Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Rare CREED Vaulted Fragrances Available for a Limited Time

Three impossible-to-find vaulted (discontinued) fragrances are being promoted for the holidays in very limited in numbers. All three are being re-promoted in CREED's gorgeous atomizers containing 1.7 ounces of fragrance. They are an amazing deal, given that the atomizers themselves are priced at $185.

The red atomizer shown above holds Amalfi Flowers, a composition that captures the euphoria of sunrise in the garden of Villa Rufolo on Italy’s shimmering Amalfi coast. A heart-lifting aria of fragrance, Amalfi Flowers lives only once. A limited edition of this rare vaulted item is being offered in an Italian leather atomizer ($325).

As Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin, walked the garden paths of the exquisite Villa Rufolo perched above the Amalfi coast, the first light of dawn and morning breezes stirred a soft harmony of scent. Plump Amalfi lemons, roses of Ravello, and bougainvillea blended in the Mediterranean air and light. Mr. Creed paused with his son to draft the first notes of Amalfi Flowers, a masterful composition perfected in further travels throughout Italy and in CREED’s Paris workshop over the next several months.

The top notes of Amalfi Flowers are succulent Amalfi lemon, mandarin orange from Sicily, basil, bergamot, black currant, and Jamaican ginger. The middle notes are patchouli (fortunately, I cannot smell it), roses of Ravello, and iris from Florence. The bottom notes are ambergris, Parma violets, sandalwood, and notes of Russian leather.

The limited-edition 1.7-ounce Italian red leather-wrapped bottle with gold accents in which Amalfi Flowers is presented is not only elegant, but also shatterproof and ideal for home, gym, or packing in checked luggage.

The Crown Prince of Spain received the first bottle of Feuille Verte. The CREED royal perfume company offered this rare men’s fragrance for the Prince of Spain on Father’s Day. Mr. Olivier Creed, sixth-generation master perfumer and a father of two, personally signed and numbered just 100 8.4-ounce bottles of the fragrance, called Feuille Verte (Green Leaf), available as a limited-edition silver leather atomizer ($325).

Feuille Verte (Green Leaf) was inspired by Mr. Creed’s family and country life in Fontainebleau, France, where he lives, rides horses, walks his terriers, and creates fragrance in a workshop down a country lane with his son Erwin working alongside. Feuille Verte (Green Leaf) evokes green leaves after the rain and fresh earth. Its top notes are mandarine and lime. Its middle notes are oak moss, vanilla, and Bulgarian rose. Its base is absolute of jasmine. I don't think of it as masculine.

The third new atomizer made available is Windsor, the most popular limited edition item ever. Windsor was created in 1936 for King Edward VIII of England from ingredients grown in the British Empire. Edward was the first pilot to be king, and Windsor is presented this season in a shatterproof 1.7 oz. grey, leather-wrapped bottle ($325) ideal for aircraft carry-on for limited time only.

Windsor is part of the daring life of Edward VIII. It was created for His Majesty in January 1936. The ex-king, known as the Duke of Windsor, quit the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Gone from England, living in Paris, King Edward VIII wore this scent as he and his wife starred on the international social scene from Paris to Palm Beach, Monte Carlo, New York, Hollywood and Cannes.

Windsor’s ingredients are a tour of the British Empire Edward once ruled. Its top notes are British gin, Jamaican lime and Bahamian orange. “Duke of Windsor roses,” those he preferred in his garden, the fragrant Nuits de Young variety, are the middle notes. The base notes are cedar from Canada, Australian eucalyptus, and a touch of Scottish highland pine. The duke’s friends and associates observed that Windsor was as subtle as his masterfully tailored suits, handmade shirts, and subdued silk ties. “Royalty need not shout,” the duke replied. That idea is embodied in CREED Windsor. I already own Windsor in a flacon. I have enough to last me for life. Think I love it?

These three fragrances will be available at Neiman Marcus in December - the perfect time to buy yourself a little gift as you shop for others. If you need help, give the lovely Wendy Grigelis a call at (703) 761-1600, extension 3290.

Photo courtesy of CREED


bisbee said...

I admit...I am NOT a fragrance aficionado - I am currently enjoying several roll-on perfume oils that I buy from someone on Etsy for $ my preference is very unsophisticated. BUT...$325 for a spray to take to the gym or travel with? That is a bit beyond reasonable.

Charlestongirl said...

Bisbee, that gym thing isn't terribly clever. My love for CREED and their prices aside, the atomizers are still a luxury.

Susie said...

wow!!! This is kinda expensive. I have never tried this brand but maybe they are worth it to buy for they really cost a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi CG,

I am considering this splurge . . . Should I purchase on color or scent preference?
Do you own any Creed atomizers?
Think any of the scents would be lovely, so perhaps buy whichever
color I prefer. Do you think there will be a great demand - is
there a preorder? Thanks for your comments.

Unknown said...

Windor is sold out at goodmans. Is there anywhere I can aquire this still?

Charlestongirl said...

Timothy, call Wendy. Last time we spoke, she had some of her allotment available.

ltb said...

do you have any information on the creed refill events that are happening at neiman's? from what i heard if you buy a creed atomizer they will fill with a choice of scents - thanks in advance!

Charlestongirl said...

ltb, I have heard that, but I have no evidence they will do it for everyone. Ask Wendy.

Charlestongirl said...

Timothy, I hope you see this: Happy Black Friday! For 4 days only (and until stock lasts) purchase any Leather Atomizer and receive a complimentary fill of 1.7 fl. oz. of a beloved fragrance. Your choice of: Love in White, Acqua Fiorentina, Aventus, Millesime Imperial, Green Irish Tweed or Silver Mountain Water.
Happy Black Friday! For 4 days only (and until stock lasts) purchase any Leather Atomizer and receive a complimentary fill of 1.7 fl. oz. of a beloved fragrance. Your choice of: Love in White, Acqua Fiorentina, Aventus, Millesime Imperial, Green Irish Tweed or Silver Mountain Water.