Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipcolor in Fall in Rose

Sephora showed a new shade of Lancôme's Rouge in Love Lipcolor ($26) during the sale. I sprang for Fall in Rose because I like the Rouge in Love formula. I'm pleased with my new shade. It's not love, but it's a definite like.

This high-potency, featherweight lip color is advertised as offering six-hour wear. Of course, it doesn't. No lipsticks last six hours on me. I don't expect it, though, so I pay little attention to the marketing claims for wear time.

What's true is that Rouge in Love's offers the look of a brilliant gloss while delivering the comfort and soothing qualities of a lip balm. Categorized by mood, the collection includes: "Jolis Matins” or "pretty morning," a range of ready-to-wear, fresh day shades that add brilliance to the lips due to the precious mother-of-pearls; “Boudoir Time,” trendy, punchy, evening-appropriate "it" shades that give color to the lips thanks to the intense contrasted mother-of-pearls; and “Tonight is My Night,” sophisticated, pure intense shades to give depth to lips for a deep lacquered effect and luminous color created by gold mother-of-pearl. Fall in Rose is a Boudoir Time shade, categorized with the pinks and berries. It's supposed to be a pop shade for cocktail hour. I guess.

Fall in  Rose provides medium coverage. The color is formulated with a new generation of polymer, including shiny silicone that creates the brilliance of a gloss. I would not call it a berry pink as Sephora did. It's much closer to fuchsia on my skin (and lips).

I'd wear Fall in Rose any time of day, as long as I want a bright pink. If I were to evaluate the categories based on this one shade, I would say Lancôme missed. Plus Sephora's little swatch is way off. That said, the Rouge in Love Lipcolors are my favorite Lancôme lipsticks, so the categories mean little to me. I select colors I think I will like. I seldom select fuschia shades (on purpose), so I might have chosen Roses in Love instead. I'd like to select it in person.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


silviabia said...

Such a gorgeous colour!! I love Lâncome!

angusmum1 said...

I had a sample card with 3 of the shades and was impressed with the formula but didn't care much for the colours and I never purchase unless I know as too many costly errors. Thanks for showing this swatch, it is not what I would have expected but is a nice colour. I really like the EB lipsticks you bought, think I will try to get one of them.

Claire said...

Yes it looks a bit bright to me, too. Sometimes if I mistakenly bought lipstick that is too bright, I use it as cream blush.

Unknown said...

I really love the Rouge in Love Collection. The lipsticks feel so weightless! I just have one right now, 230M, but I'm tempted to get more. Wish Lancome had those lovely GWPs here too :(

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

This shade is lovely!!