Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Sheer Lipstick from the Sepia Collection for Spring/Summer 2016

Giorgio Armani Beauty introduced three new Rouge d'Armani Sheer Lipsticks ($37) with the Sepia Sepia Collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Featuring a creamy texture, feather light and translucent, and as hydrating as a lip balm, the new shades are wearable and chic. I have little time to write tonight, so I'm going to give you a quick 411 on these gorgeous lip colors.

A cutting-edge color formulation process was used to create them. The Color Shine Moisture Polymer, a revolutionary component able to retain twice its volume of water, enhances color luminosity while locking in hydration on the lips' surface - said to last for over eight hours. I can't get eight hours out of any lip color. I'm a Kleenex addict, and I drink water repeatedly during the day, leaving lipstick on my cup.

I love sheer lip colors and couldn't resist trying at least two shades of the three in the Sepia Collection. I purchased #203 and #604 - two extremes on the intensity spectrum.

It's always hard to take photographs of these lipsticks. the magnetic tubes want to lock together - and never aligned to show the logos. At least I got the colors right!

Number 203, shown on the left above, is a beige shade that perfectly matches the Sepia Highlighting Palette. Number 604 is a purple-brown "for beautifully outlined lips that won't go unnoticed."

The third shade, which I did not order, is #204, a warm brown. I had to stop somewhere! It looks lovely, and I may cave before the season ends.

The swatch photo above was taken in full, mid-day sun. I applied the shades directly from the tubes. Number 203 is shown at the top. It is a nude-pink on my skin and lips. The shade below, #604, is a gorgeous plum to my eyes.

I am extremely happy with both shades. My lips have enough pigment to give #203 a nice look. It is one of those "my lips but better" shades. There is no mistaking #604 for my own lips. It is a pigmented sheer - thankfully sheer enough that I can wear the pop of vibrant color.

I purchased both from Giorgio Armani Beauty. You can find these beautiful sheer shades at all Armani counters (I hope they have arrived). They are definitely worth a look-see.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anahita said...

Gorgeous. Just did a pre order at Nordstrom for this collection for triple points. Also preordered the new Charlotte Tilbury palette. Can't wait to get my goodies. Also checked out BB summer and its pretty. Im tempted but havne't given in yet. Yet being the operative word

bisbee said...

I love the Plum, but am going to resist...I have so many sheer plum lipsticks, I could open my own store! Of course, that is what I am saying at this moment...