Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tom Ford Moisturecore Lip Color from the Soleil Collection for Summer 2016

I love Tom Ford's Moisturecore Lip Colors ($55). They meet my criteria for hydration and sheer color. I purchased Pipa, shown above, and Scandola in person at Neiman Marcus.

Here is how Tom Ford describes them...
Two innovative formulas in one lip product. In the center, a liquid core infused with passion fruit oil provides luxurious moisture in a pink pop of color throughout every Moisturecore Lip Color shade. A luminous lip color encases the core, infused with an exotic blend of melon fruit extract, murumuru butter, and plant derived esters that conditions lips. Sprinkled with subtle gold pearl to complement bronzed, summer skin. Shades, ranging from sandy nude to rosy mauve, provide a soft veil of lightweight color that lasts for hours.

I agree. These are beauties, and if it weren't for the price, I would have purchased all of them. The color is long-lasting, particularly for a lipstick with shine.

Here is a photo of Pipa, taken from above in full sun, at my house. My swatch photo of pretty Pipa - also taken in full sun - is shown directly below.

Scandola is more brown. It's a lovely color that suits a neutral look perfectly. The tube is shown directly below, followed by my swatch photo of Scandola. Both were taken in full sun.

As you can see, Scandola is more sheer than Pipa. The nude shade, when added to the pink pigmentation of my lips, is very pretty. It looks peachy.

Sabrina at the Beauty Look Book reported these lip colors to feel "dry" on first application.  They aren't on me, and I thought I had driest lips on Earth. Perhaps the fact that I always have some layer of lip balm on my lips gave them an extra moisture boost? Regardless, go check out her feature because she has all of the shades shown.

I'll be living in these two Moisturecore Lip Colors this summer. You can too. You can find them at Tom Ford Beauty online and at retailers that carry Tom Ford, such as Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. You Tom Ford devotees know where you can find them.

Photo at top courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

This year's summer collection didn't have that much to offer me as I already had so many of the products, but when I was purchasing my backup of Pink Sand, I impulsively ordered Pipa and am very glad that I did :-) Pipa is a sunny, fruit punch type of color that look gorgeous in the bright and clear light of a summer day. It's cheerful :-)

Sandra said...

I was just placing my order for Guerlain's Teracotta when your blog popped up. I love Scandola, and quickly added it to the order. Perfect timing! I wanted a neutral, and Scandola looks perfect on your swatch. I was going to wait to see colors when I visit NYC, but being a tad bored today, I gave in to temptation! It is sad I have to order everything I want online, and living in a small mountain town, there are no secrets! The UPS delivery man asked my husband today if we had stock in Bergdof and Nordstrom. I chuckled; my husband was not amused!

Vanessa said...

Sandra, that is so funny. I've lived in a small mountain town and the mail person knows everything!

Charleston Girl, All of the reviews are interesting and offer beautiful pictures. I personally like seeing the different colors in pictures taken in the daylight instead of relying on magazine photographs. This helps me select shades as I order directly from the brand's online store. Hopefully, the products are fresher that way!
I used to shop in San Francisco when the stores were elegant and not stuffed with racks of goods and people invading your space without saying a polite word. I become so anxious that I'd rather stay home.

The babies are adorable. I can't wait to show my Mother their pictures.
Thank you for sharing!


Charlestongirl said...

Vanessa, I've learned to shop early in the day, if I can, at stores. They are less crowded then. I also like to shop online when I know the products are coming from a warehouse, not somewhere that customers had access to them. I absolutely hate the layouts where the stock for purchase is accessible to customers, like Sephora. Unfortunately, most people think they are clean, when they are not.

My mail guy knows everything! He's a sweetie, so I don't care.

As for Sandra, she and I would be smart to buy stock. :)