Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today's "I Wants" Featuring Une Nuit a Bali

Just kill me now. When I was shopping last week during Beautyhabit's sale, I didn't have their catalog in hand. Thus, I didn't know about Une Nuit a Bali. Now, I've received my orders (yes pleural), and I'm seriously interested in Une Nuit a Bali - after the discount has vanished, of course.

La Parfum is $100. Could you resist this description?

The flower of flowers - It may have been a dream... but the memory is revived when your skin exudes a floral note of ylang-ylang and jasmine. An intense accord unfolds into a subtle woody and powdery elegance.
  • Head notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Saffron
  • Heart notes: Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Wysteria, Tuberose
  • Base: Benzoin Tears, Amber, Vanilla, Oud, Sandalwood
The only thing that gives me pause is the oud, which is often too skanky for my tastes. I must order a sample! There is a dry oil too. Trying to kick myself in the butt. Not as limber as I used to be.

Did you order anything during the sale?

Photo courtesy of Beautyhabit


Dawn said...

That fragrance sounds lovely! Although sadly I have found that I must try any and all scents before purchasing because they always seem to change on me. Where would you buy a sample of this? It isn't listed on Luckyscent or Surrender to Chance websites. I would love to try this one! :-)

No didn't order from Beautyhabit's sale but I did order a couple of Guerlain's Maxi glosses (a first for me) and I hope I like at least one of them. They should be here next week.

I also recently bought Oribe's Thick Dry Finishing Spray and although I don't usually spend so much on hair products, this spray is like a miracle for my really thin, fine hair. It gives me volume and it's worth every penny. I want to try more of their styling products.

Lastly I just received my new wheelchair via UPS yesterday. I'll have my DH get it out and put it together today. The frame is blue! I hope it's as pretty as it sounds. :-)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Charlestongirl said...

At Beautyhabit, Dawn, one can order three samples for $15. See this link:

I think you are going to love those glosses!

Blue and shining new! Cool!

Jenny said...

I placed a few orders too, lol. And after it ended, I wished that I had placed one more, as there is some Christophe Robin Hair Care I'm lusting after.
Even though the 20% coupon code is off--they do have another coupon for $20 off a $100 purchase which is good for a while still.
They also include 3 free samples with every order--you can leave a note in the comment box asking for specific ones. They don't always them, but they try! Definitely one of my favorite places to shop.
And Guerlain's Maxi Glosses are the best that I have ever tried. Totally worth it.

Dawn said...

Oh very cool CG, thanks! I will find 3 samples to order. I got Guerlain's Bubblegum and Coral Wizz glosses (mainly because of your swatch of Coral Wizz).

I have a 'Celebration of Life' gathering next weekend for an extremely dear friend of mine who passed away and I want to wear one of my new colors to that gathering. I haven't seen many of the people that will be there for close to 10 years (since my accident) and I've changed alot IMO and I'd at least like to look nice. I'm nervous.

But I will be in my shiny blue, pretty wheelchair. :-) The color is perfect. Thanks again for the link!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

CG!! "Skanky"?? I love Oud and deeper, sultrier fragrances, but I've never considered them "skanky"!

Natalya said...


Could you please let us know coupon for $20 off a $100 purchase code? I would like to order Cocco perfume, Thank you

Charlestongirl said...

NEWFALL is the only coupon I have in my inbox. You get an 11-pc sampler with an $85 purchase.

There is a also a NUXE Paris gift with code PASSPORT.

I don't have the $20 off coupon offer. I just checked Facebook quickly and didn't see it.

melisand61 said...

That fragrance does look tempting, although grapefruit gives me pause. Let us know if you try it CG!

Anonymous said...

I ordered my first Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from Beautyhabit, 3 cream shadows, 4 powder shadows, and 1 blush. Also ordered some Kevyn Aucoin from New London Pharmacy which was at my doorstep practically before my laptop could cool off! Can't wait to get the RBR, I read nothing but great reviews about them. I'd love to try their fragrance, but I too must sample before buying. I need to wear a few times before knowing if a scent will work for me. I think next time I will give it a try. Hope everyone enjoys their goodies!

Denise at aeiokid at comcast dot net

Jenny said...

I didn't get the code online. I got it on one of those little cards that they include with your order. It's HOMESPA. It's good until 11/1/13.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Jenny! That occurred to me last night after I went to bed and then forgot to look this morning.

Unknown said...

I got some items I've had my eye on forever- RBR XXX lip plump in clover royal jelly and Tracie Martyn LotuSculpt activator. There is no logical reason for mercilessly editing my purchases when you cannot find a better deal ever! I've been enjoying a Diptyque Eau Moheli sample from my last beautyhabit purchase. Doesn't last long, but I do love the ylang-ylang.

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, MamaVal. They are skanky to me. I am not an oud girl. There are a few I can wear, like CREED's Royal Oud, but very few. I sold most of the Zerjoff's I bought.

Jenny said...

Sure, not a problem. It's reusable. And I've used it a lot, lol. I think I'm addicted to Beautyhabit. Because of course, I HAD to go back and get what I didn't pick up during the sale. Sigh. They should just take all my money now. LOL.