redesigned its entire eye color display. I saw it last week, and four duos are set aside for me at Neiman Marcus. I'll be going to pick them up tomorrow. If you thought Clinique's color products were "staid," think again. The new eye shadows and liners are gorgeous. I'll be featuring swatches next week.

Estée Lauder has introduced a new, improved Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, the company's most comprehensive, advanced serum ever. The result of groundbreaking Estée Lauder research on "cellular catabolysis in skin, for the first time this powerful formula supports a natural nighttime purification process vital to younger-looking skin. Revolutionary new ChronoluxCB technology combines potent catabolysis and chronolux technologies, adding the power of cellular purification to the precision of synchronization to help skin maximize its natural nightly renewal." I feel like I need to try it. I also need to figure out what that new technology really means. By the way, Advanced Night Repair is Estée Lauder's best-selling skin care, and the company just surpassed the $10B sales mark for the first time.

Marc Jacobs is getting hard to ignore. He just opened his first store dedicated to beauty - fortunately in Manhattan. I can't just drop in. The store features the same 121-unit color cosmetics collection that bowed at Sephora’s 330 freestanding North American doors last week. I really need to get myself over to Sephora to see the collection. For some reason, I haven't been able to get excited when browsing his new creations at Sephora.

Fall will be a ganbusters season for fragrances, with way too many celebrity launches, as well as luxury and uber-luxury releases - all hoping to tempt us to spend. I've got my eyes on a few new introductions, including Rose Velours by Van Cleef & Arpels. I got a sample at Neiman Marcus. The sexy, sensuous new rose opens with luminous top notes featuring Italian bergamot oil and soft violet leaves. The velvety heart combines intense shades of rose absolute with the sweetness of honey and powdery iris absolute. Ambroxan, cedar, and benzoin lend an unforgettable trail to the composition. Rose Velours telegraphs sultry sophistication. I'm not sure that aura matches my personality, but I adore the addictive scent.

Don't forget this week's giveaway contest for Bobbi Brown's Eyes & Cheeks to Go Set. The deadline for entries is tomorrow, Saturday, August 17, at midnight. You may not have won Powerball, but you have a chance here!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Friday!! I just picked up YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine in No. 9 Nude in Private, partly influenced by your positive review. I am in love- color is perfect and it feels so good on. Thank you for writing this blog, it is one of the few I check every day.

Melanie said...

I am so glad that it's Friday! It's been a loooong week. My husband accepted a new job and the myriad interviews, wait for the offer, followed by the announcement of his departure from his current company have had him stressed to the max. So stressed that I bought myself skin-care products this week! (Vicarious stress can be tough, too! Or so I chose to tell myself as justification!)

I ordered La Vie Céleste's foundation and concealer from Truth in Aging. I get the newsletter and finally bit the bullet and placed an order. I also ordered three skin-care items (Tilvee moisturizer, Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Crème moisturizer, and Sheer Miracle hyaluronic acid serum). I started out just wanting the foundation and concealer ...

If you were here, I'd give you the sample of ANR that I got. I am an ingredients reader and there are none on the bottle and none on-line that I can find so far.

Have loved the posts on skin-care. I am starting to see my age in my skin and have been out to learn what I can do to improve it. My skin is so dehydrated and full of fine lines these days!

Enjoy the weekend!

Eileen said...

I had to smile when I read that Estée Lauder had developed "Catabolysis Technology". Like you, I'd be interested in what this new "technology" really means as it obviously isn't catabolysis. Catabolysis occurs when the body uses its own fat and muscle tissue in order to stay alive. It is a process we see in extremely mal-nourished people who are in starvation mode. It is metabolism's last attemp to preserve life. Somehow it doesn't seem like a term you'd associate with a beauty product, does it? I guess EL felt they needed to misappropriate a scientific term to make the reformulated serum sound like it contianed a revolutionary, scientific break-through. Will this new incarnation of Night Repair be a global hit despite the marketing silliness? Probably.

In regards to pre-orders and wait lists, it seems like a lot of brands have resorted to using those strategies this year as a way of keeping a potential customer interested in purchasing the product when it eventually becomes available. Because new product previews, reviews, amd swatches are popping up on-line earlier and earlier, our curiosity is piqued many months before products are scheduled to arrive. If the companies don't do something to keep us engaged during the interlude, our interest in the product will wane and by the time the product actually arrives, we will have moved on to something else. Let's face it, our interest in beauty products is ephemeral and is as insubstantial as fairy dust :-)

I picked up my Guerlain goodies this week. I purchased Madame Flirte and Madame Rêve Rouge G, Madame Rougit blush, and the Amber Silver eye pencil. Rouge G is one of my favorite formulas and these two colors are simply scrumptious. The colors are clear and lively but not bright or bold. They're perfect for the woman who wants to enliven her look with a stroke of color but who doesn't want to lead with her lips. You've probably all seen Charlestongirl's swatches of these two. Pretty, yes? Although there have been reports of inconsistency in quality, my Madame Rougit blush is really quite nice. When I first stroked my finger across it, it seemed a bit hard, but after I generously brushed the over-spray off, it was fine. Although Madame Rougit is reminiscent of Blush G, because it is in keeping with Guerlain's veil theme, the shade is more delicate and transparent. It is also more of a satin-matte whereas Blush G had quite a glow. As for the Amber Silver eye pencil, wow! It is one of those gorgeous shades that brings life and sparkle to the eyes when applied beneath the lower lashline. It's smooth and silky and glides on effortlessly. It doesn't set immediately so you have some smudge time if that's what you want. Once it is set, though, it wears without migrating or fading. It's a great pencil formula and I will definitely go back for more. I hope Guerlain will add more color choices. It's a pretty basic color selection at this point in time.

So, what's next in my sights? Tom Ford and Chantecaille :-) So far, the only autumn eye palette I've purchased is Chanel's Mystère. Because that one translates as a smoky green on my eyes, I'm still looking for some new neutrals. Wild Horses for day wear; She Wolf and In the Pink for evening wear--they all look very promising.

I imagine many of you are caught up in Back to School shopping madness. Even though I retired from the school district years ago, I still feel a zing of excitment this time of year.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Glad you like your new lip color! Thanks for coming back every day. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, Melanie, that would be stressful - and cause to celebrate!

Cosmetics companies often don't label samples. Some do; some don't. I should find the regulations and see what they are supposed to do.

Definitely do something about dehydrated skin before you get more lines. There are so many good products. That HA serum should help a lot.

Charlestongirl said...

I know, Eileen, isn't it a hoot? I need time to read the whole press release and see how they explain it.

I want that eye pencil! I hope to pick it up this weekend.

Charlestongirl said...

Everyone, I think EL's people are a bit confused...

Catabolysis is a natural purification process that helps skin cells eliminate internal debris that can cause cellular damage, a function that is critical to cellular life. Environmental stressors as well as daily cellular functions can generate internal debris such as damaged proteins and mitochondria. This debris is a key source of internal cellular damage and needs to be removed so that skin cells perform efficiently and effectively. Now, Estée Lauder Scientists are among the first in skincare to understand the pivotal role Catabolysis plays in skin’s natural repair processes. Since 2007, Estée Lauder Scientists have been researching this new form of cellular purification and they have determined that Catabolysis is synchronized to peak at night. This groundbreaking research reinforces that purification should be synchronized with the circadian rhythm, and that night is the right time to repair. However, with age and environmental damage, the efficiency of this repair process declines and becomes desynchronized from the night. As a result, skin cells become cluttered (overburdened) with debris. There is an increase of free radicals and a decrease of energy and natural repair, thus leading to an increase of DNA damage. Skin cells do not function as well and their ability to survive declines.
Skin has a circadian rhythm synchronized with the entire body – repairing itself at night and protecting itself by day. Healthy skin cells maximize natural repair at night through a symphony of precisely timed repair responses based on the body’s natural circadian cycle. The sequencing and timing of these responses is so critically important that they are synchronized by a specific family of genes called clock genes. Estée Lauder Scientists were among the first in skincare to understand the importance of these clock genes and just how critical they are to the synchronization of this vital rhythm of repair and protection in skin cells. Each cell contains its own clock genes, which help each cell maximize its own natural DNA repair. However, with age and repeated exposure to environmental stresses, these clock genes can become out of sync, causing cellular repair and protective processes to slow down, thus compromising natural DNA repair.
Leveraging its knowledge of these breakthrough new connections between skin and how it repairs itself at night, Estée Lauder introduces NEW, exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology. For the first time, this unprecedented technology takes advantage of the restorative power of night by combining potent purifying and synchronizing technologies:

Catabolysis Technology (Purifying) – a complex of active ingredients that includes an algae extract and a yeast extract and is proven to help skin cells increase their own natural Catabolysis activityx1. With cellular performance optimized, skin cells perform more efficiently and effectively and skin’s overall natural nightly renewal increases.

ChronoluxCB™ Technology (Synchronizing) – powerful, patented clock gene technology that helps support the natural synchronization of skin’s nighttime renewal process so that skin renews its appearance at exactly the right time.

Eileen said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I just read the EL blurb, not once, but twice. Whoa! Someone sure fell off the beam at EL! Talk about pseudo-scientific blather. Seldom have I read so much that actually said so little. The claim that they have developed a technology that will enter the cells to selectively rid them of debris--at night--sure makes this seem like a drug to me. I wonder if the FDA has seen this yet. And, if Catabolysis (EL's cap) is a "natural purification process" then how can it also be a "new form of cellular purification"? This is totally absurd, but a lot of folks are going to be deceived by it. Yeah, the FDA should look into this one.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, is that hilarious, or what?

Melanie said...

I forgot to add that I have been very keen on the Marc Jacobs eye shadows. The purple 7-Con palette is very intriguing to me. I might jump on those next. And you are right about Sephora; it does nothing for me. I prefer to buy cosmetics and perfume from places where they are not cooking under such hot lighting, either.

What really seems to be out of sync at EL is their touch with reality! Wow. Only if those studying diseases could understand cells and genes so well ...

Liliana said...

Hi, EL's pitch sounds absurd and for sure terribly misleading for the ones not looking deeper into it. Hard to believe a serious line as EL has such an incredibly silly speech. There are so very few really effective molecules in skin care that all the hype becomes a bit ridiculous-it comes down to good genetics, sun damage protection, moisturizing and keeping general life and skin hygiene...

This being said, I am curious to see EL's new "metallic" eyeshadow palettes :)

Anonymous said...

Over the time I've been reading your blog, you helped me discover so many wonderful products and brands (Tatcha is probably among my favorites!) that I wanted to share with you 2 products from a brand (new to me, but it's been around for ages in France) that are simply amazing! The Brand is called Nuxe and the products are Nuxellence and The Masque de Creme Fraiche. I was so impressed with Nuxellence! I've just been using it for about a month and it's really helped firm and brighten my skin and make it so much smoother and more supple! And most of all it repairs! It's amazing. I use it under Tatcha's silk moisturizer, or Caudalie's Premier Cru cream. The masque is just wonderful and the prices are much cheeper than other skincare products. This post is really just for you, you don't have to post it online. I simply wanted to share with you 2 great products i've discovered.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would let the Tatcha lovers know for $4.95 shipping they are sending a generous sample jar. I love the camellia oil but find now Fter I wash Ilove using the deep rice enzyme powder.After year using La Mer products I think I am hooked.Plus there service is outstanding.igh

Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

You had my hopes raised when I started reading about Chantecaille Wild Horses! I didn't realize MARC JACOBS had opened a store in NYC. I'd love to visit when I have the chance, maybe after the collection expands a bit :)

Jo said...

Hi CG,

I checked out Marc Jacobs at Sephora and decided it was too young for me. I might try the concealer and the brow gel but haven't decided yet.

That EL spiel is such a joke. I can't believe people sit around in a room thinking up all that stuff. They are probably laughing at all the folks they will fool with their garbage.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Gina said...

CG, I've been too wrapped up in my new kitten to even think about makeup. Except for your blog, of course! :)

Gina said...

Oh! But I am glad to see Clinique finally get some respect! Lower price points do not necessarily equal inferior quality, ladies :) I've had the pleasure of working with a great many lines, including Chanel, Ysl, Bobbi, Lancôme, Armani , et al. Clinique is only just lacking an image makeover! I think it's associated with teens and "old" women. Uggghhhh! Please! Those "old"( whatever) women look darn good!! I've heard such ugly things from clients about Clinique. Never about the quality. So good for Clinique! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi CG! I just checked the Chantecaille website, and Wild Horses is available!

Dlori said...

The Chantecaille Horses Palette is now on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and the Chantecaille new cheek blushes are on sale at Nordstroms.

Originally, I wasn't impressed with the colors of the horse palette but after seeing it again on the website, it really looks beautiful.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Mara said...

Hi CG-
Love your blog, Im glad to hear Clinique is getting a "make-over". I would love to win the BB contest!

marabuffington at gmail dot com