Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chanel Summer 2016 Collection Dans la Lumière de L'Été - Stylo Yeux Waterproof

What is the perfect complement to your new Les 4 Ombres Multi-effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Empreinte du Désert? Chanel's beautiful, limited-edition Stylo Yeux Waterproof eye pencils ($33) in Oasis (#817) and Sable (#827). These two colors, which I purchased at Neiman Marcus, are glorious. Oasis is the perfect spring grass green (I don't see it as khaki, the way Chanel describes it). Sable is copper.

Chanel's waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner delivers long-lasting definition with a twist of the wrist. Color winds up when you need it, winds down when you don't. The gentle, soft, silicone-enriched formula delivers smooth, even lining. A built-in sharpener at the opposite end detaches for quick refreshes. How much better does it get?

I took swatch photos in full, mid-day sunshine. My camera didn't do a bad job of  portraying the green, but I still edited the green swatch just a tad - to make it look as pretty as it is. It is grass green, not grey-green as my camera saw it. I drew little squares like you see online. I figured that was safer than trying to draw a straight line with no guide rails, like eyelashes.

Picture either one of these shades with the new eye shadow quad and, if you're like me, you'll see eye makeup perfection. These liners apply with ease, whether you prefer a thin line nestled into your lash line or a larger smudgy line for a real pop of color. I also find that they apply easily and lightly for a pretty smudge under the outer third of my lower lash line. They are creamy, so don't press too hard when you apply them.

I purchased these two eye liners from Rahman Malik at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria. You can also find them at Chanel's Web site or any Chanel counter. My favorite Nordstrom Chanel product manager at Nordstrom told me the summer collection arrived there today. I suspect you can find the exquisite Summer 2016 Collection Dans la Lumière de L'Été at your favorite counter now.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photo by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

My quad and pencils arrived this morning and I can hardly wait to play with them. I guess today's LOTD will have a warm, desert theme despite this morning's gloomy grey skies. I've swatched everything on my arm and can say that your swatches are an accurate representation of the colors. Oasis is, indeed, a spring grass green; not in the least bit khaki, and Sable is a bright and luminous copper. Both shades are smooth and satiny and they glide effortlessly and evenly across the skin. They can easily imagine them being used to amp up the color statement of the quad. The quad itself is phenomenal--the texture, the finish, the color! Oh, and did I say it was phenomenal? LOL I think I'll take my beautiful goodies and go play now :-)

Sandra said...

I have to say Chanel has never disappointed me, and it is wonderful to read they have risen to the top yet again with their desert-themed collection! I am excited to receive my quad and the Oasis pencil! Your swatches are wonderful as usual, and so helpful in decision-making! Thank you CG!

Jill said...

Hi ladies- I have oasis already but thinking I'm going to have to go back for sable too now!! I was trying to be good. I'm really torn on the quad. I've been trying to post comments for a while but for some reason my computer won't access the site and if I've been automatically (I guess) signed out on my phone then I lose my whole comment trying to sign back in, get frustrated and sad!!

Anyway, is the quad made in France or Italy? The recent ones from France haven't seemed as good in terms of texture and color payoff. I have light to medium skin with neutral to pink undertones. I'm not sure I can pull it off. What about the duo blush number 1. Is the peach too brown for me does anyone think? Sadly I live in the boondocks!!

So grateful for you CG and all your lovely commenters for all your insights and advice!!!

BookGirl said...

Hi everyone,

I just bought Oasis but, like Jill, I'm waffling on the quad. I have not been impressed with the quality of recent Chanel quads. I hope someone chimes in with answers to Jill's questions.

I had to get Emeraude, the green nail polish, from Nordstrom as Chanel.com was sold out. Lord, how I've come to dislike buying anything from Nordstrom. I wanted to pay via PayPal, and I ended up having to call Nordstrom for help. Their customer service just isn't what it used to be, in my experience. I didn't even get an apology for my inconvenience, just a "I'll let our tech department know about the issue." Blah! That's why Bergdorf usually gets my money, Nordstrom!


Charlestongirl said...

The quad is the best Chanel quad I've used in a long time. I'm half to 3/4 asleep. Will answer questions in the morning.

Charlestongirl said...

Jill, the quad was made in Italy. I wore two of the shades to work today. Application was painless, and the shadows still look great.

Eileen said...

Hi Jill; Hi BookGirl,

Empreinte du Désert is NOT the same as the Tissé formulation used in the more recent quads. And, notice that Chanel did not use the word Tissé as part of Empreinte's name. This particular formulation is more like the special edition quads that Chanel has brought out in the past, but with a more modern finish. It is silky smooth and packs a lot of gleam. Christine (Temptalia) described it as a pearly, almost wet-looking effect. But, lest you think this quad is metallic overload, let me say that it can be used to create a beautiful soft glimmer effect that is perfectly suited to daytime wear and that is how I've been using it. In short, it flatters the contours of the eyes beautifully and can swing towards day or evening wear with ease. If you check out Christine's blog, you can see her EOTD. Personally, I don't care for such an exaggerated color-blocked look, but bare in mind that she is being heavy handed so that the colors clearly show up in the pictures. The reality is that you can go neutral with a hint of golden green or bring on the drama as Christine has done. Anyway you wear it, Empreinte du Désert has restored my faith in Chanel's ability to produce a high performance, beautiful quad. If the colors are right for you, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it.

Jill said...

CG and Eileen - thank you both so much for the feedback! Knowing the quad is from Italy puts my mind at ease tremendously. I'm not 100% sure about the colors, but sure enough it's worth the plunge. I feel that at least 2 would be regularly used with a third used fairly regularly too so that's good enough right?

I apologize for my incoherent comment earlier- proofreading is hard on a phone and I was all over the place! Suffice to say I was having trouble commenting back when you first posted about the quad and blush duos! So grateful again for your input and all your hard work with this lovely blog CG!!

BookGirl said...

Hi CG and Eileen,

I apologize for being so late in offering my thanks for your comments. It's been a crazy couple of days.

Well, you've both sold me on the quad! I'm so happy it's not like the "Tisse" quads as I really don't care for them.

Eileen, "a beautiful soft glimmer effect" sounds divine. I can't wait for mine to get here.

Thanks again.

Charlestongirl said...

Bookgirl, you will not be sorry. Just yesterday, a rep for a competing line who knows fine makeup said to me, "Have you seen that quad? It's exquisite."

Says it all.