Monday, February 22, 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow in Gossamer Wing

Rouge Bunny Rouge, one of my favorite beauty companies, makes a Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow (in the U.S. $45 at Beautyhabit) that caress your skin with the ease of a butterfly wing beat, so that your lids appear smooth and renewed while coated with a semi-matte, slightly luminous color. Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me Gosssamer Wing (#085) last summer, and I've been enjoying it since.

All Rouge Bunny Rouge products grow from the Enchanted Garden with a story...
Deep inside one of the Enchanted Garden's dense jungles, surrounded by thick and leafy rainforest, lies the Butterfly Makers' Workshop. As the hot monsoon rains drum down upon its roof, inside there is serene calm, as hundreds of the most skillful tailors labor lovingly over exquisitely fine fabrics, cutting and moulding them with a precision that only a select few can ever manage to attain. Rolls of light and airy chiffon, luxuriant velvet, delicate white batiste, and sparkling brocade are cut, smoothed, and shaped by the expert fingers of the craftsmen. A tailor will close his eyes, and fabric in hand, imagine on a mental canvas the image of a perfect, elegant butterfly. After many hours of work, the outline of smooth wings becomes apparent, absent of the smallest crinkle. It is said that some of the butterflies are so perfect that they burst forth from the fingers of the tailors. Acquiring a life of their own, they mingle with the light and fly away into the rainforest, gently flapping their smooth, silky wings.

How magical! Inspired by these very butterflies that sprang to life, Rouge Bunny Rouge introduced Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow. The Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadows are an irresistible combination of exceptionally long-wear, non-crease, richly pigmented and smudge-proof qualities in one formula. The extreme long-lasting effect is delivered through synthetic filming polymers, which ensure a perfect appearance all day.

The light, mousse-like texture ensures an effortless application. Best control is achieved by innovative silicon waxes and gels in combination with beeswax. Rouge Bunny Rouge added Para Cress Flower Extract to stimulate natural skin lifting capabilities and Coffee Extract to increase collagen and elastin production while also enhancing the natural skin defenses. The airtight vials protect the precious formula; the soft sponge applicators allow me to pick up the perfect amount of product with each application and also layer it if I want more color. Apply one layer, and you will achieve a satin wash. Apply a stronger application, and the shadow will become opaque, slightly metallic, and a darker hue of the same color.

The packaging is perfect to take along in your makeup bag in case you want to refresh your makeup before a night on the town. However, I've found that this eye shadow says on a very long time, so I don't have to refresh it after work.

Gossamer Wing could not be a more perfect neutral combination for me - for anyone, I'll bet. Rouge Bunny Rouge describes it as a perfect match of a velvety café latte, paired with the most flattering, silky luminous beige.

I applied it using its own sponge-tipped applicator and evened it out without blending it into my arm too much. I took my swatch photo in one of the rare moments today when we had sunshine peeking through the clouds.

The darker shade at the top of my arm is easy to see. The lighter shade, a perfect base or brightening color, is shown below. I can see the lighter shade in the photo; I hope you can. It is a tiny bit more beige than my skin, and it's definitely more luminous (without being sparkly).

Rouge Bunny Rouge offers tips for application. You can line, shade, and contour your eyes sheerly or in a more dramatic way. Use the lighter shade to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the area underneath the brow bones. Use the slightly deeper shade along the crease to add a natural looking contour. Blend the two shades together to create a flawless nude finish and an even tone along the lids.

For an added boost of longevity, dab and blend a pea-sized amount of Aqua Primer, Mattifying Primer, or Luminous Skin Wand over your clean lid. Follow by applying Duo Cream Eye Shadow for a waterproof, long-lasting base for your favorite powdered eye shadow. For natural looking, bright, and luminous eyes, blend either shade of the Duo Cream Eye Shadow from the lash line to just underneath the brow’s edge using Rouge Bunny Rouge's Large Shader Brush #003.

You can see the ingredients here. To order, hop over to Rouge Bunny Rouge or Beautyhabit.

Photo at top courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Mamavalveeta03 said...

The shade on the top is a perfect day-to-day shade! If it would stay on my over-heating eyelids, I'd be one very happy camper. Nothing seems to, with or without eyeshadow base. Any recommendations for a "Holy Grail" eyeshadow base, anyone?

Charlestongirl said...


The RBR primers are very good. I use the Edward Bess one. I have a back stock of them in Cashmere.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Good to know! I've also heard Urban Decay's is good.

Sandra said...

I like the lighter, neutral color, and i will try the primer you recommend. I am lookiing for an eyeshadow primer, actually. I was very disappointed with the Chanel eyeshadow primer. I do not yet have crepey eyelids, but the Chanel product did make my lids look dry and crepey. It was the first chanel product that was disappointing, and I have been using their makeup for many years! I, however, have never been disappointed with one of your recommendations Charleston Girl.

Charlestongirl said...

I've tried the Urban Decay. It's OK. Didn't knock my socks off, though.

bisbee said...

Since I hardly ever use eye shadow anymore, I haven't been using primer. However...I think the Nars eye primer is the best!

Annie M said...

I have been using the Urban Decay and pretty much swear by it. There are several shades and also an anti-aging formula so you have a bit of a variety.

Unknown said...

Hello Charleston Girl! It would be great to see a post on your favorite foundations, skin care etc...
Any suggestions and tips on finding the best foundation with quality ingredients (less all the chemicals) and those you have found suitable for drier, mature skin types vs the heavy formulas for the younger, oily skin types.
I find foundation wants to find my tiniest of lines and show off like beams of light! I am happy to have maintained a very good skin care routine that has resulted in good skin and not so many lines & wrinkles. I also drink lots of water and green tea is my friend. :-)
If you find the time to pull a favorites post, I would be so grateful!

Charlestongirl said...

I can do that, Liz. Give me a little time. I started working this week. Next week will be full time. I loved the spare time. Now I have to prepare features on the weekends to the extent possible.