Tuesday, September 10, 2013

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation

There is always a woman with no flaws and a perfect complexion who models the latest foundation - and so it is with YSL's new Youth Liberator Serum Foundation ($69). I had an opportunity to have a professional application last weekend, and I looked just like the model above, I say as I grin from ear to ear. For one thing, I don't wear my clothing draped to my waist. My décolleté shows sun damage. Oh well, I've got the experience of age and its accompanying wisdom to compensate.

Youth Liberator Serum foundation is YSL's new, anti-aging foundation with medium-to-full coverage. It's the first foundation with "Glycanactif complex." It acts like a soft face lift, erasing visible signs of aging as it evens skin tone, hides imperfections, and perfects the look of the skin.  Really.

What's inside this hybrid skin-care/makeup foundation?
  • Glycanactif complex is made from three glycans that are combined to make the skin look more radiant, feel plumped and hydrated, and appear smoother. 
  • Color glow complex counteracts dullness and gives a healthy (and light) glow.
  • Vitamin E and SPF 20 offer free radical and sun protection.
  • Glycol gives a firming sensation with a tensor effect as it hydrates to keep skin soft and healthy.
YSL says that the skin yellows as it ages. This is one reason women notice that their long-time favorite foundation no longer matches their skin. Forever Youth Liberator counteracts this in two ways.
  • The color glow complex provides an optimal combination of "bouncy powder filters" and pure pigments to reduce dullness, enhance your glow, and create a more even complexion.
  • Glycanactif is a patented complex, exclusive to YSL, that adds radiance, lift, and plumpness (aka youthfulness).
The foundation is available initially in 10 shades - from really light to really dark. I am a Beige Rose 20, which matches my skin really well. It's a rare day when I am blown away by a foundation, but after my favorite YSL representative applied it to my skin, my skin looked really good, even toned, and healthy. Youth Liberator leaves a satin finish - definitely not at all shiny, but not matte either. I will admit that I came home after his application and took a nap, usually a foundation destroying activity if I sleep on my side. When I got up, my foundation looked untouched, so I knew immediately it has great wear time.

I came home, compliments of my YSL friends at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria, with a generous sample, which I've been wearing this week. I love it. All of my first impressions have been reinforced. I plan to buy Youth Liberator Serum Foundation during Beauty Event. That's a big deal because I don't even need foundation.

You can find it at YSL counters and the YSL Beauté Web site. I recommend you go to the counter for a perfect match.

Update: My thanks for one of my fave readers for telling me this feature had a typo. I wish more people would tell me. :)

 Photos courtesy of YSL Beauté


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the review, I've seen this advertised. May check it out.

LilJeJa said...

how is it compared to touch eclat foundation?

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl! Your review makes me want to try it as soon as possible: it sounds such a great foundation! Fortunaltely it's out in France, so I can indulge in a beautiful gift to my skin:-)
Thank you for pointing it to us: foundations are so important and I'm very picky when I choose one ...not too much...not too little...perfect nuance etc:-)

Anonymous said...

I wondered about this foundation, haven't really seen any reviews so I was glad to read yours. I think I may have to try this as well! BTW, this typo made me laugh like a loon, people are probably wondering what is wrong with me. :) "I don't wear my clothing draped to my waste."

Joni said...

Thanks so much for the review CG! I've been waiting on someone I trust to review this foundation. The downside is that now I have to try (and probably buy) it!

baby in a corner said...

This foundation sits on my skin very similar to the touche eclat. (for reference I have dehydrated oily skin and prone to flaky patches). It just doesn't seem to meld into my skin rather it sits on top. Not for me but i'm sure others will love it.

lov2read68 said...

Last week I read a review of this foundation on another blog. I don't 'need' a new foundation but was so intrigued by the write up that I had to stop by the YSL counter when I was at Nordstrom this weekend to get a sample. Based on the swatches the blog showed, I guessed I'd be BR20 as well. I need just a hint of rose in my foundation. I have worn it a couple of days & I am in love!!
Once the weather cools off, this will definitely be added to my foundation wardrobe. It is a bit too hydrating for me with the heat and humidity we still have. But like you, my skin looked more even and smoothed out. Not crazy about the price point but for how it wore and how it made my skin look, I will willingly pay the purchase price. This foundation gave me the look that I have been looking for from my foundation all these years! I am blown away and over the moon thrilled with this new addition to the foundation market!

Unknown said...

Have you tried the Teint Visionnaire from Lancome? I was wondering how they both compare since both have serums in them. Neither has been launched in India yet but it would be nice to know which one is a better buy when they finally do arrive here.

Unknown said...

I have been wanting to try this but haven't been able to put down the Lancome Visionnaire Foundation... It has the prettiest finish I have come across yet.. It is pretty fantastic so i wondered how this matched up?

Unknown said...

I have been wanting to try this but haven't been able to put down the Lancome Visionnaire Foundation... It has the prettiest finish I have come across yet.. It is pretty fantastic so i wondered how this matched up?