Monday, August 26, 2013

Tom Ford In the Pink Ombré Eye Color Trio Palette for Fall 2013

Tom Ford's In the Pink Ombré Eye Color Trio Palette for Fall 2013 ($60) will please many - I suspect those with darker skin than mine. The colors are gorgeous peachy-pink shades. This trio was also a gift to me from a sweet, generous friend.

As you already know, I couldn't get good swatch photos until Saturday. Even before I took them, I had worn two of the shades to work. I like both shades (I wore the two from left), but to my eyes, they weren't meant to be paired. They are both very light on my pale eyelids, and they left a slightly pink hue over my primer. Pink is not a good color for me because it brings out any red in my eyes. I must pair or layer it with a darker shade, like taupe or grey.

I swatched heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. My photos were taken in late-morning sun. Here are swatch photos so you can see what I mean.

The shade at the top of my arm is the one on the left in the trio. As you can see, it's a pastel, almost chalky pink. The shimmering shade in the middle is a very pretty taupe-peach hybrid. I expected it to look great with the top pink shade, but it didn't offer me the contrast I love. The effect on my lids was very light with no definition. I will wear this shade as my base color next time.

The sparkling peach shade at the bottom on my arm is glittery - a gorgeous color, but one you'll need to apply using the same directions I provided for She Wolf. I was able to achieve decent color for my photos because I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator, which also lays down enough color if you pat the color in the compact and then pat or swipe it onto your eyelids. A regular eye shadow brush would not have laid down even color - just glitter. A friend who is a superb makeup artist told me that you must apply the uber-sparkly side with a short-haired, stiff eye shadow brush and pat the color on, stippling, making it one with your skin. It helps to use a primer. That way, you get the color, not just a layer of glitter. I'll wear it at night. It's so pretty, it needs a festive occasion.

 I love In the Pink, despite my personal issues with the colors. I have paired the shades with other Tom Ford shades and shadows from other brands, and I've been very pleased. Isn't it funny? I love the shades, but not with one another.

Why do I think gals with darker skin than mine will adore In the Pink? The contrast between darker skin tones and these colors will be magnificent. I'm thrilled to have the shades to wear with other palettes, even if I won't be using them to create a single In the Pink look.

What do you think about In the Pink? It is scheduled to be available at all Tom Ford Counters in September. Is it on your list?

If you want one now, give Dustin Lujan a call at (212) 872-2714 at the John Barrett Salon in New York City (I don't think he works Mondays). You can be the first in your town to have one.

I'll show you the eye base next. Getting photos of that ought to be a challenge. Dustin told me it's very clear.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Melanie said...

Hi CG,

I have a PSA for your Canadian readers: Holt Renfrew on Bloor St will have the entire Tom Ford beauty collection available to order by mid to late September (the 24th at the latest, the SA suspected). She said that it is not necessary to wait until the October 1st launch.

Hope that this can be of some help! She Wolf will be mine :-)

Walls said...

Long time, no comment, but I have been an ever faithful read, CG. As pretty as 'In the Pink' is, I think I would get more wear out of 'She Wolf', which is now on my to-buy list. With a lot of pink shadows, they sort of disappear on my skin because there isn't enough contrast, so I can definitely see why this palette would be well-suited to those with deeper complexions! Thanks for sharing your TF purchases. All the best to you.

Unknown said...

Simply Gorgeous! I can't wait to try this one.
It is stunning.

Unknown said...

I ordered She Wolf Trio, In The Pink Trio, Eye Defining Pen in Deeper, and the Eye Primer Duo. I tried to order the Orchid Haze Quadrant but it was sold out. Dusting wasn't in today. Maybe tomorrow?
My SA at Bergdorf called me right after I tried Dusting.
I love your reviews and swatches. Very genuine and real descriptions. Thank you. However, my CC does not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melanie!!!

I'm so excited! If you wouldn't mind, Melanie, can you give me the name of the SA you are dealing with? She sounds very much on the ball and I've had some poor experiences with Holt SAs in the past.

Thanks again,

Lisa C said...

I haven't tried Tom Ford yet, but it looks very pretty!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the application tip, CG!

On a related note - I've been wondering, do "quality" eyeshadow brushes actually make a difference in applying loose eyeshadow?

I've always used a small-headed (I have small eyes :) generic eyeshadow brush to apply loose eyeshadow to my eyelids. I frequently get a little bit of loose powder dropping onto my cheeks as I pat the eyeshadow over my lids, but I've never really been bothered by it since I can easily wipe it away.

However, I'll be going on a bit of a beauty splurge soon (need to restock up on essentials), and I'm wondering if I should also grab a new, branded eyeshadow brush while I'm at it. Mine is still going strong after years of use, so I'm just wondering if the extra dollars are really worth it.

Thanks in advance! :)

Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

Beautiful swatches! I love the peachy pink shades here; they seem brightening and really wearable. I like your point that this would look great on deeper skin tones!

That said I do wonder why Tom Ford went with glitter in the third shade; they could easily have substituted a third pretty color!

Moonchime said...

Thank you so much CG for the application tip. Do you have any stiff eye shadow brush recommendations? Thanks!

Claire said...

Such great advice on the sparkle part of the e/s, CG! What draws me to TF/Guerlain duo shadows are the sparkle (reminiscent of Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre but in powder form so it does not dry up), but I can see how sparkle can be quite tricky to apply without fall outs. I have a feeling the matte pink shade will be somewhat tone-on-tone on my skin and I think the only way I can work this palette out is if I also purchase the She Wolf. Thanks for great reviews on these two palettes!

Unknown said...

So sorry. I meant Dustin. Auto correct got me again!

Unknown said...

Thank you for great review! Pity you did not posted the pic how it looks on your lids, it would be great to compare with another shades too.

Melanie said...

Hi Hanna,

I did not get her name -- I was just put through to cosmetics via the general line. I called again this morning and the person whom I spoke to (she seemed to know less -- did not bother to ask her name) said that they have no one hired for beauty yet, but that the Tom Ford fragrance associate could take the order. She also expects that things will be available by the middle of the month, so to keep in touch. I guess the best thing to do is to call every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Melanie, and CG! The forum aspect of this blog is such a great feature.