Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chantecaille Le Magnolia Eye and Cheek Palette for Spring 2016

Chantecaille's Spring 2016 Collection is all about the beauty of nature. It channels the grounding feeling of serenity when you are truly lost in the beauty of nature. Inspired by blooming fields of wildflowers, the look is romantic, bohemian, and effortless. 

Imperfections are blurred, and cheeks are glowing with a flattering flush of coral. Eyes are effortlessly enhanced with a wash of pale, silvery sage anchored by earthy browns. A delicate touch of shimmering cream puts focus on the eyes and plays against a burst of bold, juicy color on the lips for a youthful look that is modern and refreshing. - Chantecaille

The centerpiece of the Spring 2016 collection is the limited-edition Le Magnolia Eye and Cheek Palette ($83, refillable). It is shown above and directly below.

The shades in the palette are Leaf at the top left, a unique, pale, pearly sage green that instantly brightens the eye area on the lid or lash line; Magnolia at top right, a delicate and slightly iridescent pearl white; Bark at bottom right, a semi-matte rich gentle brown to define and contour; and Wild at bottom left, a fun, playful coral that adds a flush to the cheeks.

I finally got a day without a cloud in the sky and was able to get swatch photos for you. I used sponge-tipped applicators and took my photos outside Neiman Marcus.

I remember that there was a question about the Sage. Is it green or grey? It's actually either or both. The appearance depends on the lighting. When I swatched it on my arm, my eyes saw sage green, but my camera has trouble with subtle greens, and I think it looks a bit too grey in my photos.

Magnolia is a perfect base shade. You can see it looks light pink on my arm. The brown Bark is indeed a gentle brown - not nearly as dark as it appears in the compact. The Wild blush is a beautiful warm pink coral. Naturally, you would not apply it as heavily when using it as a blush as I applied it to my arm to show you the shades.

I think this is a beautiful palette, another in a succession of treasures from Chantecaille. With each season, the company adopts a non-profit cause to help the environment and wildlife. This year it's TRAFFIC.

Chantecaille uses botanicals sourced from around the world. It's important to the company that the natural ingredients they use are harvested in socially and ecological ways. The beauty and health-care industries demand for wild plant ingredients is increasing. Unfortunately, some plants are being harvested in a non-sustainable manner. Houpu Magnolia is one such example. Once, thousands of magnolia trees grew wild all over China. Demands for the trees bark, prized for its anti-inflammatory properties and used abundantly in Chinese medicine as well as the cosmetic industry has contributed to the plant being extremely rare in its native habitats in China.

Chantecaille created Le Magnolia Eye and Cheek Palette to increase awareness of TRAFFIC's work to improve the outlook for wild plant species and the livelihoods of people around the world through supporting the widespread adoption of the FairWild Standard. Embossed with a magnolia, this limited-edition complements the delicate watercolor hues seen on the 2016 runways. Five percent of the proceeds of each palette sold will be donated to TRAFFIC to support their wild plant conservation work.

I also swatched this season's Lip Chics. They are much prettier in person than they are in the promotional photos. I will show them to you very soon.

Chantecaille's Spring 2016 Collection will be available this month at Barney's New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Frederick Fekkai Salons, Neiman Marcus, Space NK, select Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's locations. You can already purchase it at Chantecaille's Web site.

If you would like to work with a Chantecaille representative at Neiman Marcus for Beauty Week, give Jeannine Barnes a call at (202) 966-9700, extension 2289. She will take very good care of you. I've known her a long time, and I can make that promise without hesitation.

Photos courtesy of Chantecaille and by Best Things in Beauty


Mamavalveeta03 said...

This is incredibly beautiful! I love the sage green, which I think would be very flattering on hazel eyes. In fact, the whole palette is making me long for Spring!

Unknown said...

These shades are just beautiful. Looks like a great palette for soft Spring wardrobes.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal and Liz,

I agree. I think this palette is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring this. Chantecaille swatches are really hard to find online and I don't live near a counter. I find that their products are great for sensitive eyes so I can safely purchase this knowing I won't be disappointed with the colors.

Anonymous said...

I spotted in SpaceNK UK at the weekend bought straight away. Fell in love with the Sage shade, this is someone who never wears green eyeshadow.

Your swatches and descriptions are spot on, thank you

Jane said...

Thanks a lot! I already thought there will never be any swatches of this palette on internet, on a light skin tone :)