Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge ALCHEMY Long-lasting Brow Liner

Creating chiselled, immaculate eyebrows may be an art…but with Rouge Bunny Rouge's extra-thin waterproof ALCHEMY Long-lasting Brow Liner (26 euros), it’s a snap. The exceptionally fine and sharp tip allows for ultimate precision of lines, instantly releasing the pigments for maximum control. Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me these liners months ago, and I've been anxiously awaiting their introduction to show them to you.

The easily blendable, wax-based formula and the delicate matte finish create a very natural-looking result: waterproof and smudge-free, it will stay put for 10 hours and longer. I love the natural colors. They both work for me, and I suspect they will work for everyone who wants to fill in patchy spots or enhance the shape of their brows.

On top of their thin precision, these liners are enriched with natural antioxidants, vitamins E and C and are vegan. They are also free from mineral oil/paraffin, synthetic preservatives, and volatiles.

They are available in two medium-coverage shades. Antimony is described as a dark chestnut. It's and deal neutral shade for dark brown and black natural brow colors, although I found I could use it lightly on my brows (which have always been darker than my hair). Trona is the shade an expert would select for me. It's a light hazelnut - a perfect neutral shade for almost any natural brow color, especially for blondes and those with fair faces.

I took a photo of both shades in today's wind. I only wound them up a little because it was so windy I was afraid they might fly off and get damaged. Antimony (#088) is shown on the left, and Trona (#089) is shown at right.

I took a swatch photo that shows both shades applied very lightly on my arm. I wanted to show you how much control you will have when you use these liners to either add wisps of color into your brows or to add color to the brows you already have in a very natural way.

Trona is shown at the top, with Antimony below. I see my swatch of Antimony, the darker shade, wasn't as even as I would have preferred, but it's too late now to go out and retake the photos. I hope you can see from my swatches that these shades will look natural on nearly everyone. The only women who may not find them dark enough may be those with chocolate skin and black brows.

As always with Rouge Bunny Rouge products, there's a lovely story.
The divine transformational power inherent to the philosophy of the Enchanted Garden is celebrated every year during the Great Alchemy Ball. The guests of honor are the Artists and the Philosophers, the Artisans and the Mages who have excelled in their arts. Their indisputable mastery and wisdom allow for the visions and fantasies to come true in perfection…and to be filled with magic and life. Rouge Bunny Rouge's Long-lasting Brow Liner ALCHEMY brings a spark of this magic to you: a delicate pencil made to enthrall you with the magic of precision.

You can find all you need to know about Rouge Bunny Rouge's Long-lasting Brow Liner ALCHEMY in a product brochure (including professional make-up tips) that you can open or download in PDF format from the following link: Long-lasting Brow Liner Brochure. Some tips for Rouge Bunny Rouge follow.

Eyebrows are "alchemy" to our looks: masterfully defined, they can give faces friendlier and younger expressions, counterbalance other facial features for greater harmony, and, of course, modify the very appearance of our eyes. Since the smooth, natural Long-lasting Brow Liner formula is effortless to apply and doesn’t produce harsh, dull, or "greasy" looks in the first place, the company's makeup artists have but these few tips for you.
  • For natural and pretty results, take the brow liner and feather in your eyebrows with minuscule strokes.
  • To create or accentuate beautiful, full arches, don’t attempt to draw additional hairs - instead, elongate or extend the natural shape subtly. A little goes a long way here.
  • If you’re playing with a new shape or just are new to color cosmetics, always step back before applying more product and examine the results in a good mirror with good lighting.
  • Soften the color with a brush (try the three-in-one Brows & Lashes Brush 007). This step really makes a difference: you’ll see how it finishes the look and evens out any application mistakes for a perfectly defined brow. You’re not likely to need more product at this stage.
  • Here's an extra tip: Trona is your ideal natural shade for creating faux freckles.
Rouge Bunny Rouge has made a very generous offer to Best Things in Beauty readers. If you purchase from the company's Web site and use the code RBR-BESTTHINGSINBEAUTY20, they will give you a 20% discount on their collection. This code will be valid for three months - perhaps even longer! That should inspire you to check out the Rouge Bunny Rouge site of treasures.

Update 5/19: The brow liners will be available to U.S. buyers in mid-June. Customers in Europe can order now.

Photo at top courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


hytrud said...

I tried to order, but there is no place to add 'America" of 'United States of America' in their shipping area. I really, REALLY want the TRONA eyebrow pencil. Please go to the website and see if you can find OUR country there. I tried 4 times and WE are not listed there. Right now I am disappointed..but perhaps?

hytrud said...

OK, I finally hit the USA Region on the Website. But, they do NOT have the Eyebrow pencil listed anywhere. This company MUST fix it's website. I've never encountered so many problems ordering a simple eyebrow pencil. I typed it into the search box and also hit eyebrow products, and they do not come up, no eyebrow product does for that matter. Do you have any contact at this company so you can tell them, then relay it to me so I can order an eyebrow pencil? This would help me a lot. Thank you.

Charlestongirl said...

Trud, did you use the link I provided in the feature? That is a link to the U.S. site.

When I get home from work, I can test it.

Charlestongirl said...

OK, I see the problem. The link goes to their blog. Let me get a good link. Stay tuned.

Charlestongirl said...

Trud, please come back tomorrow. With our time difference, it will be early morning here before I get a response from RBR.

Charlestongirl said...

Trud, as anticipated, an answer came in overnight.

"The US Boutique has some delays and will receive the products shortly."

Give it 3-4 days.

I'm glad you alerted us to this. Thank you!

hytrud said...

I finally got to order the TRONA eyebrow pencil! It is June 16th. I wrote to RBR and they sent me a link. thanks for all of your help.

Charlestongirl said...

I'm so glad, Trud! They had told me it was available, so I published. I know that "stuff happens," so I'm sure it was their intent to sell it when they told me to "go."

I hope you like it. I do!